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Add multilinguage to joomla website with our current fixed main menu template - Add Multiplayer to a Unity Chess Game Add Multiplayer To Existing Game - Add multiple currency select option to search box -- 6 Add Multiple Dates to a MySQL database - Add multiple login/passwords to md5 html page Add multiple photo upload for already made PHP facebook autoposter - Add multiple users to a database Add Multiple Users to MU WordPress Sites - Add music Control next to the play button in Wordpress website Add music feature to existing website - Add music to animation Add music to beginning of Podcast - Add Music to Video Add Music To videos + Video Merger - Add my app to symantec exclusion list Add my app to the android Network - Add My Content to Website Template Add my coupon code to 200+ sites - Add my Google Absence code to my blog add my header to my shopping cart - Add my menu items to square point of sale system (1 hour of work most likely) Add my Mobile apps to website for download - Add my product to google shopping Add my product to room photo - add my site to skroutz Add My Sites To Adwords Editor - Add My Website to Google Analytics. Set it up for me. Add my website to google console .. need it in next hour,,.. - Add Myspace Friends for Callinds only - Part 3 Add Myspace Friends for Callinds only - Part 4 - Add name and year company has been acquired Add name of user to homepage of database. - Add Natural Logarithm to algorithm in Google Sheets add nav bar - Add need codes to user side Add need codes to user side - add new admin feature in jadujukebox add new admin feature in jadujukebox(repost) - Add new block to drupal website page Add new brushes to a drawing app for Android - Add new condition to redirect script Add new conditions to an existing script - Add New database driven Product Page, MyForce Product Add new database record layouts to MixItUp filter page, plus some bug fixes and enhancements - Add new domain name settings add new domain to existing google account for email and analytics - Add new feature Add New Feature : offline caching with SQLlite in Android - Add new feature on php online soft add new feature on webite - Add new feature to existing website. Add new feature to jQuery script to grab Instagram images in real time - Add New Feature To WordPress Theme & Test Everything Add new feature to WP-Admin - Add new Features for PHPProbid v5.25 (Auction Software) Add New Features for the website - Add new features to a real estate website Add new features to a running website - Add new features to an existing wordpress theme and other edits Add new features to an existing WPF project. - Add new features to existing Android APP Add new features to existing Android APP - Add new features to existing Slack ap Add new features to existing software (no source code) - add new features to music script add new features to music script(repost) - Add new features to our Laravel based platform Add New Features to Our Windows Mobile 5 App in C# - Add new features to the Ribosome Wordpress theme Add New Features to Twitter Who to Follow Widget - Add New field Add new field 'size' in woocommerce product page - Add new fields to a form with JavaScript Add New Fields to a Payment Module on Interspire - Add New Food Menu To Wordpress Site -- 2 Add new form field , send data via API - Add new Function to Agriya Script such as Youtube video, sorting orders Add new function to an Opencart / Bitcoin Extension - Add new functionalities, features and design on a existing website Add new functionalities, features and design on a existing website -- 2 - Add new functionality to HTML/jQuery parcel shipping form Add new functionality to HTML/jQuery parcel shipping form - hourly - Add new functions for existing IOS app Add new functions in existing Android app - Add new functions to Sabai Directory plugin - Wordpress Add New functions to software - Add new gallery to Wordpress Site Add new games to site & write descriptions (fun &easy job!) - Add New Infomation Business in Wikipedia Add New Infomation Business in Wikipedia - Add new leads from directory add new lease info to Lease Eagle - Add new menu bar to Joomla Website Add new menu style to joomla template (3rd Repost) - Add new module to Opencart Add New Modules - php codeigniter expert needed - Add new or improve features to job board site Add new order options in magento store - Add new page to joomla and re-active button. Add New page to my website - Add new pages on Wordpress website Add new pages to an exisiting Joomla website - Add New Payment Gateway Event Espresso Add New Payment Gateway to Active Merchant - Add new piezoelectric Material to COMSOL Add new Piezoelectric Material to COMSOL -- 2 - Add new products to Custom Shopify theme. Add new products to ecommerce database - Add new quoting, sign up and payment system to 2 accountancy websites Add New Range to Website- 63 products + some attributes - Add New Search Criteria - PHP Add New Search Page - Add new shopping car to website and redesign homepage ASAP Add new shortcode to plugin - Add New Supported File Types to Audio Player in C++ with Allegro add new tab page - Add new theme instead default in Presta Shop Add new theme to current wordpress site - Add new type format support in banner ads system Add new unit in adminsystem2 database - add new view tab to music player Add New Wallpapers to Website - Add Newrelic Application monitoring to an OpenERP server Add news and download list system to flash site PHP/MYSQL/Flash -- - Add News letter subcription Add news letters and fixes to website. - Add newsletter subscribe optionr Add newsletter to contact form 7 - Add NICs and changing MAC addresses in AWS EC2 Add night vision capability to PCB design - add note and flower to my Tumblr blog add note and flowers in my Tumblr blog - add notifications to mobile app add notifications with parse to ios app - Add OCR functionality to a PHP web app Add OCR Module to Website - Add OKPAY payment processor to PHP Script Add Old Calculator Script To New Wordpress Website - add on add on add on add on an article - Add on features and customizations to existing website Add on features for shop - Add on for magento eCommerce site add on for motion - add on install osc Add on installs for Zen-Cart - Add on or Plug in Web site
