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Add captcha (nice one) to our booking form to stop the spam. - Add captcha for html contact form for website Add CAPTCHA for Wordpress Website Contact us page - Add captcha spam blocker to already designed wordpress contact form add captcha to 3 HTML web forms - Add Captcha to contact form Add captcha to contact form - Add captcha to existing sign--up page - repost Add captcha to existing sign--up page - repost 2 - Add Captcha to Forms on DotNetNuke CMS Site Add captcha to forms on existing site - Add CAPTCHA to Open Realty Sign Up Form Add captcha to oscommerce forms - Add Captcha to Web form - repost Add CAPTCHA to web page with form - Add captcha, logo and Favicon to site Add caption to gallery on Elastico Wordpress theme - Add carousel for ASP.NET website add carousel on wordpress site - Add Cart to header only when a product is added Add cartoon eyes to a hashbrown - Add Categories for my Flynax Software Add categories in home and subcategories in category pages - Add Category change Feature To Current Application Add category and image to opencart store - Add category to Magento/Wordpress integration Add Category to names - Add CDN to my website Add cert and roster feature - Add Changes to 2 Affiliate sites Add changes to a pdf file - Add chapters for driving questions Add Chapters to Quicktime movie - add chartboost and admob sdk Add chartboost and flurry ads network in my app - Add Chat room to Site Add chat SDK to our hybrid app - Add check all / uncheck all buttons to application Add check all / uncheck all buttons to application - repost - Add checkbox to Joomla Search form Add checkbox to web signup form and email confirmation - add chicken picture in an advertisement Add ChildBrowser Plugin to existing Phonegap/Cordova project - Add Chrome Default Search C++ Add chrome key directshow filter to existing working project - Add City categories to ads website Add City Names to Approx 200 Header.JPG image files - Add classified ads from website A to website B (Word press) - second project Add Classified Ads program features to existing web site - add click through to existing banners Add Click to Call button for Responsive Wordpress site to the Right of Logo for mobile - Add clicking on a website Add clicking on a website - Add client section to wordpress site Add client server function - Add Cloud Storage to an Android App Add CMS (content management) to 1 FLASH site & 1 Partial FLASH site - Add CMS to a Web Application Add CMS to a Web Site - add code AdSense to all pages for my website Add code and CNANE on Windows server - Add Code Signing to Delphi app and Webupdater Add Code To .htaccess to block bad bots - Add Code to Functions.php Add code to hide scrollbar in chrome, ie and firefox. Plus snag in IE image display - Add code to our Big Commerce store Add code to rss feed in Wordpress for social buttons plus more - Add code/script to my html5 game to save player high score Add codec on a vps system and make modification in a2billing - Add coldfusion pagnition to existing application pages Add Collapsable DIV to HTML - Add Color Picker to Wordpress + Fix Menu Add Color Scheme to Site - Add color to top navigation menu, change font on the site Add Color to Vector Image - Add colour options on wordpress - woocomerce Add colour picker to gravity forms - Add column to magento report add column to oscommerce site - Add command code to 3 existing PHP files in order to add a campaign name on 3 squeeze page creators Add command code to 3 existing PHP files in order to add a campaign name on 3 squeeze page creators -- 2 - add comment, star rating, and download counter to file directory listing script Add commenting section below articles on my website - Add Comments Section add comments section and news section to existing website - ADD Communication Platform (Quickblox etc) To Existing PHONEGAP app Add Community Builder features like facebook to joomla - add company logo to project add company name to premade logo. - add components to my code Add Composite Products plugin to woocommerce site and customize - Add Configurable Fields export from Interspire Shopping Cart Add configurable products into magento store - repost - Add Contact form and fix mass email Add Contact Form and Paypal Integration - Add Contact Form to Website add contact form to wordpress multilangual - Add contact to yahoo messenger Add Contact to Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail - Add content Add content - Add content and customize wordpress theme Add content and design to php site - Add Content And make Mobile release! Add Content And make Mobile release! -- 2 - Add content from 16 page PDF to an excel sheet and a html page Add content from a existing website into a Joomla-Website - Add content in Wordpress Responsive Theme Add content in Wordpress Theme - Add content on website - repost Add Content Overlay on my FLOWPLAYER videos. - Add content to a website Add content to a website - add content to a Wordpress site from a silverstripe cms Add Content to a WordPress Site-MBBI - Add content to Blog Add content to blog - Add content to empty WordPress site Add content to existing Drupal site - Add content to graduate report; copy/paste into existing paper or highlight relevant info Add content to health directory website - Add Content to Joomla SITE Add Content to Joomla Site - Add content to my magento site from other site Add content to my Magento website - Add Content to New WP website from OLD website Add Content to one Page in Wordpress - Add content to site add content to site and add your personal touch. - Add Content To Web Site From PDF File Add content to webpage - Add content to website. Add content to word-press website and minor template changes - Add content to Wordpress site Add content to wordpress site - Add content to wordpress website using beaver builder Add content to WordPress websites using the BeaverBuilder plugin - Add Contents (written, pictures, videos) to WordPress Site and a little tweeking. Add contents and Maintenance - add contents to website Add contents to website template - Add Contribution To Site add contributions (HZ/LH) - Add conversion tracking code pixel to javascript onclick button aspx website. Add Conversion Tracking Codes to Website - add cookie to javascript popup Add Cookie To My Search Engine Only Script - ADD COPY FOR BANNER AND WEBSITE
