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AJAX is the art of exchanging data with a server, and updating parts of a web page without reloading the whole page. It is not a new programming language, but a new way to use existing standards. AJAX is used to make sites interactive. It can be used to create Facebook apps, picture-uploading interfaces, and much more. If you need to add functionality to an existing or new website and don't have the programming knowledge, our expert developers can create whatever you need.
If you are AJAX developer, Freelancer.com offers you a lot of clients who need your help with their AJAX projects which might vary from creating Facebook apps, picture uploading interfaces, and much more.
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Prestashop error Impossible add product to cart AJAX I have this error when I add products to cart, the AJAX function will throw the error: Impossible to add the product to the cart. when i click "add to cart" nothing happens textStatus: 'parsererror' errorThrown: responseText: I have tried all possible solutions from online forum, but none has worked. Please take this job only if you are certain you can solve it W... 7 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, Prestashop, JSON Mar 29, 2017 Today6d 23h ₹3828
Help with Laravel 5.4/Vue/Ajax I need to develop form submission with ajax and vue in laravel 5.4. I also need a form ajax submission outside vue. Examples of my issues can be seen here: [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] Struggling with these do tasks, want someone to sit with me on Skype/TeamViewer and teach me how to do it. Do no apply for developing it - I want to learn how to do it! 8 AJAX, Laravel Mar 29, 2017 Today6d 20h ₹1017
Fix bugs for FME add to cart plugin (adding products without page reload) Magento task I have an add to cart plugin that allows visitors to add products to the cart without page reloading. This plugin is causing some issues with functionalities of my webdesign. Some of the issues are: 1) After you have added some products in the cart and go back to the homepage, you are unable to click on the cart and view it's content. 2) After you have added a product in the cart the ... 24 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, Magento Mar 29, 2017 Today6d 20h ₹7556
I would like to hire a PHP Developer Restaurant Project in this project the client order some menu and generate bill and display on browser and which table are booked 19 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, jQuery / Prototype Mar 29, 2017 Today6d 17h ₹30641
Shopware shop extension Modify shopware this way, so that tickets can be sold via the shop. We need modifications of the Price view, the Buybox and the shopping cart. All modifications are based on shopware version [url removed, login to view] (latest version). Shopware soll soweit angepasst werden, damit ein Ticketverkauf über das System realisierbar ist. Im Allgemeinen müssen insbesondere Anpassungen ... 53 PHP, AJAX, eCommerce, MySQL, HTML5 Mar 29, 2017 Today6d 14h ₹45829
Hire a Javascript Developer Need a senior web developer for a .Net based project to work with a team of 5 people for an Australian client. Need for 3 months. 40 Javascript, AJAX, CSS, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Mar 28, 2017 Today9h 34m ₹1091
Zend to WordPress In need of Zend framework expert required to fetch functionality from a zend framework powered website and convert it into a WordPress plugin. 59 PHP, AJAX, WordPress, Zend, MySQL Mar 28, 2017 Today6d 6h ₹1362
Write an Android application Hello, Hello Here is the situation. We worked on a hybrid mobile apps. we created its APK and uploaded on the google store. But we had a crash and have lost the source code which is based on HTML5 - because it is hybrid. We basically need someone who can retrieve the source code and carry on the hybrid development for us. So step one is recovering the source. Kind regards 15 Mobile Phone, AJAX, Android, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Mar 28, 2017 Today6d 5h ₹13041
Multi Purpose Website - Laravel I need a website to archive following areas. there will be a team to handle the activities of those areas. which mean they will design or edit the particular part or customers can select the existing designs. customer request come, finish the job, then paid. which mean there will be a payment gateway too ! Photo Designing/Editing B day Cards/Anniversary Cards Designing T-shirts Design and P... 39 PHP, AJAX, HTML5, Laravel, LESS/Sass/SCSS Mar 28, 2017 Today6d 2h ₹44897
Write an Android application We looking to copy our website to android app...Details we can discuss on chat.. 45 Mobile Phone, AJAX, Android, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Mar 28, 2017 Mar 28, 20175d 22h ₹22059
Bus Builder Web Application -- 2 Bus builder is a web application in which the administrator should be able to built his vehicle type from scratch. For example we may have a bus of 20 seats and one floor or a bus of 20 seats with two floors in which the first floor has 9 seats and the second floor has 11 seats. For the implementation of the the bus builder application the developer should: Make sure that the bus builder is... 43 Javascript, Cold Fusion, AJAX, jQuery / Prototype Mar 28, 2017 Mar 28, 20175d 20h ₹46770