Add On or Tool for Browser Privacy - add on to .exe program - source is in .pl Add on to a Python scrip - Add on to Existing Access Database App - repost Add on to existing Android app - Add on to project files. Add on to Project: - add on woocommerce plugin custmoziation add on work - Add one class and main in C++ program__ -- 2 Add one classiffied to - Add one Features in my project. add one field to my site form - Add one mobile menu to wordpress Add one modul for my website - Add one page in My wordpress site add one page in to another page html asap - Add one product return form on current web site Add one product to the web - Add Online Booking into my website Add online booking system to website - Add Online Processing To My Site Add online purchasing to one section of wordpress based site - Add only comment on a poll Add only Top Level Directories in FTP - Add ons to PHP Site - RELISTED Add ons to wordpress site - add open source file to my html site Add open source filters to existing iOS app - Add Opt-In email to existing web site Add opt-in form to sales page - add option to atribute Add option to change colour of objects in mt4 indicator - Add option to use enter key and go key on mobile in js for survey check out. Add Optional Attachment Fields to Existing PHP Form - add options to my website add options to my website - add or fix csv import into website -- 3 ADD or GRAB Facebook Fans from Competitor - Add Order processing function to .net website add order processing statuses in my woocommerce store BID ONLY IF YOU CAN DO IT - Add OScommerce SEO Module add oscommerce to my joomla site and avoid need to account registration - Add our business on Google Maps add our business to all australia directory listings - Add our link in YOUR websites Add our link in your websites! - Add our lyrics to instrumental version of song Add Our Made Wufoo Form To Our GoDaddy Website - Add out of stock message on prestashop Add outline of Atlanta skyline to existing logo - Add Overlay to Existing MP4 Video Add overlay to our Revolution Slider - Add Paddle licensing to Mac App Add Paddle licensing to Mac App - Add page numbers to MS Word doc add page of tempale to my wp - ADD page to existing online store - repost Add page to existing PHP site - Add page to site and reset pw Add Page to site for privacy policy text of page attached - Add page with formular and iframe - open to bidding add page wordpress -work 5min only!!! - Add pages + modifications to existing php/mysql website Add pages -Website for INSTITUTE - Add pages and videos to an existing website. Add pages design to our website (Russian) - Add pages to a wordpress Add Pages to Adobe - Add pages to existing website Add pages to existing website - Add Pages to Joomla Website Add pages to - Add pages to site and credit card pay process add pages to the site - Add pages to Wordpress site add pages to worpress - Add Pagination Plugin to Smarty Template Add Pagination Support to PHP Script - Add PagSeguro payment gateway for phpFox 4.5.1 Add PagSeguro payment gateway for phpFox- - add parallax scrolling effect to html page add parallax scrolling to slider - Add parse script to website to get automatic push notification Add Parse to my mobile application - Add password protecoitn to web site Add password protected Members page with purchasing options on my current site - Add pause and mute button on iOS and Android add pause button and linking ability to javascript slider - add payment api to web site Add payment api to website - Add Payment Gateway Add Payment gateway - Add Payment Gateway for Floreant POS Add Payment Gateway in Ablecommerce - Add payment gateway to existing Django website Add payment gateway to existing ecommerce site - add payment gateway which works in india Add Payment Gateway-Bitcoin - Add payment module to creloaded pro / edit php pfiles Add Payment Option for Credit Cards to Allow Store Owner to Receive (Order # + Credit Card #) Safely Using Encryption - Add Payment Processor to my Payment Gateway Add Payment Processors & Wallet System - add payment/subscription services to my website Add paymentgateway - Add Paypal & Pay In Person Option To Website Add Paypal & Stripe Payment Functions to Website - Add Paypal and Moneybookers to file share site add change password(repost) Add Paypal and other changes to a WordPress website - Add PayPal button to e-commerce website Add PayPal button to Joomla Website - Add paypal code to a blogspot page Add PayPal credit card payment facility to existing website - Add paypal gateway and fix error Add PayPal gateway to a site - Add Paypal Options To My Site Add paypal ordering to website - Add Paypal payment to an existing IOS project Add Paypal payment to my website - Add PayPal Shopping Cart to Web Site Add PayPal Shopping Cart to Web Site(repost) - Add PayPal to my existing checkout Add Paypal to my OSCommerce website - Add Paypal to website Add paypal to website - Add PayUMoney Payment Gateway on an NGO website on WordPress. Add Payza Button to my website - Add pdf invoice to WordPress booking site -- 2 Add pdf link and uploader to product page - Add pending orders to EA Add Penny Auction Features - Add per-logged in user notes to a table cell Add Percent Column for Drupal Views - Add personality to exisitng Robot models add personalization optionto existing web template - add phone number module in desktop & mobile add phone number prestashop - Add Phone Number To Wordpress Website Add phone number verify system (SMS & Voice) in our website - Add photo & video gallery to a website Add Photo Album Galleries to Wordpress Website - Add photo filter in existing iPhone/iPad app Add photo filter in existing iPhone/iPad app - Add Photo Section in my iPhone Apps Add PHOTO SHARE AND FACEBOOK TIMELINE COVER TO SITE - Add Photon turn-based multi-player to a project