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ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost - Add my site to DMOZ plus ADD MY SITE TO GOOGLE - Add my website to Bing and Yahoo- pågående arbete Add My Website to Google Analytics. Set it up for me. - Add Myspace Friends for Callinds only - Part 2 Add Myspace Friends for Callinds only - Part 3 - Add name and year company has been acquired Add name of user to homepage of database. - add nav bar Add Nav Bar to Website - Add need codes to user side field box Add need codes to user side field box - Add new ads to an existing iOS app Add new adsense code to webpages and upload to webserver - add new captcha + install flash games Add New Categories For Custom Post types With Nested Permalink Structure - Add new content to existing HTML/CSS Add new content to existing web site - Add new design and some functionalities Add new design from psd to php/html dating site - Add new elements and make a couple of style changes to an iframe (cross-domain) Add new elements in header - Landingpage Geschä - add new feature in musicbox(repost) Add New Feature in the Site - add new feature to EA Add New Feature to Existing Application - Add new feature to PERL site Add new feature to SelfControl - Add new features and fix issues Add new features and fix some bugs. - add new features on my site Add new features to a auction software / PERL and Template Design - Add new features to an existing Node app with loopback framework, Angular front end and MongoDB Add new features to an existing web (MVP) working with Google Maps - Add new features to Drupal Ubercart module Add new features to existent web help desk/trouble ticket system written in ASP(repost) - Add new features to existing Slack ap Add new features to existing software (no source code) - add new features to musicbox Add new features to Musicbox latest version - Add new features to purchased script Add new features to registration form + make tweaks to existing form - add new features to website Add new features to website - php mysql - Add new field to dantocart/opencart checkout page add new field to existing calendar project - Add new files to my VPS! Add new files to pho website and create report for variable - Add new function add new function - Add new functionalities to a WordPress Template Add new functionalities to an iOS app - Add new functionality to existing email marketing application Add New Functionality To Existing Features On a Wordpress Site - Add new functions and more security to my PTC site (bux 4)and more security Add New Functions And Update Android App - Add new functions to OWA 2003 Add new functions to Sabai Directory plugin (Wordpress) - Add new gallery to website Add new gallery to Wordpress Site - Add New Infomation Business in Wikipedia Add New Infomation Business in Wikipedia - add new lease info to Lease Eagle Add new link and page on website - Add New Menu To Existing Webpage Add new menu to Wordpress site - Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap!) Add new modules and features in PhoneGap iPhone App (only for coders that know PhoneGap!)(repost) - Add new page in admin side in the code created by PHPMAKER add new page including photo gallery with updates - Add New Page to Website, plus Add new page to Wordpress that will produce a set of graphs from SQL Server - Add new pages to my Wordpress site Add new pages to static website - Add new payment gateway to wpmu membership pro 2 Add new payment gateways into membership 2 pro plugin - Add new product category to existing Wordpress website Add new product on shopify website +++ - Add new products to web templates add new products to website - Add new scenes in after effect template Add New Scraper To Software - Add New Sections To Add new sections to existing app - Add New store in CMS site Add new store view / currency for Magento on new domain - add new template2 (ntgov) add new text to flash movie. - Add new unit in adminsystem2 database Add new unit in adminsystem2 database -- 2 - Add new way for a user to submit images on my website using google api images search. Also I will need some changes made to the site. Please read details. Add new web page in Current Web Site. - add news aggregator and filter to web site Add news and download list system to flash site PHP/MYSQL/Flash --( - Add News page to PHPMotion Site add news script to html site - Add next, previous and random button (Squarespace) Add next/prev buttons to Wordpress NextGen ScrollGallery - Add Nochex Payment Gateway to our website Add Nochex Payments to Website - Add Notification Feature to Existing Wordpress Site Add notification function and message seen function into a PHP Website. - Add oauth for linkedin and upload photo functionality to app Add OAUTH services to an ASP.NET/SQL2008 portal - Add of SMS capability to IEM (Interspire Emailmarketer) - repost - Repost Add offer to installer - add on a product category that are not affected by blackout dates Add on a right column with 4 modules in there (2 counter for Funds, 1 gift certificate and 1 for tracking number) - Add on email, registration verification to my site Add On Feature - Auction website - add on for existing file transfer project Add on for existing project (templates.aspx page) - Add on ilance script marketplace add on in Community builders et Profil pro builders Joomla - Add on my wesite earn coins with survey Add on or Plug in Web site - add on to .exe program - source is in .pl Add on to a Python scrip - Add on to existing Android app Add on to existing application - Add on to site add on to slipper soaker - Add on work for customized booking form Add on work for existing website - Add one dynamic line to my single page website Add one easy feature in php - Add one image to web page Add one image to website homepage - Add one more week to schedule.php Add one new function on my eCommerce Website - Add one page to Wikipedia - Arabic Add one page to Wordpress Site - Add one tab with ads in Android app and reduce loadtime add one video flv to existing swf file - Add online payment functionality + invoice mgmt to existing php/mysql site Add online payment functionality + invoice mgmt to existing php/mysql site - repost - Add Online Store to Website Add Online web design features - Add ons to Listing Manager - Web Programming Add ons to my website - Add open project, delete project and save project functionality to current project Add open project, delete project and save project functionality to current project(urgent) -- 2 - Add Opt-in Box to Facebook Group Page (*EASY*)
