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Concept Design is the essential step in the production process - it's the bridge between ideas and creation, converting abstract visions into physical, tangible pieces of art. It's about connecting people to a project’s potential and giving freedom to their imaginations. A concept designer is capable of taking those thoughts and theories and making them a reality, from logo design to character design to cover art. The boundaries of concept design are expansive, ranging from video games to structures, furniture and more - the sky is the limit.

Here's some projects that our expert Concept Designers made real:

    • Character designs for mobile games

    • Physical product designs for consumer use

    • Artistic covers for novels

    • Renderings for marketing purposes

    • Drawings for architecture portfolios

    • Furniture redesigns with adapted measurements

    • Comic books that explain scientific concepts

    • Visual concepts for businesses and industries

    • Illustrations for marketing materials

    At, we pride ourselves on our access to top-tier designers from around the globe, who bring creativity and skill to each of their projects. We understand that great Art Direction has the power to elevate a client's vision beyond what was believed possible. With concept design at its apex, the possibilities become endless - no matter the scale or scope of your project, our Concept Designers can bring it life! If you are ready to take your project to the next level and make it something memorable, we invite you post your project on today and hire one of our experienced Concept Designers!

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      Office Building Illustration 6 days left

      I'm seeking a skilled illustrator who can create a realistic-looking drawing of an office building from a perspective viewpoint. The requirements for this project are as follows: 1. Style: The design needs to be as realistic and detailed as possible, emphasizing the architectural features of the office building. 2. Viewpoint: The illustration must show the building from a perspective view. 3. Highlight: The primary focus of this representation should be the building's architecture. Hence, your extensive knowledge and understanding of architectural structures will be beneficial. Ideal candidates will have solid experience in creating detailed, realistic illustrations, especially those revolving around architecture. Additionally, a portfolio showcasing previous similar works ...

      ₹2820 (Avg Bid)
      ₹2820 Avg Bid
      16 bids

      I'm seeking a talented artist to bring a unique vision to life. My project involves a cartoon drawing of the champion Lulu from the popular game League of Legends. However, there's a twist - I want her to be depicted in a way that's both humorous and powerful. **Key Details:** - **Style:** Cartoon. The drawing should capture the essence of Lulu but with an exaggerated, humorous angle. - **Theme:** Lulu, flexing with very exaggerated muscular arms and legs. Despite the unusual interpretation, it's crucial that she's still recognizable to fans of the game. - **Action:** The pose is specific; she needs to be flexing robustly, yelling “the king is back,” which adds a layer of humor and character to the drawing. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Exper...

      ₹6718 (Avg Bid)
      ₹6718 Avg Bid
      51 bids

      I'm looking for a talented artist who can bring a small series (5) of photographs to life using pencil, graphite or charcoal as their medium. The final artwork will add a timeless and classic touch to my personal space. The size of the art pieces will range from large sizes of 11x17 inches up to 24x36 inches, offering ample canvas for detailed and expressive work. **Ideal Skills and Experience** - Proficiency in charcoal sketching with a strong portfolio showcasing past work. - Ability to work on large size canvases (11x17 inches to 24x36 inches) with precision and attention to detail. - Experience in translating photographs into detailed charcoal sketches. - A creative eye for capturing the essence and emotion of the photograph in the charcoal medium. **Application Requirements**...

      ₹8459 (Avg Bid)
      ₹8459 Avg Bid
      66 bids

      I need an artist proficient in hand sketching who can regularly convert pet photos into black and white portraits. - Style: Sketches should be in a realistic black and white style, capturing the likeness of the pet while adding an artistic touch. - Background: The question about the background color has been skipped. So, please propose your ideas based on what would work best with a black and white sketch. - Size: I haven't defined a size for the sketches. Hence, kindly include into your proposal the sizes you're comfortable working with, and we can discuss this further. An ideal candidate will have experience in pet portraiture and can work off a photograph to create a lifelike sketch. Continual work is expected for the right artist.