Write some Software Front-End development in AngularJS 1.5 and Bootstrap 3.3.6 for a customer analysis platform. HTML pages with input fields for filtering info (Year, Quarter, Month, etc ...) retrieved from back-end server via REST and display scatter chart, waterfall and bar charts; charts shall be responsive and allow zooming on selected area with the mouse 64 Javascript, AJAX, CSS, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Mar 28, 2017 Mar 28, 20175d 16h ₹81932
Redirect Visitor based on TIMEZONE (jstimezonedetect) Using this script <script type="text/javascript" src="//[url removed, login to view]"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="//[url removed, login to view]"></script> <script>$(document).ready(function() { $("body").hide(); var req = new XMLHttpRequest(); [url removed, login to view]("GET&q... 22 PHP, Java, Javascript, AJAX Mar 28, 2017 Mar 28, 20175d 15h ₹140141
Design and Develop Web Interface to create online documents (no docx or pdf, will be in phase 2) 1. each document will be in form of section and sub section, a predefined content for section or sub section can be reterieved from knowledge base 2. document can have doc meta data, doc property, index, content , header, footer, paramaters etc. 3. content can have paramaters like %%company-name%% and at end of document a lit of all paramaters will be displayed with text box to save the paramate... 31 PHP, AJAX, HTML Mar 28, 2017 Mar 28, 20175d 13h ₹25059
Popup/Popunder with Auto Click on Link We are requiring a not-too-complex script that will serve out popup/popunders to traffic for whomever publishes the script to their website. The script parameters of which webmasters would use should be identical to: The 'type' parameter would reflect if the traffic should be popup or popunder. (1 = popup, 2 = popunder). <script type="text/javascript"> username = &... 24 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Mar 28, 2017 Mar 28, 20175d 12h ₹11354
Data Scraping - Collecting information product information form website Looking for all information on attached excel. I want to data scraping the website www.wish.com. I would like to download all search results into an excel file. Need this to work for all search queries. Image URL should be full size image. 47 AJAX, Web Scraping, Data Mining, JSON Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20175d 7h ₹9083
Build a PHP invoice pdf generator website I need a new invoicing website that runs on php 5.6.x . I already have a design, I just need you to build a website for my small business. You can get idea from invoicequick.com. it sold be completly same and must have admin and PayPal option. other information will be discussed on chat. 28 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, HTML Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20175d 3h ₹12068
I would like to hire an AJAX Developer Code review and fix bugs of an existing projet 25 PHP, AJAX, Software Development, Angular.js Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20175d ₹2141
Wordpress.... ...Remove a space in content Hi there, i'm looking for someone who can remove a space that's showing below all articles i have on site. Please check the screenshot. 73 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, WordPress, Codeigniter Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20174d 23h ₹742
Need someone who has UI design skills and is proficient in jQuery (jqGrid, dataTable), CSS3, Bootstrap, HTML5, Responsive capable I'm looking for a front end web person who can work directly with OUR PHP coder to build the UI, Layout and Design of our website. Your job will be to mainly adjust physical aspects of the visible page such as design elements, css elements, javascript items and so forth. It's important your skills are excellent with all the latest technology and that you have good design skills as wel... 67 Javascript, AJAX, CSS, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20174d 20h ₹454
update code on website from page reload database info to dynamic and display that This website is standing and working. It is a friend buying game similar to tagged.com. it involves players buying players in which they receive profits for buys virtual I have a test account you can log into to see problem as i will be online also at moment when player purchases other player the new value, cash and owners avatar and name should update at the time of sale with no page reload. A... 17 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, HTML Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20174d 20h ₹11159
Torrent Tracker Developer I need developer for this souce code. [url removed, login to view] That is My Request List. You must make all of them [url removed, login to view] 44 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, Angular.js Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20174d 19h ₹81230
Hire a PHP Developer CMS for taxi, van, mini bus transfers, build in php mysql ajax multilanguage, no php framework used or template framework like twig or so, only plain php html & easy interaction with some other theme if we need, easy to read secure code, funtcions etc. named in english & easy to add more functionalities, the code must be well commented of what it does, the admin must be easy to change the ... 98 PHP, AJAX, MySQL Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20174d 17h ₹40294
