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Add Acoustic Echo Cancelation to Flex/Flash Application - Add Active Class In Javascript Add active class to HR - Javascript - Add Ad to Website add ad-sense to my website - Add Additional Checkout Step - Magento Add additional code to Wordpress site - Add additional features and programming to existing Magento custom preview module Add additional features to .net project - Add additional features to my existing web-based accounting software that we are building Add additional features to my ROR application share tribe - Add additional functionalities to a social site Add additional functionality ! - Add additional images and a zoom on hover to OpenCart Add additional info to Prizm spreadsheet and capture screen images - Add additional page to a PDF document Add Additional Page to Drupal CMS - Add Additional Requirements Information to Excel Spreadsheet Add additional screens to mobile Unity app - Add address info to prospects add address to existing business card - add admin account after privileges gone after restore Add admin area to enter 8 digit sales numbers - Add Administrative Function in ASP or PHP. Add Administrative Login as Studio Owner - Add admob banner in simple cocos2dx iOS (iphone) game Add Admob Banner to iOS project (Objective c) - Add admob sdk to eclipse project - repost Add admob to an app written in Xcode and Eclispe - Add Ads and AI into our game Add Ads Before Videos on Websites - add ads to my unity 3d game and fb share Add ads to Wikipedia CMS - Add Adsense code to my HTML/PHP Website (1st of 9) add Adsense code to the site. - add adsenses code to existing wordpress website and a blog add adult payment gateway to adult site - Add advert capability to my video site Add advertisement banner in android app - Add Advertising space on directory categories and homepage Add advertising to an iOS app. - Add affiliate advertising to my website Add Affiliate Banners to RVSitebuilder website - Add affiliate option add affiliate products on to existing web sites - Add after effects graphics to still images slideshow Add After Effects Text and Graphics to a video - add airpush sdk to simple unity3d app Add Airpush SDK1 and TapContext SDK 3 to 10 of my Andoid apps (Eclipse) - Add AJAX features to existing PHP forms Add Ajax features to existing website - Add Ajax search function to intranet ASPX page Add AJAX support (javascript) for pages of web application interface - Add Ajax/JQuery functionality to site Add Ajax/PHP threaded comments script to website - add Alert to an indicator (mq4 - Metatrader4) Add alert to an MetaTrader indicator - add alerts Add alerts to Custom MT4 indicator - Add all friends to event page on facebook Add All Graphics to Website - Add alt image text to images Add ALT Tag option in yahoo store product images. - Add Amazon Checkout to my site Add Amazon Checkout to my site -- 2 - Add Amazon To My Revenue Sharing Model Add Amazon To My Revenue Sharing Model(repost) - Add an activity (use gps to track running distance,speed..) Add an add on to wordpress. - Add an Affiliate program to a osCommerce site Add an affiliate program to a php script - Add an app to my shopify store Add an Arabic option to an established opencart shop - Add an easily editable gallery to my BigCommerce website Add an easy photo contest on my facebook businesspage - Add an Email Subscriber ListServ system to my Wordpress website -- 2 Add an Embed Video Source Code to my user accounts - Add an extra attribute to display a number in each row/ products column in Magento Add an Extra Cell, properly aligned, to WPF DataGrid - Add an icon onto Wordpress Menu and Drop Down Menu Add an icon to a Wordpress homepage - add an image slide show to an HTML landing page add an image to 55 wordpress words - Add an interstitial ad to add an intro to the start a video - Add an online restaurant reservations platform to WIX website Add an online shopping cart to WordPress Site - Add An Option to an already customized booking form on the Magento Platform Add an option to an existing function on WordPress site - ADD AN STREAMING SOFTWARE CONFIGURATION WINDOW DEDICATED SERVER -- 2 Add an SVG overlay on top of the JavaScript viewer with a couple of features - add an user interface to my python script for mac Add an user login and register page to my