Add Opt-In email to existing web site - Add option to change colour of objects in mt4 indicator Add option to check/follow tracking numbers - add options to my website Add Options and fix tabs and url issue - Add options to search in my webpage Add options to search page in Classic ASP page and fix minor bug - Add or modify existing features Iphone and Andriod Apps based on Edirectory Add or update 280 listings in a directory - Add OS Commerce Packages to existing site Add osc contrib to oscmax - Add other social media to 'J2T Reward Social' moudle -- 2 add OTR support to bitlbee - add our form on our wordpress website add our form on our wordpress website -- 2 - Add our link your websites!! Add our logo at screen window - Add our site to major script websites / Data entry! add our skype id: khan99271 - Add overide for bids in auction system on wordpress (PHP) Add Overide itext - Add p2p Voice over IP to a chat program vb6 Add packages to existing site . - Add page for secure payments to existing site(repost) add page likes for our facebook - Add Page to Eclipse Project Add page to existing joomla site to act as landing page - Add Page To Our Wordpress Website. Add page to site - add page wordpress -work 5min only!!! Add Page(s) to Website - Add Pages / Products to Our Blog - WordPress Experts Where are You? Add Pages and Content to Wordpress Site - Add pages design to our website (Russian) Add Pages In A Wordpress Theme - Add pages to an existing website add pages to an existing website - Add pages to existing website and make minor changes to existing pages add pages to existing website on PHP - add pages to my functioning site now, set up email/domain/google SEO stuff Add Pages to my GWA Autoresponder - Add Pages to Website Add Pages to Website - Add pages/Make changes to our website Add Pagging Page Woocommerce and Page Category Product - Add pagination to Widgekit Gallery by yootheme Add Pagination to WooCommerce - Add Add paragraph html tags to product descriptions in an excel spread sheet based on a supplied template. - Add parameters to the search + basic design (PHP!) Add Paramter to articles that already exists for Sections - Add password code to page add password login function to wordpress site - Add pause and mute button on iOS and Android add pause button and linking ability to javascript slider - add payment api to webstore Add payment api to Woocommerce - add payment gateway Add payment gateway (Stripe coding) to an existing website - Add payment gateway to an orphanage site add payment gateway to angular app - Add Payment Gateway to Wordpress Plugin Add payment gateway to Wordpress plugin / site - Add payment method to notification mail magento add payment method to script - add payment processor to my flask script Add Payment Processor to my Payment Gateway - Add paymentgateway add paymentprocessor to my option in codeignitor - Add Paypal & Merchant Account To Website Add paypal adaptive payment API to exsisting rails app - Add Paypal and Stripe Payment Functions to Website Add Paypal and Stripe Payment Functions to Website -- 2 - Add PayPal button to YII framework based website Add PayPal Button/Script to my Joomla Website - Add Paypal discount codes Add Paypal donate on Joomala website with iFrame - Add Paypal integration to existing account Add paypal integration to existing lightbox gallery - Add paypal payment ( check out ). Add PayPal Payment and Login Page for my existing website. - Add Paypal Pro payment gateway to php cart Add paypal pro payment to my store - Add Paypal to an existing Webpage Add Paypal to an OsCommerce website - ADD PAYPAL TO PHP LINK POSTS Add Paypal to Shop - Add paytm wallet Add PayU credit card payment method to my project - Add pdf invoice to wordpress Add pdf invoice to WordPress booking site - Add Penny Auction Features Add People - Add per-logged in user notes to a table cell Add Percent Column for Drupal Views - add personalization optionto existing web template Add Personalize Button to my Products - Add Phone Number to Checkout on OsCommerce site Add Phone Number to CMS Header on Website - Add phone numbers and emails - repost 2 Add phone numbers and emails - repost 3 - Add photo album to existing website - job for Arshad Mansoor Add photo album to website! - Add Photo Gallery to Bigcommerce Site Add Photo Gallery to Bigcommerce Site - open to bidding - Add Photo Slideshow to Website Add photo tags to instagram like app - Add photos of products to our website Add photos of products to our website - Add photos to stock image sites Add photos to website - add php cart to website Add PHP code - add php file upload to a web page Add PHP File/Source to a website - Add PHP pages to Wordpress site and link it Add php phot re-sizer mod to forum website - Add PHP variables to A JQuery graph using Timestamps Add PHP Web Gallery to my site - Add Physical Mailing Addresses for Employees (18f - IC) Add Physical Therapy Products to ProductCart Shopping Cart - add picture on Flash web site(repost) Add picture preview - add pictureligthbox and redesign product page add pictures - Add pictures to iPhone Quiz App . Add pictures to me blog - Add pie chart to the APS Pupil progress Add piece of code to Tumblr theme - Add Pixel to a Page from an Unsubscribe Link Add pixelate effect to existing iPhone app - Add Playlist to current site + other php\css\js coding Add playlist to Jplayer - add plugin Add plugin "User Creds kit" Unity Game and Configure - Add Plugins on Prestahop V 1.4.1 Add plugins to a zen cart website, and overall check. - add points in app called azar Add points to Wordpress Voyager theme - Add pop up ad on website Add pop up ad on website -- 2 - Add pop-up to Shopify site Add Pop-Up Window to and Submit a Finished Android application - Add Popup (Pen UP) Keys to Custom Keyboard