Add copy for dating site - Add cost in oscommerce-based shopping cart when option field is true. Add Count down to home products - Add countries in HTML for drop down menu, Add Countries to Joomla backend - Add coupon code option to website, integrate with Paypal Add coupon code to Magento Checkout (Vigento Commerce) - Add Coupons to template landing page and all pages Add Course Manager component to Joomla! 2.5.9 website with PayPal facility - Add CRE Loaded Contributions and Mirror Configuration add create online training courses - add credit card in my site Add credit card module and welcome message to Zen-cart web site - Add credits to account : Paypal(button) purchase - PHP/MySQL Add credits to account after Paypal(button) purchase - PHP - Add cross domain feature to existing jQuery UI Add cross-domain tracking - Add CSS Code to Wordpress Theme - Desktop Only Add css design to a gravity form in wordpress - Add css to custom vbulletin code Add CSS to existing Ruby on Rails app using bootstrap. - Add CSS/JS parser to HTMLViewer Add css/Js to svg menu. - Add CSV to iOS core data using swift add csv to javascripttable option - Add currency, language, category, cms links block in Prestashop Add current script to new script - Add Custom Category Description onto each Feed/Archive page Add custom class via metabox - Add custom decal design to website Add Custom Design Elements and Fine Tune a Wordpress Website - Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage -- 2 Add Custom Featured Video/Image Slider on React JS Homepage -- 3 - add custom field to google calendar Add Custom Field to Joomla RS Events Pro Component - Add Custom Fields Add custom fields - Add Custom Fields to OrangeHRM Add custom fields to osCommerce Checkout - add custom font to wordpress theme Add custom form to OpenCart product page. - Add custom header for Wordpress pages, Posts and Categories Add custom header to phpBB forums - Add custom lists on Prestashop add custom location twitter facebook & comment bubble on WP - Add custom overlay to existing html Add custom page redirect (or hide/show content) after Typeform is completed - Add Custom Post Type / Video Manager to Wordpress Theme Add custom post types to Wordpress Template - Add Custom Social Media icons and change footer fonts colors & buttons.... Add Custom Store to site. - add custom url and ge traffic to my website Add Custom URL field to WordPress feature - Add customer info to Magento site from WordPress database file Add Customer Login Page.. - add customizable lightbox to product page Add customizations to flask-admin panel - add cutom fields to woocommerce register form Add CVV Number to Payment Gateway - Add data filter features to Yii2 website Add data for .001 per listings - Add data in an excelfile from a website - manually or with VB code - repost Add data in database table - Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3a Add data into my website from the pages in the excell spreadsheet -- 3a -- 2 - add data table entry object Add Data to a App/Website - Add data to from excel to mysql db Add data to from excel to mysql db -- 2 - Add data to website add data to win32 prog's .dat file / prog to do so - Add Database Functionality - Booking form & Payments add database functionality in website - Add datas in our db Add date and and lot number - Add date to column Add date to column - repost - Add deals and coupons into my website.. YOU NEED AMAZON ACCOUNT Add deals on my website - Add delete buttons to an Access application. Add delete function to 2 tables - Add Description Boxes in Admin Section for Tabbed Description in product_info.php Add description for content on our Title management system - Add design and admin skin to php application Add design and color work to PDF documents - Add design to a book in a photo Add design to a fpdf document - Add design via css to a gravity form in wordpress - Add Design, Email Template, & Partial Web Design - Add details onto a spreadsheet Add details to a contact form in Magento - Add different music and/or voice to current video. Add different payments to my site - Add dimensional support to fedex module Add dimensions to images and set tables instead of DIV - Add disclaimer/popup to wordpress website Add Discogs API to existing project - Add discription Field Add Discussion Board to Existing Site - Add DKIM on swiftmailer ADD DKIM Record to domain - Add domain name in blocked list from context menu Add Domain Name to existing host - Add double opt in to existing php script Add double protection (calls and messages replication) to android appliaction - Add DPI Awareness to Application Add Drag & Drop functionality (CSS/JQuery) to existing script - Add drop down items to menu Add drop down link to html menu - Add drop down menu to joomla(css) site Add drop down menu to Moodle theme - Add drop shadow to table in web page Add Drop Ship to Virtuemart 2.0 - Add Dropdown Menu To Magento Website Add Dropdown Menu To Our Magento Website - Add Drush to my account with BlueHost Add DTMF to Java IAX2 Client - Add dynamic features to static volusion tempate Add dynamic field to Gravity Forms on Wordpress - Add dynamic news to flash site (PHP/MYSQL/Flash) Add dynamic news to flash site - PHP/MYSQL/Flash - Add e-commerce on my freelance wordpress website Add e-commerce shopping site to company website - add e-mail to thank_you page (after filling out a form) Add E-Paper download button to Facebook - ADD Ebooks to pages- Create a WORDPRESS TEMPLATE Please read instructions Add echo for caller to Asterisk Application - add ecommerce functionality to existing website Add ecommerce functionality to wordpress site - Add ecommerce to my site Add ecommerce to our existing site - update site pages - Add Edit Function to Cold Fusion Program Add edit order button to oscommerce site - Add effects to Images Add effects to images - Add Elements to a Magento Store Add elements to an existing autocad floorplan - add email alert to forex indicator - Repost Add email alert to Metatrader Ea - Add email field in registration form and send email for registration complete Add Email Form - Add email notification to existing android and iphone app. Add email notification to existing plugin - Add email signup to Flash website Add email submissions to a spreadsheet - Add email unsubscribe feature to website.