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Add functionality to wordpress plugin - Add Functionality, Compile & Package VB6 Program Add functionallity to Admin side of PHP Website - Add functions and fix some things on my website add functions as discussed - Add functions to EA add functions to a ajax table - Add functions to AngularJS app Add functions to clipbucket - Add functions to garbling website (virtual predictor) Add functions to html5 editor - Add functions to our staff time-reporting system built in codeigniter Add functions to our time reporting system built in codeigniter - Add functions to upload script Add Functions to VB 2010 .NET Application - Add Functions to WordPress Website + New theme Add functions/Fix bugs for competitve gaming website - add funtions to my whmcs module with third party api add furniture page with search options - Add galleries to Word Press site Add galleries to Word Press website - add gallery to each product (right col) add gallery to existing website - Add games add Games on Portal with unique Description - Add GCM to existing Android app Add GCSE bar to site - Add Geo-location data to WordPress MU SiteMap Plugin Add geo-location feature in iOS Swift Project - Add German celebrities to our database Add german front page movies + Add country identifier - Add Gif Animation to Jpg file Add gif banners, flash anmitations on oscommerce - add git to django Add Glass and 3D Effect to Our Logo - Add glowing effect to logo - repost 2 Add glowing effect to logo - repost 3 - Add Google Ads Add Google ads and subscribers database - Add google adsense CRUD as discussed add google adsense into my website, directly into index.php - add Google Analtytics to simple AS3 fla Add Google Analyitc To A Website. - Add google analytics code Add Google Analytics code & check web form on home page - Add Google Analytics Flash Tracking Add Google Analytics for flash book AS2 and AS3 - Add Google Analytics to Ecommerce Site Add Google Analytics to existing app through teamviewer - Add Google Analytics Tracking code/make small adjustment to wordpress site Add google analytics tracking codes in the correct places - Add Google captcha add Google captcha to 3 Wordpress forms (client and server validation) - add google custom search to my facebook page add google custom search to my facebook page - Add Google Fit login to my Cordova App Add Google Font to Wordpress theme and Center Text on page. - Add Google Map to HTML page add google map to website - Add Google News RSS Add Google News RSS - ASAP - add google plus link on home page Add Google reCaptcha to DigiShop Shopping Cart - Add Google Search to a Joomla Site Add google shopping feed to oscommerce site - Add Google Translate tool to Bigcommerce website add google translator - Add goole map to wordpress theme Add GoTo feature to iPad app - Add GPU Support for my Program (Use GPU To BruteForce) add grabber - Add Graphic to a Page Add Graphic to Cell Background Color - Add graphics to Jomla site Add Graphics to one PHP page - Add Grey Background to Images - Need Fast Turnaround Add greyscale bubbling liquid and bubbles to flask - Add group/ungroup features to JavaDrawing Application Add Grouping to Multi-Select drop down boxes - add h.264 support to vc++ application Add H.264 support to windows openwengo(repost) - Add header and footer to a external php page within wordpress Add Header and Footer to existing website's forum - Add Header/Footer Code To Template(repost) Add Header/Footer Code to Templates - Add hedging capability to existing EA add help for planner module - add hipay paymentprocessor to my site( same way as paypal now on my site) add hipay to skadate - Add homepage module - latest news Add Homescreen icon to Opencart Mobile Devise website - ADD HOTEL STAY SEARCH BOX CONNECTED TO MAIN BOOKING SITE. ADD HOTEL STAY SEARCH BOX CONNECTED TO MAIN BOOKING SITE. -- 2 - Add hReview Microformat data to template Add hReview Microformat data to template (repost) - Add HTML content to website Add HTML drop down of States for list of sellers - add html pages Add html pages to my opencart site - add html to amazon description Add HTML to ASP form - add html_quickform to PHP project Add HTMLarea to text area of web page - Add Hyperlink fields in Sugar Suite CRM Add Hyperlink on front end, changeable in Admin Panel - Add iAd and Admob into project Add iad functionality to iphone app - Add iCal calendar to Wordpress website -- 2 Add ICal for each of our property on our website - Add icon before a wordpress widget title Add Icon codes as needed - Add icons Add icons / images / badges to product images in woocommerce main shop page - Add Idea/Problem/Opportunity Mobile App Add Ideal to prestashop and like to stock. - Add IKobo to gateway Add illustration onto a thermal cup in 3D space - Add image background to my WP and center logo and menu Add image code to my shopify site - Add image in the header file - magento Add image in website - add image to email on add image to header - add image to template Add Image to Video - Add Image Verification to Form Add image with link to Popup-Window - Add Images and move Box add images and new page on my website - add images into my website into the correct listings - Repost - open to bidding add images into my website into the correct listings -- 2 - add images to articles - you must be always online - repost Add Images to ASP print out - Add images to invoice OSCommerce Add images to joomla articles - Add images to site Add images to slideshow - online admin - Add Images to Woo commerce items Add images to WooCommerce Products - Add improves to iPhone App Add in animation to a pre-recorded video on i-phone for social media identity - Add In App Chat option to existing iphone and Android mobile app Add in app payment to an iPhone/Android application - Add in display full screen ads Add in extra feature content (Shopify) - Add in JQuery Gallery w/ Thumbnails to my HTML/CSS web page Add in magazine - Add in UPLOAD logo option in Shopping cart on MAgento
