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X86/x64 Assembler is a type of skilled programming language used by developers that is best experienced in assembly and machine language. By assembling instructions via hardware interrupts, a x86/x64 expert can create robust applications that are used to instruct processes to deliver specific outcomes. This type of skill differs compared to most high-level programming languages, making the ability to read, interpret, and write this language a sought after skill for many applications.

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Here's some projects that our x86/x64 Assembler Experts made real: Developing operating systems utilizing stack thread assembly languages, adding functionalities to existing programs, creating small projects with Python and C language, creating electrical drawings while using VB6 visual basic software, automating Windows 11 using Rust programming language, reverse engineering and modifying dll files on compiled .Net projects, understanding encoding of video streams from video cameras and creating commands for the cameras using Fasmw--the list goes on.

    Clients of Freelancer.com's have a long list of testimonials and success stories that illustrate the success of hiring the top qualified freelancers who specialize in x86/x64 Assembler. With an already expansive rate of accomplishment from freelancers who specialize in this type of programming language, our clients should feel confident knowing we have an expert team ready to help bring their ideas into execution today! Clients can post their own project here on Freelancer.com, hire an experienced X86/X64 Expert with their own set of skills and expertise, and be sure to get exceptional results.

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      You will implement a virtual machine for an 32-bit instruction-set. Your program will take a single command line argument being the path to the file containing your RISK-XVII assembly code. The memory mapped virtual components of your machine are outlined below: • 0x0000 - 0x3ff: Instruction Memory - Contains 2 10 of bytes for text segment. • 0x0400 - 0x7ff: Data Memory - Contains 2 10 of bytes for global variables, and function stack. • 0x0800 - 0x8ff: Virtual Routines - Accesses to these address will cause special operations to be called. • 0xb700 +: Heap Banks - Hardware managed 128 x 64 bytes banks of dynamically allocate-able memory. Your machine also has a total of 32 registers, as well as a PC (program counter) that points to the address of the current instructio...

      ₹6935 (Avg Bid)
      ₹6935 Avg Bid
      1 bids

      I am looking for an experienced programmer or anyone who knows a thing or two about reverse engineering. I have a library that I need someone to decompile for me and provide me with working code, and not just unreadable pseudo-code. I have the library compiled for Linux as a .SO file. You can use whichever, or both. From what I am told the .SO has the debug info left inside of it, with the source inside being annotated. I have no idea how to extract that info. The DLL may have debug info as well. Basically what I need is the code that would be ready to compile.

      ₹40043 (Avg Bid)
      ₹40043 Avg Bid
      25 bids

      I am in need of an Inventory Management System that can handle both retail and warehouse inventory. I am looking for a programmer with experience in Assembly Language using emu8086. The system should have inventory forecasting capabilities to help me plan for the future. Some specific features I require are: - Barcode scanning for accurate tracking - Stock below certain quantity (5) highlighted - User permissions to restrict access to certain parts of the system If you have experience with these requirements and can deliver a reliable and efficient Inventory Management System, please apply for this project.

      ₹276255 (Avg Bid)
      ₹276255 Avg Bid
      3 bids
      keil project 6 days left

      The purpose of a game called GUESS is for the contestant to guess a number which has been pre-loaded into a machine. The contestant will enter his/her guess of the number and the machine will display 0x0F, if the entered number is below the ‘unknown’ number. If the entered number is above the ‘unknown’ number, 0xF0 is output and if the entered number is equal, 0xFF is output and the game ends. Write an Arm Assembly language program called GUESS to implement the above task. Assume that the number to be pre-loaded is between 0 and 255 and is stored in a byte variable called ‘unknown’.

      ₹4046 (Avg Bid)
      ₹4046 Avg Bid
      3 bids
      x86-64 Assembler help -- 2 4 days left

      x86-64 Assembler help needed.....................

      ₹248 / hr (Avg Bid)
      ₹248 / hr Avg Bid
      2 bids
      x86-64 Assembler help 3 days left

      x86-64 Assembler help needed.....................

      ₹248 / hr (Avg Bid)
      ₹248 / hr Avg Bid
      8 bids
      x86-64 Assembler help needed 3 days left

      Hi I need help with x86-64 Assembler

      ₹13623 (Avg Bid)
      ₹13623 Avg Bid
      12 bids
      delphi crypter 3 days left

      Hello i need someone who can do a delphi crypter, which can support .NET and Native Files x86 x64 bit files,, and quality, which works with windows 7 to windows 11 versions.

      ₹2890 / hr (Avg Bid)
      ₹2890 / hr Avg Bid
      17 bids
      assembler HASP sentinel 2 days left

      We are seeking a skilled and experienced assembler Specialist with expertise in HASP dongles to assist with a specific project. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of software and hardware systems, along with the ability to analyze and reverse engineer the functionality of HASP dongles. Responsibilities: Analyze and understand the functionality and security mechanisms of HASP dongles. Reverse engineer the firmware or software associated with the HASP dongles. Identify and document the communication protocols and encryption algorithms used by the dongles. Develop or modify software tools and utilities to assist in the reverse engineering process. Collaborate with the development team to provide insights and recommendations based on reverse engineering findings. Ensure com...

      ₹53748 (Avg Bid)
      ₹53748 Avg Bid
      13 bids

      I am seeking a freelancer with experience in creating stopwatches in ARM Lite Simulator. The project requires a high level of accuracy. The stopwatch should have a digital display, and successful freelancers should have experience in creating similar projects. Please include past work examples in your application if you have any. If you are confident enough to finish the project, that's all I need. Doesn't matter about your experience at all if you have knowledge to finish the project smoothly. Level of Completion Our project will be evaluated based on different levels of completion, each representing a set of implemented features and functionalities. Here is a breakdown of the different levels and what they entail: 1. Stopwatch Beginnings : -Displaying seconds ...

      ₹4046 (Avg Bid)
      ₹4046 Avg Bid
      14 bids

      I want some to implement features in a shell that I am going to provide in private and the shell should have the same results of some test. Here are the features: 1. Program invocation in the foreground, syntax: program path parameters ... Invokes a program as a sub-process of the shell. The shell waits for the program to terminate. 2. Program invocation in the background, syntax: program path parameters ... & Invokes a program as a sub-process of the shell. The shell does not wait for the program to terminate. The shell writes the PID and PGID of the new process to the standard error output. 3. Terminating the shell Syntax: exit [exit value] If no exit value is specified, the shell should terminate with exit(0). 4. Changing directory Syntax: cd [directory path] The shell changes i...

      ₹13705 (Avg Bid)
      ₹13705 Avg Bid
      19 bids

      I am looking for a coder with experience in ASM and C++ to create a dll for debugging purposes. The dll will be used for memory management on Windows operating systems. Specific features or functionality are not required at this time. Ideal candidates will have experience with memory injection, allocation, and custom memory managers.

      ₹16265 (Avg Bid)
      ₹16265 Avg Bid
      10 bids

      the assignment consists of three questions and you need provide illustrations , screenshots and clear script. yo are expected to provide clear descriptions or any written code. skills needed are assembly and C programming.

      ₹4458 (Avg Bid)
      ₹4458 Avg Bid
      11 bids

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