Website similar to Ezyslips.com Need Website similar to [url removed, login to view] Login to the ezyslips with the dummy account & Check the features. As Needed the same feature in the admin panel. USER NAME : - [url removed, login to view] PASSWORD : - 987654@DCBA 26 PHP, AJAX, CSS, Software Architecture, CakePHP Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20174d 16h ₹10206
PHP Document Generator Need developer to design and develop php document generator with following features 1. responsive design (ipad and mac) with drag and drop interaction 2. user can create new document with title and then sections each section can be imain section or sub section, for each section or sub section user has option to use predefined content from library, that is data saved in category and sub category ... 41 PHP, AJAX, Software Architecture Mar 27, 2017 Mar 27, 20174d 15h ₹26457
An online store update with a customized inventory management module The Fish Club Project Plan 1. Background a. we currently run an e-commerce website at fishclub.com.my. We would like to revamp our website. And as you may know, inventory management is very important for us. Therefore we would like to add in an inventory management function, which is rather customised, where we can track the stock-in activities - where we track the in-flow of the stocks, and a... 34 Website Design, AJAX, Shopping Carts, eCommerce, HTML Mar 26, 2017 Mar 26, 20173d 19h ₹71421
Build a Website Building a simple websites and codes. 35 PHP, XML, AJAX, CSS, HTML Mar 26, 2017 Mar 26, 20173d 18h ₹3515
Build a Website I would like build a website like [url removed, login to view] preferred language and db: [url removed, login to view] and postgresql. Thx 27 Javascript, Website Design, Graphic Design, AJAX, HTML Mar 26, 2017 Mar 26, 20173d 17h ₹13106
Build a Website m looking for help to create a small social website. that would keep track of friends in different groups. Also need help in setting up infrastructure for example GIT, webserver, database, security aspects etc. 31 AJAX, MySQL, HTML, Symfony PHP, JSON Mar 26, 2017 Mar 26, 20173d 15h ₹36138
Write an Android application Simple app that allows site to send and receive messages to the app (push notification), and receive GPS coordinates of device upon request. 62 Mobile Phone, AJAX, iPhone, Android, HTML5 Mar 26, 2017 Mar 26, 20173d 14h ₹17972
Write some Software I have a encrypted code, it is easily decrypt able but i do not understand the code. I want someone break it for me so that i can use it for myself. The code is<script>eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,d){e=function(c){return(c<a?'':e(parseInt(c/a)))+((c=c%a)>35?[url removed, login to view](c+29):[url removed, login to view](36))};if(!''.replace(/^/,String)){while(c--){d[e(c... 9 PHP, Java, Javascript, AJAX Mar 26, 2017 Mar 26, 20173d 13h ₹2626
Mobile Proximity App For File Transfer I am looking for a freelancer to develop a mobile app for Android that allows the user to transfer a file to another mobile of a trusted user. It should only bring up users within a 2 meter radius that has the app for the transferring user to be able to select as a trusted user to transfer to. Please provide a competitive quote for the completed job that shouldnt take too long to do as its not... 22 Mobile Phone, AJAX, Android, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Mar 25, 2017 Mar 25, 20173d 9h ₹22189
Ajax bugfix: unsafe header with SSL After changing to SSL an Ajax form stopped working. Ajax request is sent to the same server and domain beginning with https so there should be no cross domain issues. Error in Firefox console: Attempt to set a forbidden header was denied: Connection Error in Chrome: Refused to set unsafe header "Connection" Code: [url removed, login to view]([url removed, login to view... 18 Javascript, AJAX, UNIX, Ubuntu Mar 25, 2017 Mar 25, 20173d 4h ₹1752
Poem Poet - Lyrics Artiest App - work offline with offline-local database Poem Poet - Lyrics Artiest App - work offline with offline-local database .. 16 Mobile Phone, AJAX, SQL, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Mar 25, 2017 Mar 25, 20173d 3h ₹20437
To Design & Develop a Fully Responsive Business Wordpress Website with Blog and Ecommerce Fully responsive website template design and development, including brand logo and all page images Site to be developed using the latest wordpress 4.7.3 code, must have [url removed, login to view] installed and optimised to be 100% seo friendly, with clean urls Blog also required An online pop up chat window is also required, ability to allow users to search products and select a product ... 76 AJAX, WordPress, eCommerce, Templates, HTML5 Mar 25, 2017 Mar 25, 20173d 3h ₹82333
Build Search functionality and Interface like Pinterest -B I would like to build a search interface like pinterest. I would also like to simulate the behaviour exactly like pinterest. We will be building and integrating our test version to the search form on here [url removed, login to view] After which we shall deploy live. I would like to build the search autocomplete and suggestions just like it is here. [url removed, login to view] and enter the word ... 8 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, HTML5, HTML Mar 25, 2017 Mar 25, 20173d 2h ₹10511
Write an Android application I need an android app in which there should be a button on which when any one click, a notification will be sent to all user under 2-mile distance who have installed this app. 11 Mobile Phone, AJAX, Android, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Mar 25, 2017 Mar 25, 20173d 1h ₹1674