Add in user role to website and login area - Add in-app purchase to an existing mobile app created with Cordova Add in-app purchase to android app to remove ads - Add in-app purchasing to my existing game and make it scalable to any iPhone screen size. Add in-app purchasing to my existing game and make it scalable to any iPhone screen size. -- 2 - add includes file to website Add Index Follow Tag for Wordpress Page on Magento website - Add Indicator to EA - ongoing work Add Indicator to existing EA - Add Infinite Scroll to WordPress Theme Add Infinite Scroll to Wordpress theme - Add info to component Add info to my website - Add information on CMS Add information sites to existing Website - Add Input Fields if Client doesn't select from drop down to enter their own address Add input form page to existing website - Add Instagram and Periscope Icon to website add instagram counter to website - Add insurance values Add integral shopping basket to existing website - Add Interactivity functonalities to Hotel Reservation Plan Add Interactivity to Career Site - Add International Shipping to WooCommerce Shop Add internationalization to a laravel site - Add Intro Flash on my Flash Games add intro music to audio - Add Invite Friend features for ASP.NET site Add Invite Friends Function - add ionic 2 pdf viewer Add iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support to existing app Q - Add IP Timer function on my website! Add IP to country database to my advertisement script - Add iPhone compatible pages to existing PHP website. add Iphone In app purchase IAP to my dating APP - Add IPv6 to WHM and cPanel. Also use the IPv6 on powermta Add irc applet on website and also install this website on a Linux server. - add item to flash menu add item to joomla home page - Add items to BigCommerce store Add items to current website - Add items to online store -- 2e Add items to OSC - Add items to WP site Add items to zencart website from pdf file. Including photos, description and other data. - Add Java Expanable Menu Add Java Features to a game - Add Javascript delay to menu on hover (Joomla) Add Javascript delay to menu on hover - Joomla - Add javascript slider to Scorm moduleduplicate javascript (flipbook) slider in scorm Add JavaScript SWF Video to WebPage - Add javascript to WordPress post Add JavaScript to write to SQL Server database - Add job listings to my website Add job posting plugin to wordpress site. - Add Joomla Community Builder fields to integrated phpBB Add Joomla Content to website - Add JPG Design to Photoshop Illustrator Add jpg file to gif files - Add jquery countdown to Joomla Site Add jquery cropper to my php upload file form - Add Jquery Order Form to a Template and some customizations Add jquery paging on a list - add jquery swip event to wordpress plugin Add jQuery to a BuddyPress Widget - Add JS and CSS effects to Drupal Site Add JS and PHP validations to AjaxCRUD - Add Jstore to a Joomla website Add judges directory to my site - Add Keyword & Notify Post Titles Add Keyword Density to Articles - add keywords to web articles for search engine optimization Add Keywords to WordPress Website - Add label to the empty bottle ASAP Add labels and data (from database) on the product page - Add language functionality and CMS to current website Add language in magento - add language translator to wordpress Add languages and CMS to a site - PLEASE DONT BID - add last post from WP to my website add latest blog posts + images to frontpage of magento site - Add layer on video Add layer to Megento Menu - Add Leadbolt ads to my html5 android app with phonegap or Intel XDK -- 2 add leadbolt ads to my html5 game with phonegap or Intel XDK - Add Legs to a Photo Add Lens Flare (?) to Photoshop Image - Add Life with photoshop (vegetation, people, whatever it is missing) to 10 renderings Add Light box feature to a Lasso webpage - add lightbox images to magento site Add LightBox Pages and Transfer Form Code - Add lightning to my hands in the picture Add lights to an existing AutoCAD file (dwg) - Add Likes to my Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Add Likes to our page - Add link and pop-up window Add Link Attribute Code WP Plugin - Add link to external website and add a line of copy Add Link to Flash (easy project) - Add Link to Website Add link to website button when data comes up from MySQL - Add LinkedIn Url's Add LinkedIn user authentication to website - Add links to 10 or so Youtube videos. Add links to 10 or so Youtube videos. - Add links to Mega Menu in BigCommerce Add links to Menu buttons of PHP web site - Add links to site navigation Add Links to sites - Add list of countries to database Add list of countries to database(repost) - Add listings and pictures -- 2 Add listings and pictures -- 3 - Add listings to my website Add listings to my website -- 2 - add live chat support to website / easy copy and paste code to HTML to the pages / there will be some more small things to work like reposition category menu. Add live chat to my website - Add live streaming to website Add Live Streaming USA TV News Channels and Some Foreign Countries Channels A News Website - add load images jquery slideshow Add load more posts button and make it work - Add Localizable Strings to excisting app within 24 hours Add location category to a zip proximity search query - Add log in and register modal to existing wordpress site Add Log in/Sign Up Dialogue - Add logic to a video download page to detect if visitor is a paying member (if not take away options) Add logic to Community Builder profile page. - Add login feature Add Login Feature to MVC Application - Add login sliding with Social Media Add login System to Chrome Extension - Add login with Facebook & Twitter Add login with Facebook & Twitter and more - Add logo + custom menu to wordpress theme Add logo and audio to explainer - Add logo in banner Add logo in header - Add logo to eight product images Add logo to existing video - add logo to jw player Add logo to MailChip header - add logo to the web Add logo to three product images - Add logo with link in the header of website Add logo's to the site + change to another server - Add logos & text to web site HTML/Flash website