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Project/Contest Description Bids/Entries Skills Started Ends Price (INR)
Ehtereum Developer - 26/06/2017 16:46 EDT Need backend Ethereum experience to help with windows 10 locating the AMD drivers for the R9 380 graphics cards. I believe they stopped working after either a driver update or win update. You can access machine remotely to fix. Thank you 1 Software Architecture, Gamification, Software Development Jun 26, 2017 Today23h 44m ₹22549
I need some Graphic Design need sell sheet & presentation kits designed 0 Graphic Design Jun 26, 2017 Today23h 9m ₹16106
Illustrate Something We need a key visual for pharmaceutical event illustrating a "watch dial" that incorporates elements of innovation in pharmaceutical industry. Main Dial must illustrate 3 watch hands representing - doctors, patients, authorities. Several dials included in the main one are accepted - for exempla one small "dial" showing life Key visual should ressemble to an infographic of inno... 0 Graphic Design, Illustration, Illustrator Jun 26, 2017 Today23h 4m ₹12885
Logo Design - Industrial We are Megas Manufacturing, a new manufacturing business that works within the Oil and Gas industry. We are experts in alternative power and fluid dynamics. Based in Austin, TX we are using our expertise to engineer, design and distribute Chemical Injection Systems in North America, South America and the Middle East. We are wanting a crisp, catchy logo that will be used on all marketing materia... 1 Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Marketing, Website Design Jun 26, 2017 Today4d 22h ₹8053
Logo design Brand name: InnerFire Core concept: consciousness Design: Uncomplicated and clean. Simple and elegant. Colours: Black, blue, white In the future I’d like the possibility to make an app so I prefer a symbol on the left of the written words InnerFire I’m open to suggestions but more than likely what I want is a circular symbol with blue fire or inside. The blue f... 12 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 26, 2017 Today9d 22h ₹7731
3D Modeling of Watch Variations We are hosting this competition to have a test and to see what our designs will look like in real life. We have attached every variation but to simplify it you will be making: A black face with black casing with black mesh strap A black face with black casing with black leather strap A black face with black casing with tan leather strap A black face with black casing with silver mesh strap ... 0 3D Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D Rendering Jun 26, 2017 Today6d 21h ₹35949
Design a T-Shirt Need tshirts with graphics of cars - like Nascar quality 0 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, T-Shirts Jun 26, 2017 Today6d 21h ₹6442
Photoshop Custom Actionscript / Script Batch Image Process I need a custom script created for Photoshop, that would allow me to batch process images into smart objects with the ability to sequence through various base layer color options. On export during the process, I'd like to control the file naming convention with the option to choose PNG, JPG or PSD. 16 PHP, Java, Javascript, Photoshop, Software Architecture Jun 26, 2017 Today20h 19m ₹2513
Fashion Design, Fashion Modeling, Graphic Design Jun 26, 2017 Today6d 20h
Hire a Virtual Assistant for Texts Project I need a virtual assistant who can help me with a project about reading and recording English texts. Each phase of the project consists of a piece of English text of about 200 words. I will give the texts to you. The project has two parts: Part I: You will read the text and record your voice. Your English must be very clear when you read the text. Please note that this has to be your own vo... 16 Proofreading, Virtual Assistant, Ghostwriting, Voice Talent, Content Writing Jun 26, 2017 Today19h 13m ₹328
I would like to hire an Artist to make art for screenprinting screen printed t-shirts for an annual trip. Modify artwork for the theme for this year. The theme is the 1970's disco era. Keep jeep, large 45 on back somewhere with the wolverine on the back. Age characters a little - Lee typically is driving the jeep, warren is typically passenger. The mariachi guys I uploaded are Lee and Warren. Lee is in yellow. Artwork for full back (max colors &ndas... 0 Graphic Design, Photoshop, Photoshop Design, T-Shirts Jun 26, 2017 Today4d 19h ₹12885
Graphic Design, Photoshop, Website Design Jun 26, 2017 Today22d 16h
Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 26, 2017 Today17h 56m
theater script romantic comedy about marriage, prayer, and freedom 7 Proofreading, Editing, Screenwriting Jun 26, 2017 Today17h 43m ₹14753
Design a Logo I need a logo for ProductRetriever.com. My idea was to have something with a dog since a "retriever" is a type of dog. BUT I AM OPEN TO ANY AND ALL IDEAS - IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A DOG!!!! 22 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 26, 2017 Today6d 17h ₹5798
Design a Banner My show "Chamber Magic" will be celebrating its 5000th performance on September 30. It's an off-Broadway magic show, held in a beautiful room at the Lotte New York Palace hotel. (I formerly performed at the Waldorf Astoria for 16 years, but they just closed for renovations.) I need a banner for social media that expresses the excitement of the 5000th show. No "wands, rabbits, o... 11 Banner Design, Graphic Design Jun 26, 2017 Today6d 17h ₹32212