Android Project - Add and Change HTML To Current Theme Of Site - Video Explanation Add and Checkout - Add and customize features in the Collabtive open source project management Add and delete fields in my GRAVITY FORMS - Add and enable SilverStripe extensions to my website add and enhance functions for our web app - Add and modify functionality in a flash template Add and or Edit links in swf - Add and retrieve xmlfiles form access database Add and revise pages to exisiting Wordpress site - Add and Update Markers on Loop in a Leaflet Map, JS Add and Update my website for Changes - Add Angular.js to a Django App Add angular/materal module to Yeoman generator - Add animation to a product explainer built with after effects Add animation to a site - live draw technology - Add annotation (text or lineshapes) to DarkroomJS plugin -- 2 Add Annotations Layer to PDF.js with ability to save to MySQL - Add another gondola in a picture Add another image onto other image SIMPLE JOB - Add another PHP sort function Add another request/reponse to existing project - add api broker into c# application autobot Add API call to external site - Add API OVH SMS in our Html form Add API OVH SMS in our Html form - add app features Add app integration at a Android App - Add appointment function to existing website add appointment scheduling code to website - Add Apps, Websites, Domains and or Source Codes and sell on my website Add AR function to an existed iPhone App - Add architectural events to website Add archive feature to VB site - Add around 170 listings Excel Add around 25 inventory on woo commerce store - Add articles to aweber and blogs Add articles to blogger and volusion site - add asp backend and Ajax to allow quick schedule modifications Add ASP calendar application to page - Add Associated Products to Magento Add at least 5,000 connections to my LinkedIn account - Add attachments to a webform in Add attachments to outgoing email in Wordpress - Add attributes on Prestashop database or MySQL Add Attributes to an OsCommerce Online Store - add audio and video chat to php text chat script add audio and video chat to phpsunchat urgent - Add Audio Playlist + Simple Shopping Cart to Wordpress Website Add Audio Record to an iOS Radio Library - Add audio to Video Add Audio to Video editing tool - Add Auth-Only to web Signup(LaCanadian(repost) Add Auth2.0 security to RESTful Jersey Web Service - Add authorization screen for iPhone app Add authorize CIM with Bigcommerce site - Add Authorized Dealer Section to our site
Add authors to post + Invite guests on WordPress frontend - Add auto scroll to existing slide show Add auto scroll to quiz - Add Autocomplete function - PHP/JS Add autocomplete to a 4 fields form. - Add automatic points redemption to CubePoints Wordpress Plugin add automatic post image javascript to other website - Add availability calendar to real estate wordpress theme Add Availability Calendar with different Prices in different Days - Add Aweber form into Wordpress - repost Add aweber form script into joomla site - Add back my sell terms box upon enabled or not Add back my sell terms box when enabled - Add Background And 2 Small Changes add background and logo - Add background image to android app add background image to one menu item on a WordPress site - Add Background Music to My voice... Add background music to video while recording. - Add Backgrounds to some images add backlink to my website - Add Baner Design - repost 2 Add bank API to our PHP script - Add banner extension to magento websites. Add banner link functionality - Add banner to webmail Add Banner To Website -- 2 - Add Banners to footer in Opencart 2.3 Add banners to images, shown in ColorBox(wordpress) - Add Barclays Payment Gateway - Immediate start add barcode facility - Add Basic Chord Accompaniment Notation To Gregorian Chant Add Basic Chord Accompaniment Notation To Gregorian Chant 2 - Add basic VOIP functionality to an iOS App add basket cart to header - Add Best Sellers Section Add Best Value to large boxes - add billing to an existing chrome extension Add Bing ads coupon tp my account - Add Bitcoin Payment Solution Add bitcoin payment to my store - Add bleed lines to PDF Add bleed space to PSD file - Add blog and other edits to my Magento E-Commerce Site - ongoing work Add blog and contact page to site - Add Blog Function To