      ₹6966 (Avg Bid)
      ₹6966 Avg Bid
      53 bids

      I'm stepping into a creative venture; creating a short booklet for my teenage daughter that's both engaging and memorable. Here's a glimpse of what I need: - **Illustration Style:** I'm drawn towards a cartoon style that can bring stories to life with vibrancy and a touch of whimsy. The illustrations should appeal to the imaginative mind of a teenager, setting a playful yet captivating tone throughout the booklet. - **Number of Illustrations:** The booklet demands 6-10 illustrations. These will be sprinkled amongst the pages, each serving as a visual pause that adds depth to the narrative, and enhances the storytelling experience. - **Illustration Purpose:** The primary aim is story enhancement. Each illustration should capture key moments or concepts in the narrativ...

      ₹10284 (Avg Bid)
      ₹10284 Avg Bid
      54 bids

      I am in search of skillful artists, capable of illustrating high-quality hand and digital sketches. The specific subject matter for these sketches isn't delineated, so your ability to adapt and create various illustrations, from portraits to landscapes and cartoons, is highly desirable. In your application: - Highlight your experience in sketching, providing examples, if possible. Although I prefer freelancers with an intermediate level of experience in sketching, passion, creativity, and adaptability are the qualities that matter most to me. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in hand and digital sketching - Versatility in sketching different subject matters - Intermediate level experience in sketching/artistry - Excellent creativity and imagination capabilities - Strong atte...

      ₹1244 - ₹2073 / hr
      Featured Sealed NDA
      ₹1244 - ₹2073 / hr
      21 bids

      Excited to seek illustrators for creating captivating and realistic comic art, focused around the unexpected theme, humans and food. The project demands professional and engaging 5-10 pieces. Key Requirements: - Superior skills in realistic comic illustration Desirable Skills & Experience: - Previous experience in creating comic series - Passion for, or interest in, the fusion of humans and culinary themes I look forward to seeing your unique interpretation of this theme. Get ready to showcase your talents!

      ₹9206 (Avg Bid)
      ₹9206 Avg Bid
      80 bids

      I'm searching for an experienced runway model who can expertly present streetwear to a mature adult audience. A successful candidate would understand the nuances of streetwear styling and effectively engage with an older demographic. Key Responsibilities: - Showcase our streetwear line on the runway - Engage with our mature target audience Ideal Skills: - Previous runway modeling experience - Knowledge and passion for streetwear - Ability to connect with a mature audience.

      ₹46857 (Avg Bid)
      ₹46857 Avg Bid
      3 bids

      I'm seeking a talented professional with experience in AI-generated art, specifically cartoonish line art, for a philosophy book I'm self-publishing. - The objective is to create 10 to 20 illustrations that depict various philosophical concepts. - While I have general ideas for these concepts, your creative interpretation and input is welcome and appreciated. - The ideal candidate is someone who has a solid grasp of depicting philosophical ideas through art and is adept at harnessing AI for creative purposes. - Prior experience with book illustrations, especially within the philosophy genre, would be a bonus. - A strong understanding of AI technology is crucial for this project. The final output should be engaging, thought-provoking, and seamlessly blended with the book'...

      ₹1161 / hr (Avg Bid)
      ₹1161 / hr Avg Bid
      33 bids

      I am seeking a talented artist adept at painting action figures with custom designs for a project focusing on collectibles. The ideal candidate should possess both creative flair and attention to detail to bring unique concepts to life, ensuring each figure stands out as a masterpiece in a collector's display. **Requirements:** - Expertise in painting and detailing action figures. - Ability to create and apply custom designs based on brief concepts. - Familiarity with various paint types and techniques suitable for collectible quality figures. - Precision in painting small details to bring characters to life without compromising the figure's integrity. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Previous experience in custom toy painting, specifically action figures, with a portfolio sh...