Create an Animation for online Live Roulette game The online gambling industry has produced a lot of really nice animations for rewarding the player in case of winnings on Slots, but nobody has created the perfect animation for the live roulette game. I am looking for really amazing but classy animations for roulette winnings: - Consolatory Winnings: winnings < [url removed, login to view] bet amount - Good Winnings: [url removed, login ... 0 3D Animation, Animation, HTML5, Javascript Jun 26, 2017 Today6d 16h ₹25254
Build a Website I want to make my website on cellphone look nicer. It is very simple now. I am using windows server. [url removed, login to view] 0 Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design Jun 26, 2017 Today6d 16h ₹12241
Cash Flow Animation I would like to create an animation of the PDF here that would correspond to the video found at this link: [url removed, login to view] Need it to be animated and follow the sequence 1 3D Animation, Animation, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics Jun 26, 2017 Today16h 32m ₹16106
I would like to hire a Bookkeeper I'm looking for a bookkeeper with plenty of experience to come on site for a couple of days to help get my tax returns up to speed. There are a couple of immediate requirements around; 1. Reviewing and bringing software package up to date ad addressing loan above 10k that may now need to be reflected in p11D 2. October 2016 year end returns 3. Personal Tax returns 4. Putting a system in place... 5 Virtual Assistant, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Xero Jun 26, 2017 Today13h 59m ₹46680
Make image for FB - showing how viral Please make a image that will be used for Facebook add (in the timeline) showing how "vitality" works. The post will have title: 5 easy ways you call implement today to go viral. The basic concept you can see in the attachment. 12 Banner Design, Facebook Marketing, Graphic Design Jun 26, 2017 Today2d 13h ₹6636
Visual Identity for Biotech Company Please read full briefing in attached document before entering the contest! Contest Conditions: The contest can only be entered by submitting ALL of the following elements. Logo design alone will not be considered and will be disqualified directly. Reason for this being that we need a designer that can deliver a full visual identity/corporate identity, not just a logo. Please submit all ele... 18 Branding, Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 26, 2017 Today6d 13h ₹64425
Animation, Apple Motion, Video Editing Jun 26, 2017 Today13h 29m
Design a Logo for CIBfx I would like to rebrand the company CIBfx which is an online financial trading company. The current website is [url removed, login to view] where you can see the logo. The idea is: - Rebrand the colour scheme to Red and Greys - balance CORPORATE FIANCE with MODERN WEB - User Friendly but feeling of Serious corporation. - Emphesize the FX as main explanation of logo for industry and the ... 82 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 26, 2017 Today3d 12h ₹9664
C# Programming, Metatrader Jun 26, 2017 Today12h 6m
Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 26, 2017 Today6d 12h
4 Page Sales Brochure (Online Learning Platform) Hi there! I'm looking for a 4 Page Brochure created for our company, XCERIO New Zealand. XCERIO New Zealand sells courses and certifications to schools to provide to their students. Our courses are all based around computer skills using different types of computer software. Examples being Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud and AutoDesk. All of our course ware maps to the official c... 1 Brochure Design, Graphic Design Jun 26, 2017 Today6d 11h ₹9406
Design a Logo & Branding for the delivery truck I am looking for someone who is going to design a logo for the bakery and also the branding for the delivery truck. 21 3D Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 26, 2017 Today2d 11h ₹15011
Design a Logo for IT Company Empire Infocom Solution using Biometric Devices to Automatically raise Alerts via SMS Emails to preempt any mishap and keeping communication open among Parents and Schools to effectively address common Issues like i. When student Reached, Left ,Student Missing, Student Kidnapping, Student Bunking, Student taking to Drugs. ii. Low Student Attendance & Exam Malpractices iii. To Support Gove... 27 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 26, 2017 Today6d 10h ₹9664
JustDial data extraction - one keyword and one city only Extract data from JustDial for the keyword "Car Repair & Service" for only 1 city - Pune city. Data needed for 23 areas within Pune city. Minimum 500 entries are expected from for Pune city from these 23 areas or more areas within Pune city. Data needed is Name, Address, all Mobile Numbers and Area. Only justdial website should be used and not any other website. Landline numbers n... 19 Data Entry, Excel, Web Scraping, Web Search Jun 26, 2017 Today9h 14m ₹4329
Design a Logo Need a logo for Jewelery Store,write me massage to look TechTask 90 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 26, 2017 Today8h 2m ₹18232
I would like to hire an Editor I have a publishing contract to write a mind, body, spirit book, the project involves esoteric, humanistic and holistic knowledge that I have collected to help people in their everyday life. What I am having difficulty with is how best to collate the information and sort it into chapters and 'pull it all together'. I find that I have repeated several subjects and have info scattered ov... 25 Editing, Publishing, Virtual Assistant, Book Writing, Journalist Jun 26, 2017 Today7h 8m ₹47751
