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add traffic counter to - Add translation Add translation module to a ready website - Add travello theme to dropinn Add tri-colore/French Flag to logo - Add turn by turn driving instruction in my existing Application Add Turn by turn navigation in current project - Add Twitter and Facebook Buttons to My Website Add Twitter and Facebook Share to Wordpress and add disquss - Add twitter follower add twitter follower - Add Twitter Login to Django Site Add Twitter Login to Django Site Profile Picture - add two background images to i Add two badges to website & fix two things on another website - Add two dropdown menus ASP.NET MVC 5 Add two dropdowns to Contact Us form - Add two fields to service record print off in SQL database Add two filter on search page in chameleon script - Add two more booklets to Flash site Add Two More Data Info into existing website using PHP - add two rings Add two rows to RoR table on back end web app - Add two textfields as atribute. Prestashop 1.5.x Add Two URL Strings to WP-Ecommerce Checkout/Registration Process and Migrate WP Site from Linux to Windows Server - Add Uber Menu - Mega Menu - to existing website Add Uber SDK to my Andriod App - Add UISearchBar with filter functions to my app for iphone, - Repost Add ukash checkout - .NET - Add Unique Identifier to Task Name Add Unique Meta Data to each product in Shopify Store - ADD UP THE TOTAL EXPENSES IN MY CREDIT CARD STATEMENT Add up to 1000 installs for my android app and 5 star rating - Add upload audio option to Magento add upload button - Add Upload Functionality to Existing Android Webview Application - repost add upload id field - Add uploading timeline counter Add uploads to a Contact Form - Add URL link to website Add Url links to an email signature - Add US cities and states into database Add US Fans to my Facebook Page - Add user avatar to my Fantasy Sports mod for Phpbb Add User Base File upload download functionality in an Existing Joomla site - Add User Login Form & File Upload Form Add user login option on existing website - add user registration and paypal payments to android app add user registration area to joomla - Add usernames from an Instagram account to excel sheet Add usernames to script - add utube captions Add validation and fix bugs in CakePHP Project - Add Validations (already created) to an excel spreadsheet - Add Validations (already created) to an excel spreadsheet - - Add Variation Plugin -- 2 Add Variation price to a woocommerce product page - Add vector lines in specific colors for laser engraving add vehicle info api to my site - add Verified Merchant Seal and a “Secure Shopping” page Add vertical menu to website - add Video and images to user posts Add video and photo editing features to existing app - add video chat to ios app add video chat to my app - Add Video feature Add video feature to android app - Add Video Homepage to BootStrap Theme add video into wordpress - Add Video Player to Member Profiles on my Website Add Video player to Member's Profile - Add video support to android app(repost) Add video support to android phonegap app - Add video to banner Add video to div background and add responsive grid portfolio - Add video to my website (Blogspot) Add Video to my YouTube Outro - Add video to squarespace cover page Add video to top of homepage - Add video, photo and text storage functionality to an existing AR project Add video,audio and live streaming to App - Add videoprovider to JomSocial Add Videos & Music to Arcade site - Add Videos to Wordpress Pages add vidoes to my people rating site - Add Virool Video Widget and Integrate to My HTML website add virtual character to my site - Add visitor rating to my WordPress recipe plugin Add Visitor Registration to web site - add voice chat to ajax chat using red 5(repost) Add Voice commands for Android app - Add voicemail in FreePBX Add Voiceover to a video script - Add VPN IPSec endpoint VM (Vyatta) to ESXi host Add VPN Screen to existing app - Add watch companion app to existing checklist app-urgent Add watch extension to Existing iOS App - Add watermark to 1,215 Videos Length 1-10 mins. add watermark to 25 videos and post them on youtube and vimeo - Add WaterMarking to existing image uploading script Add watermarks capability to fffmpeg and mencoder + iphone c - Add Web Developer to my TEAM add web form and adjust margins on home page - Add web to Baidu webmastertools Add web to search and search within specific time frame - Add webpages to existing website Add WEBPAY module in JOOMLA site - Add Website design to Php website Add website extensions and new link for New Home sales - ADD WEBSITE TO 1000 GROUPS FACEBOOK Add website to 150+ italian directory - Add week day name to gravity forms datepicker format Add Week Number on My Android Calendar App - Add white background to 3 images and change them to b&w Add White Background to Images - Add widget areas to Wordpress Add widget areas to wordpress website - Add widgets section to wp template Add widgets to footer menu & Get video working - Add Wimpy mp3 radio station Add wind thermal and "grad" to vulture sketch - add wizard form for yii app -- 2 Add wizards to websiten English/Spanish - add woocommerce images Add WooCommerce Membership Automatically to New User Signups via Gravity Forms - Add WooCommerce to existing WordPress website Add Woocommerce to existing WP Site (incl Theme) - Add Wordpress Articles section to existing HTML website add WordPress automatic page/post creation functionality to BreezingForms plugin - Add WordPress blog to website Add wordpress blog to website - Add wordpress Language Selector in a landing page ( Using jupiter theme) Add Wordpress links to Magento sites - Add wordpress template to deal site Add wordpress template to site, and make good - Add Wordpress/Woocommerce for online restaurant ordering Add words developer needd - Add works cited + sources for a paper about Hamlet add works, sales - Add WOW Slider to website, Add WOW Slider to website, - ongoing work - Add WPML to a wordpres site Add WPML to Site Menu Bar - Add WYSIWYG editor the website.
