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Add Google play leaderboard to an android game built with coco2d and android studio - open to bidding - Add google Rich Snippets to our ecommerce website Add Google Screenshot to PNG Edit Save - Add Google to Website Add google tracking code to 3 of my websites - Add Google Web masters code/analytics code to web sites Add Google Webmaster & Analytics to wordpress site - Add GPS coordinates to the site record for Google Maps Add gps feature to an existent android app - Add graph to iPhone app Add graphic badges to our website homepage - Add Graphics and make our MS Word report look professional Add graphics and paralax images to already Purchased Wordpress Theme - Add Gravity Forms to Wordpress theme Add Great CSS and Javascript to the front end of my ruby on rails app. and create some good design. - Add Gridster.js dynamic grid Add gridster.js functionality to content box - Add guestbook to website Add GUI and map to existing python script to extra EXIF data from directory. -- 2 - Add Handbags to Oscommerce Shop add happy people with photoshop to club photos - Add header image to html template Add header information - add headless browser automation to my bot -- 2 Add headline in the search results... - Add hidden fields in a WooCommerce Form add hidden keywords to landing pages - Add history support to pajinate jquery plugin Add Hit Counter To Flash MP3 Player - Add horizontal scrolling to javascript/css menu Add horizontal scrolling to my iPad widget - Add hotspots to navigate around to google VR iOS SDK Add Hours and Delete G.O. announcement - Add HTML / Link to view - google map - JOOMLA Add HTML and CSS code - Add Html Formatting To Viral Php Script Add html glossary to Joomla Page - Add html snippets to SalesPages Add HTML structure to Wordpress project - Add HTML to Shopify Website -- 2 Add html to text file - Add httpmodule to site - Add https header with SQUID server - Add hyperlinks to .pdf document Add hyperlinks to 3 buttons - Add iAd to Existing Iphone. Screenshot and Sample code included. Add iAd to iPhone app - Add iCloud functionality to existing iOS App Add iCloud Support To App - Add icon to a dropdown list Add icon to ameneties and other banner like featured in wp rentals - Add icons in a JFXPanel and ScrollPane Add icons on home page - For SRIHARSHA - Add IDX to existing website and setup help also move hosting add IDX to real estate site - Add IM feature to footer bar for online friends Add IM functionality to iPhone app - add image crossfading on joomla specific pages Add image display/upload functionality to existing .Net page VB - Add Image Into Wordpress Home Page Add Image Map - add image to invoice net Add Image to Javascript Rotating Banner - Add Image to Video add image to video - Add image with link to Popup-Window Add image zoom to OpenCart 1.5.4 website - Add Images and Descriptions to Products in new eCommerce site. Add Images and move Box - add images into my website into the correct listings - Repost - open to bidding add images into my website into the correct listings - Repost - open to bidding - add images to articles - you must be always online add images to articles - you must be always online - repost - Add images to existing flash fla file Add images to home page of magento site - Add images to products in magento (Urgent) Add images to products in Wordpress - Add images to website/set up shopping cart Add images to WikiMedia online manual - Add improvements to My OMR project Add improvements to the Hotel web app. - Add in anchor links to table of contents Add in another language to existing website - add in bitcoin payment option Add in C# for excell - Add in functionality to existing web form w/php & mysql Add in geolocation to my Shopify store - add in text to speech to the previous PizzaLover app you have designed for me add in the CMS an "upload image" option to be displayed in the website - Add in-app purchase feature to an existing iOS App Add In-App Purchase Options onto A Developed Emoji App - Add In-App Purchases to PhoneGap App Build Add in-app purchases to Unity game for Android and IOS - Add Incl. of tax as per attachments in magento website Add include to webpages - Add Indicator filter to EA: NEED FAST Add indicator for filtering trades - Add infinite scroll to my homepage tabs Add infinite scroll to my index.php - Add Info on Excel Sheet add info on ready mad android app - Add Information from 90 Business Cards to Google Address Book Add information from multiple pdfs to an excel - Add information, customize wordpress template. Add Payment Module to existing Wordpress Plugin - Add Inset Border to the thumbnails generated Add Inset Border to thumbnails - Add installment payment method and custom payment gateway in joomla virtuemart -- 2. Short deadline, must start asap. Add installment payment system in joomla virtuemart - Add interactive form fields to a pdf - repost Add interactive image pinboard page to website - Add internal library and drop box storage to iPhone and android application Add internal pages to website - Add intersitial banner to an existing app Add intersitial banner to app and updating the Admob SDK to the newest - Add inventory from 3 motorcycle sites and input into 1 site. Pics, categories and descriptions. add inventory levels to my online store - Add Invoice Form to Existing Access Database Add invoice number to web order form - Add iOS8 support to our iPhone app Add iOS9 support - Add IP's to Server / Other small server management Add ipad device frame to screenshots - Add IPN script to send out an email with a PDF as an attachment, or an email that has a link to a secure page where the item can be downloaded Add IPs on PROXMOX to work on windows vz - Add Isotope plugin on custom made Wordpress theme with NextGen Gallery - repost Add Isotope to WP Theme for Custom Post Type - Add items into our webshop Template is available Add Items On Amazon - Add items to favourite add items to ios app - Add items to Shopping Cart Add items to shopping cart - Add Jackpot Game to CSGO Betting Website Add japan language to a flash site. - Add Java Script to Navigation. Add Java scrollable bars to Canvas - Add Javascript donut graphs to website Add Javascript Facebook Gallery to Webpage - Add javascript time/date clock to page for tag Add Javascript to an LP that shows- Trial Ends Date - I have the JS - Add Javascript validation Add javascript validation and a bit of javascript code to an existing html page. - Add job postings to wordpress site Add Job Search Results on WP Sidebars - Add Joomla extension to Joomla