I need some Graphic Design Hi We are looking for a graphics designer who is a superstar at graphics. 1. Can follow general company guidelines. 2. Works well in a team. 3. Is skilled at graphic design and loves what he/she does. 4. Wants consistent long term work. 5. Loves creating social media posts for various industries. If this sounds like you... Please send me your best and worst work... In your reply ... 67 Graphic Design, Poster Design Jun 26, 2017 Today6h 54m ₹142056
Read and save the Ripple ( XRP) api order book in mysql database I need to query and save the order-book data from API [url removed, login to view] into a mysql database for querying through my system. My whole system runs on debian-linux. The idea is to capture the order book through the websocket, so that the data is automatically updated, and saved in the database, so that my system can read the data in mysql database An example web page that shows ... 14 PHP, Linux, MySQL, node.js, Debian Jun 25, 2017 Today5h 10m ₹13658
Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 25, 2017 Today4h 46m
Design a Logo for our company Hi everyone, we need a logo for our new company, Our company is introducing a new wireless charging devices for mobile phones, tablets and other small devices. The company name is NIC, mean New Intelligent Charger Logo Color and fonts at your choice. surprise us. Delivery files should be: High resolution Jpeg and PNG and Editable Photoshop files including all font used. 67 Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop Jun 25, 2017 Today6d 4h ₹4832
I would like to hire a Coder Trouble shoot an existing Mikroc program for 18F2620 with 3 interrupts; uart, timer0, timer1 to drive bipolar stepper motor 12 C Programming, Troubleshooting, Software Testing, Software Development Jun 25, 2017 Today6d 2h ₹58156
Data Processing, Data Entry, Web Scraping, Data Mining Jun 25, 2017 Today6d 1h
Banner Design, Branding, Infographics, Logo Design Jun 25, 2017 Today6d 1h
Branding, Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 25, 2017 Today6d 1h
Sandcastle Logo for Beach Community We are looking for a fun summery logo for an annual beach town event. The event is a Sandcastle Building Contest. We are looking for something simple and compact that will be easily read when it's small. We have found that overly complex logos don't work well. We are also looking for original artwork. There are a few requirements: 1) It must have the name of the event: "The ... 35 Graphic Design, Illustration, Logo Design Jun 25, 2017 Today6d ₹17717
PHP, Linux, Web Search, Elasticsearch, Sphinx Jun 25, 2017 Today6d 23h
Design a Logo - TikiPup This is for an online store that sells sunglasses and beach related items. About the logo: Tiki - is a wooden carving, usually of a human. Pup - is short for Puppy (a dog) The logo would be a Tiki that is a Puppy (not a human) wearing sunglasses. It's important that this logo appear clearly large or small. I am not too concerned with the font, I can have that added to the lo... 21 Graphic Design, Logo Design Jun 25, 2017 Today4d ₹6442
Design a Website Mockup for crowdfunding cars Dear freelance community, Design a website mockup to crowdfinance the purchase of an automobile. Website Name: Motor Partner Use three 3 websites as reference for design: Crowdfunding platform: [url removed, login to view] the mockup should work as similar as possible. Social media component example: [url removed, login to view] the mockup should include a social media component that... 1 Graphic Design, Logo Design, User Interface / IA, Website Design Jun 25, 2017 Today19d ₹32212
Graphic Design, Illustrator, Logo Design, Photoshop Jun 25, 2017 Jun 25, 20175d 23h
A Series of 3 Followup Postcards I need a series of 3 followup postcard to mail out after a presentation. Please see attachment for full details. Each postcard must have a different copy message. 1 Copywriting, Graphic Design Jun 25, 2017 Jun 25, 201711d 22h ₹6442
Turn my physical cloth design into a graphic design Please transform the attached image of traditional Ghanian Kente cloth into an accurate graphical representation in PNG format. i need a graphic that can scale to any size by repeating the same pattern. Key criteria: 1. Bright colours 2. Sharp clear pattern 3. Attention to detail Also please create the logo attached (create a black version and a white version filled in against a transpar... 42 Graphic Design Jun 25, 2017 Jun 25, 20173d 18h ₹4059
Pinnacle Hygiene & Facility Services *New Company Logo + Hi, I am starting a Janitorial/Facility Services Company that utilizes the best technology and newest trends to position the company as a premium vendor for businesses that have difficulty maintaining a sanitary work environment, such as Light & Heavy Industrial Accounts & Restaurants. What I think I am looking for is a Professional, Non Descriptive, Clean looking logo with primary usag... 38 Graphic Design Jun 25, 2017 Jun 25, 201720d 18h ₹24288
Oclay lip addiction brochure I am looking for a graphic designer who can create my product Oclay Lip addiction brochure, i am giving you three four sample as an attached file with my model picture for your good reference and text is written below to be in corporate into my design. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OCLAY STA... 8 Brochure Design, Graphic Design Jun 25, 2017 Jun 25, 20175d 18h ₹6442
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