Handwritten sinhala pdf to editable file We want a manual handwritten file converter to editable text. user will manually map all available letters of the document with the sinhala alphabet once all letters are manually recognized the script can convert the text to editable file. my budget is less than 50$ 12 PHP, ASP, Java, Javascript, AJAX Mar 25, 2017 Mar 25, 20172d 16h ₹8060
Simple CRM Build Up We are looking to build a CRM system that can support a customized solution and basic element of CRM 1) Customized Solution 2) Integrate with Phone System For Caller ID notification 3) Call disposition to CRM records 4) Contact Manager 5) Sale Pipe Line 49 PHP, Javascript, Python, AJAX, CRM Mar 24, 2017 Mar 24, 20172d 1h ₹64417
siberian cms I need a new easy module for SIBERIAN CMS. I need clone source-code module and incorporate my own code, exclusivelly... Please, don't contact without SIBERIAN CMS knowellments 13 PHP, AJAX, HTML, jQuery / Prototype Mar 24, 2017 Mar 24, 20172d 1h ₹14525
Build an Online Store Set up a e-commerce website with inventory management system, front-end to emulate the following site: [url removed, login to view] or [url removed, login to view] Current website is [url removed, login to view] To make inventory management easier, ideally it should be build with AJAX (not necessary XML, but need it to be an API-call instead of a server-call, to improve the user experienc... 126 Website Design, AJAX, Shopping Carts, eCommerce, HTML Mar 24, 2017 Mar 24, 20171d 19h ₹68772
Facebook application for my classifieds site If you can make a great facebook application please bid. I have a classified ad website. I want an application that will link directly to it, and do all the work via facebook. Please let me know your facebook applications you have done before. What to do in the app ? * It will be a wonderful design * it will be multi language feature * All ads will appear * Will search for ads * Mess... 15 PHP, AJAX, Facebook Marketing, Software Architecture, Embedded Software Mar 24, 2017 Mar 24, 20171d 16h ₹17842
Create a WordPress Template I need a great website designer to help me create a home page like [url removed, login to view] we are just creating the home page with the functionality you see there. I will be providing the images, content, and I have (word press and hosting in place) so you'll be in charge of just doing the tiny coding work since I'm providing all the things needed. The home page will look li... 61 PHP, AJAX, WordPress, CSS, HTML Mar 24, 2017 Mar 24, 20171d 16h ₹3374
write php script to download mp3 file with changes tags download mp3 file using this script with change of mp3 tags and file name and cd cover [url removed, login to view](Noor)%20-%20Amaal%20Mallik%20-%20320Kbps%20[[url removed, login to view]].mp3 the script will ask for link, cd cover file and title and artist tag the developer must be expert in scraping , big project after this script; budget $40 19 PHP, AJAX, Web Scraping, Software Architecture Mar 24, 2017 Mar 24, 20171d 13h ₹6539
Hire a PHP Developer I need to create a simple voting script (you like it not like) with the results store in TXT file (number in numbers you like to do not like) with the ability to disable/include the results after a vote is displayed to a user (I mean that the user after the voting may or cannot see the results) with the protection of multiple votes in cookies-message that the user has already voted. With the op... 21 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL, HTML Mar 23, 2017 Mar 23, 20171d 12h ₹6553
I would like to hire a PHP Developer I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using PHP. 66 PHP, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL Mar 23, 2017 Mar 23, 20171d 8h ₹41069
Create a plugin for website using Crea8social script. Need a plugin for "public chat" requirements: clickable usernames to go to that users profile page. icon next to username to send private message (already built in system) administrators should be able to create chatrooms. chat should be in AJAX and work on phonescreen/tablets/computer must be plugin so it dosent break if updating crea8social scripts. should show user ... 13 PHP, AJAX, MySQL Mar 23, 2017 Mar 23, 20171d 6h ₹13034
Create a Mobile Website 1. We need to implement a judging interface where people can answer some questions about a search query and document. 2. We already have a prototype of the mobile website for android devices on chrome. We need someone to extend it by adding some features. Current implementation is based in: nodejs, javascript, ajax and html. 3. We need the following features in the mobile website. a. The u... 24 Javascript, Mobile Phone, AJAX, HTML5, jQuery / Prototype Mar 23, 2017 Mar 23, 20171d 1h ₹14663
Adding Project Control Module to ERP System We have ERP System and we need to add project control module consists of 3 main screens with its list.. these screens will use some data already exists in DB and some data will be saved from these screens. for details, we can chat to discuss screens in details. 24 AJAX, ERP, ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, LINQ Mar 23, 2017 Mar 23, 201723h 42m ₹12652
Get a Website Built I need validations in my site [url removed, login to view] and on other pages ASAP. site build on dotnet 3tier. Need all basic validations for this site. 18 Website Design, AJAX, HTML, jQuery / Prototype Mar 23, 2017 Mar 23, 201713h 27m ₹2595
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