Add Joomla Extensions - Add jpg picture to phpbb forum and remove widget Add jpg signature to a pdf - Add jquery cropper to my php upload file form Add JQuery cursor trail blur effect on a Wordpress page - Add jQuery Multi Level CSS Menu. Add jQuery Multi Level CSS Menu.(repost) - add jquery slider to Wordpress theme Add jQuery sliders to website - Add jquery-social-stream code to index.php Add JQuery/AJAX Search to my Page - Add JSGrid to my datatables php Add jsMath to wmd editor, Javascript (or otherwise add math support to wmd) - Add jwplayer to my website and replace to adobe flash player -- 2 Add kerning to font previewer - Add Keywords to Articles (onsite SEO) Add Keywords to Articles (onsite SEO) -- 2 - Add Ktools Photostore to existing site Add Kwicks Slider with video enabled to wordpress theme - Add landscape rotation capability to 1 view in iPhone app Add lang plugin - Add Language to a website (RTL) Add Language to App (Android e IOS) - Add languages to os commerce site. Add languages to our website - add latin percussion to midi track Add Latitude Altitude to Address - Add layers to YouTube videos Add Layout option to default DotNetNuke Skin - Add leaderboard functionality to wordpress site Add leaderboard to android game. - Add letters to logo Add levels + landscape orientation to game - add light box for video in wordpress Add Light box Pop Up "Opti-in" form to WordPress Site - Add lightbox plugin to my current portfolio site Add lightbox pop up functionality to my wordpress site - Add liJQuery Slider to front page and 5 images add like to my facebook page. - Add Limit to Crawler add limitation to ip on email subscription field (; ruby on rails - Add link capability to Flash image gallery add link exchange to sites - add link to html website Add link to Joomla footer - Add link to wordpress table / Formidable Pro Add Link, Remove Files - Add linkes on my website - ongoing work Add LinkPoint API and other recurring moduals to current cgi script - Add links to a section of my site and fix bug Add links to a SVG file - Add links to my directory Add links to my joomla site - Add Links to Spanish PDF Add Links to the bottom of my website: About/Contact/Membership etc. - Add list of posts with given label to a blogger hosted site(repost) Add list of prospects - add listings for 120 night clubs into web directory add listings for 50 night clubs into web directory - Add listings to my website -- 4 Add listings to Opencart site - Add Live chat to wordpress site today Add live data to charts - Add live streaming to my website Add live streaming to website - Add Load Balancer to RDP Farm on Azure Add Load Content While Scrolling jQuerry Feature to Gallery - Add local storage to existing Phonegap Application Add Local User Class c# - add lock to open source software add lock to open source software - open to bidding - Add logic to a script -- 4 Add logic to a script -- 5 - Add Login and Network Status Monitoring To Existing App Add Login and Network Status Monitoring To Existing App(repost) - Add login management and multiple instances to a open source software Add login mysql to ionic app - Add Login to Wordpress Site (should be simple) Add login tool for and - Add login/account functionality to existing PHP script Add Login/Backend to RIngtone Website - add logo and labels to existing pictures - open to bidding add logo and labels to existing pictures open - Add logo to 15 photos add logo to 5k pictures - Add Logo To Gavick World News Joomla Template add logo to iframe - Add logo to objects Add logo to PCB (Orcad) - Add Logo To Video add logo to Video Player control bar - Add Logo, Change Color Scheme, and Teach Me How You Did It in Wordpress Add Logo, Help Make this Graphic Perfect! - Add Los Angeles Schools to System Add Lossless Audio file format to getID3 lib - Add Made up Profiles to my Website Add magazine content to a website - Add Magento products and attributes Add Magento Products get $20 - Add Mailchimp Form to Header Add Mailchimp Form To Website - Add Mailto: link with picture to my joomla based website Add MailUp subscription in a custom made subscription form - Add manufacturer table to homepage of Magento site Add manufacturer table to homepage of Magento site(repost) - Add maps to craigslist posts add maps to wordpress site - add marquee and code fetch on home page Add martingale and Reverse to EA - Add MasterCard's MiGS (Mastercard Internet Gateway Service) into Convergine's BookingWizz Credit Card Payments modules. Add match keyword and linkend with notification chat - Add me 1000 facebook friends USA only Add me 1000 facebook friends USA only - add me fast 20K points add me fast 20K points - repost - add me on skype: jujju1170 Add me to a Flyer - Add Megamenu to Joomla site without it Add Megaupload cgi script to current upload form - add members to our myspace profile add members to site - Add membership plugin to Joomla Website Add membership privilages to selected linkbuttons - Add menu and pages to WordPress based website Add menu and search to wordpress theme - add menu items in wordpress - repost add menu items in wordpress - repost 2 - Add Menus to Outlook (VBA?) Add Menus To WordPress Site - Add Meta Descriptions to 26 website pages on Add Meta Keyword Description Edit Some Txt on Site - Add Metabox to plugin template Add metadata to existing photos - Add metrics of visitors to my website footer Add metrics to Joomla! Extension - Add minor features on existing mobile game... Add minor features to existing website - Add missing icons Add missing image texts on a Website - Add mobile friendliness to existing non-responsive legacy sites based on html/css/php Add mobile friendliness to existing non-responsive sites based on html/css/php - Add mobile notifications to webapp (use Service Workers) Add mobile notifications to webapp (use Service Workers) -- 2 - Add Mobile version to website