Add WYSIWYG Editor to CMS - Add xml configurability to flash site Add XML Data Export option to ASP.NET Content management System - Add xml link on a log page, delete 1 xml from log page add xml parser to C# code - Add Year Make Model Forms to script Add years to date field on forms - Add your products. Add your Professional profile picture to my team portfolio - Add YouTube video download option with IAP's for Windows Phone App Add YouTube Video on my Website. - Add Zen cart plug-in to Wordpress Add Zen Cart Pro Template Jan 12 2013 21:47:26 - Add ZONES within same file. Add Zong mobile payments to site - Add ~600 products to database (for user: favi27) ADD ~800 Produucts to our WebShop - POLISH LANGUAGE - add,delete,modify PHP script builder- online or standalone Add,Edit and Delete to a database using PHP - ADD-IN for Office 2007 and IE 7.0 for Windows VISTA using .NET Add-in for Outlook 2003 - Add-on Block for Concrete5 CMS Add-on board for MSP432 Launchpad - Add-On features Add-on features to phpmaker 9+ - Add-On for Keyboard App Add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint for Tracking Changes Funcionality - Add-on module for PHP-nuke Add-on module for Survey software (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) - Add-On project for C# and VC++ Add-on project for Unity - Add-on to provide images of tables etc Add-on to registration part - Add-ons for Joomla Mosets Add-ons for Mozilla - Add-remove some features to php examination system Add-to-basket script - Add/Change features for Responsive mobile version for open cart Add/Change Flash Site Contents - Add/Detete/List three fields Add/Detete/List three fields - Add/Edit images on my website PHP/MySQL Add/Edit PHP Pages in Existing Application - Add/fix logging to file. Add/Fix menu to Joomla site from an Artisteer template - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/modify content on website. Add/modify content on website. - repost - Add/Remove Data & Column from a SQL Table Add/Remove Data and Column from a SQL Table, then replace column. - Add/update 2 field values in database when form is submitted. Add/update company information on top 25 online business directories (data entry) - ADDAD animation film addadada - Addding redirect in a script Adddmefast Likee4like - Added features Added features - Added functionality to existing WordPress site Added Functionality to Leads Management script. - Added PHP Page with CMS and Reg - repost added profile on our cms media - addemup student version Addendum Agreement drafted - addicted facebook applications Addicted iPhone games can get more than 1 million downloads. - Addiction of Uniqueness Addiction program - Addictive Game App Addictive Games required for app and website - Addin for MS Word and OpenOffice Writer Addin for Outlook - Adding phone Input to php and admin Adding Products to current website - adding & removing form fields Adding & Multipling Matrices - Adding / Populating Products into Volusion Adding / Resizing of photos to a wordpress website - Adding 11 Art related sites on DMOZ Adding 1127 url redirects in shopify - Adding 2 folder(screen) to a facebook application (Part 2b) Adding 2 forms to a Website - adding 2000 products to ecommerce site need. adding 2000 products to ecommerce site need. - Adding 3000 Products To Interspire Shopping Cart adding 301 to site and replace old site with new wp - Adding 500 items to the Rauken eCommerce Marketplace adding 500 jobs to my new job site - Adding 68 Posts and Pictures to WordPress Site Adding 80 Products and Related Images into OSC - adding a backgroun to a picture adding a background in a picture - 13/08/2016 11:31 EDT - Adding a Blog to an HTML5 based website - repost Adding a Blog to the Website - Adding a CAPTCHA to an existing form Adding a Captcha to Joomla! registration page. - adding a conversion pixels to my magento store - open to bidding Adding a countdown timer in existing Flash file - Adding a Datarow to an existing DataTable. Adding a Datarow to an existing DataTable. - Adding a feature adding a feature on the site - Adding a few tweaks/functions to our current software Adding a field and form validation to ASP code - Adding a fuction to a .exe program Adding a function FAQ's section to the client and admin area H2O - adding a home page and about us to an existing script Adding a homepage to my HTML/Javascript/XML website store - Adding a link to site Adding a list of URLs to a spreadsheet - adding a method to java server Adding a minimum value of 0 to a javascript formula to avoid displaying if equation is negative value then we will add + 5 to the 0 after determining if the value is negetive - Adding a New Payment Gateway Option to Paid Memberships Pro Adding a New Payment Gateway Option to Paid Memberships Pro - Adding a page to my website Adding a page to website - adding a plugin adding a plugin and editing to an existing wordpress website - Adding a ref system Adding a referer link to a form - Adding a Settings Menu to an existing game Adding a shadow to a mobious strip-looking ring in illustrator - Adding a slider to a friends website Adding a Slider to Homepage of Shopify template - Adding a table of results to our website Adding a tagging system in my script - Adding a user to Sharepoint Team Site using .net 1.1 Adding a username/password recovery option to our form - Adding Activities to Provided Webview Application Adding ad links and codes onto website - Adding additional field like search, sidebar having regions. Adding additional Field Values on CodeIgniter Custom Search Database. - Adding Additional Webpages Adding addon modul for deleting unacttive products for oscommerce - Adding ads onto an fbml facebook application Adding ads to my game - Adding affilate links Adding affiliate links and fixing banners. - Adding all web-store products to Yahoo shopping cart Adding all web-store products to Yahoo shopping cart(repost) - Adding an ebook for sale on my site and all that involves. Adding an edit and copy feature to a shopping cart - Adding an Enquiries facility to a Flash website(repost)(repost)