Custom Wordpress Theme NOW Add blog function to existing website - Add blog per city Add Blog Posts and Edit Layout - Add Blog To Existing Website / Blog Design Match the Site Add Blog to Existing Wordpress Site - Add blog to site add blog to site - add blogging to phpcow based website Add Blogs and News Section to the Site. - Add Bluetooth to Existing IOS Application Add Bluetooth to pre-existing chipset. - add bookends to video some text and sound track Add booking engine - add bookmarks to indesig document and convert to pdf Add Bookmarks to PDF programatically - Add Border to Products Add both Account for all social Media - Add Breadcrumbs to my WP website with microdata in HTML5 Add brick, stone, shingles, roof shingles to exterior home drawing - Add BuddyPress Integration to my site Add Budgeting System to Buddypress - Add business card functionality using woocomerce Add Business cards into an excel sheet on a weekly bases ( 6 Month) - Add Businesses To Local Directory Add businesses to new directory - Add Button Functionality to Existing Music Player App Project add button in cakephp website - Add button to browsers and call function. add button to change video mode, a player - Add button to Wordpress Website Add button, modify event - Add buttons with links to our products Add buttons, links and information to WP site. - Add cab data to db Add cache control to spring project - Add Calendar and Countdown Timer to Auction Website Add Calendar functionality - Add call back to menu web Add call function JS in animation Flash - Add candle close confirmation to existing EA Add candle close confirmation to existing EA - open to bidding - Add captcha in web site (Joomla) contact form -- 2 Add captcha (nice one) to our booking form to stop the spam. - Add CAPTCHA field on Contact Us page to Stop Spam Add captcha for html contact form for website - Add Captcha Solving function to Wordpress Backend Add captcha spam blocker to already designed wordpress contact form - Add Captcha to Contact form Add Captcha to contact form - Add captcha to existing sign--up page Add captcha to existing sign--up page - repost - Add captcha to forms - repost Add Captcha to Forms on DotNetNuke CMS Site - Add CAPTCHA to one page of my php website Add CAPTCHA to Open Realty Sign Up Form - add captcha to Virtuemart 1 forms Add Captcha to Web form - add captcha word in subscription button and remove button in a website Add Captcha, JavaScript Validation, and Capture IP Address to Form - Add Cardboard VR type output to existing iPhone app Add Cardboard VR type output to existing iPhone app -- 2 - Add cart function to website Add Cart Functionality to SobiPro, Joomla 2.5.8 - Add Categories and Products in Magento Add Categories and reorganise links in a PHPLD directory. - Add Categories to Our Website Navigation Add Categories to Site / WordPress change - Add Category Selectbox To STO Extension Add category side bar and small fixes - Add ccbill payment gateway to my Paid Downloads WP Plugin -- 2 Add ccbill payment gateway to - Add changes and functionality to purchased WordPress theme -- 3 Add Changes on Oscommerce web - Add channels flash app TV online android Add Channels to my Satelite TV on PC Software - add chart to word press site Add Chartboost & Admob and delete other ads. - add chat function to my application Add chat in - Add chatroll chat box to a lead page webinar page Add chatting feature to my application - Add Checkbox In Lightbox Slider Images Add checkbox list in php page - Add checkout to website Add Checkouts to my Zen Cart Website - Add Christmas Hat to the TideWater Logo - ongoing work Add Christmas lights to our Free Shipping banner above the header. - Add cities to Map image (SVG) Add City & Staes to my website - Add class to Drupal Bootstrap li tags subtheme Add Classes to a Worksheet from Search results - Add click event to Wordpress website for touch devices with viewport wider than 480px add click job - Add Clickbank Payment Method To Script Add Clickbank upsell code to web page - Add Client Data to our Online Metrics Platform Add client IP to opensource github project: rabbitmq-auth-backend-http - Add Closing features and adjust EA for Directman Add Clothing Sizes option to Product page - Add CMS functionality to website Add CMS functionaliy to my php codeigniter base site - Add CMS to HTML site