      ₹1244 (Avg Bid)
      ₹1244 Avg Bid
      8 bids

      *I'm seeking a talented interior designer who specializes in creating modern, spacious living areas within large caravans designed for 5 or more people. *My goal is to turn the interior of my caravan into a sleek, functional space that maximizes every inch,ensuring comfort and style for my family and guests. - experience in Caravans is must . **What I need:** - A comprehensive design concept that incorporates modern aesthetics within the limited space of a large caravan. - Efficient space utilization strategies that provide comfort and privacy. - The Length 8 and width 3. - rocemindition the tools , machines and from where we can buy it. - Ideas for multi-functional furniture and fixtures that adhere to a modern design theme - we need...

      ₹31431 (Avg Bid)
      ₹31431 Avg Bid
      55 bids

      I am making a music album for a fake game, so I am looking for mock concept art. I can send specific characters and their designs if this sounds interesting to you. I am hoping for about 5 different concept art "pages" mainly different sketches and some "final" character/environment drawings. Some characters are as follows: - A living saxophone that plays the saxophone named Sam (This is the main drawing) - An almost goblin looking mechanic - A small ghostly violinist playing on top of a rusted possessed suit of knight's armor - A hulking club bouncer with a comically small head - A very kind looking yeti who is offering a slushie Some environments sketches would be: - A nightclub bathroom with a giant hole in the floor blocked off by "VIP only" r...

      ₹4312 (Avg Bid)
      ₹4312 Avg Bid
      39 bids
      Modern Wedding Venue Designs 2 days left

      I'm seeking a talented freelancer who excels in both architectural and landscape design for creating a modern, inviting space on a 2-acre open land. This venue will host weddings, receptions, and various celebrations. The design should emphasize space, light, and connection with nature, providing a memorable backdrop for events. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in modern architectural and landscape designs - Experience with event spaces, particularly for weddings and receptions - Proficiency in utilizing natural light within design concepts - Ability to create spacious indoor areas that seamlessly transition into outdoor spaces ### Key Requirements: - **Spacious Indoor Areas:** Design should include large, versatile indoor spaces for various setups (e.g., seated dinners,...

      ₹30934 (Avg Bid)
      ₹30934 Avg Bid
      30 bids

      I'm in need of an experienced comic artist with a knack for vivid, realistic detailing. The task will involve making scenes with up to twenty characters. An artist with a keen eye for details is particularly sought after as the setting varies significantly, taking readers on a journey across landscapes and spaces. Key requirements: - Skill in creating realistic comic art featuring multiple characters - Ability to work on a variety of settings including cityscapes, nature/outdoors, interiors of buildings/houses, railway stations, inside an auto-rickshaw, inside a car, rooftops, a cycle drive, and a college scene - Strong attention to detail to ensure consistency of characters across various scenes This task may suit someone with a background in graphic novels or detailed storyboard...

      ₹2156 (Avg Bid)
      ₹2156 Avg Bid
      9 bids

      I'm seeking a competent individual with a strong background in AI and multimedia to develop an engaging new worker orientation video for a demolition company. This video should introduce company policies and procedures, with a primary focus on: - A comprehensive overview of Health and Safety policy, workers' rights, incident reporting among others - Personal Protective Equipment, Pre-Use Inspections. - Highlight on our code of conduct and ethics guideline Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in AI development and multimedia video creation - An understanding of corporate ethics and policies is a plus - Excellent storytelling and creative skills The professional should creatively illustrate scenarios including but not limited to dealing with conflicts of interest, respecti...

      ₹6469 (Avg Bid)
      ₹6469 Avg Bid
      30 bids
      Realistic Book Cover Drawing 3 hours left

      I'm looking for an artist with expertise in realistic style drawings to create a captivating book cover. This task requires depicting two new parents - a husband and wife - to truly resonate with my book's theme. Ideal freelancers should have: - experience in realistic drawings - an exceptional ability to illustrate human characters - an understanding of book cover design With your skills, you'll bring my book's essence to life by artistically portraying these characters and the bond of new parenthood.

      ₹26704 (Avg Bid)
      ₹26704 Avg Bid
      146 bids

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