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A simple, effective logo for my music project. - a simply logo creation A simply OpenGL implementation - A Simulation of the Banker’s Algorithm in Java -- 2 A simulation performed in ANSYS Workbench - A SINGAPOREAN CITIZEN OR RESIDENT WANTED AS A REPRESENTATIVE FOR OUR COMPANY a singe page cgi to php conversion - A single animation with more work to come in the future a single assignment of 1000 words - A single Illustration A single illustration (details in project body) - A single page design wanted a single page for my business - a single photo edit A single photo edited - A single toolbar for all our sites A single User interface - A SIP Client for Mobile A Sisters Mission - A site for a businessman a site for a photographer-private job - a site just like the rite drive site. a site just like twitter with 3 or 4 additional functions - a site like A site like InstaEDU - A site like A site like - A site posting links A site problem (maybe Virus) - A site similar to munute workers A site similar to one listed below - A Site that Manages and Sells Digital Content A site that offers - A site which can earn me 10$-20$ per day from google adsense a site which repeats youtube song - A Skeleton XMPP 'Component Bot' that Executes/Responds to Commands A Sketch - A sketch of wedding dress A sketch of wedding dress - A Skilled Drupllar Requird a skilled electrical enginer. - A skillful php developer wanted A skillful php developer wanted (repost) - A sleek logo for my new coaching business - green light coaching A sleek logo for my new coaching business - green light coaching - A slogan for website A slogan that tells everyone how cool I am - A small .NET program to modify a specific SWF resource in a SWF player file. A small 10 to 15 page report about a "VERY POPULAR" Topic - A small add on for my mlm website A small add-on to wordpress. A job for daolwede - a small android apps for IT training Center A Small Android Map Activity - A small application for Series 60 A small application for window 8 apps skill - A small assignment using Microsoft Project Software. A small AutoCAD customization - A small buddy press website A small bug fix on website - A Small C# Application A small C# game - A small change for SOBI2 Download Plugin A small change in dropdown menu feature!! - A Small Comic a small connected android app - A small demo app a small design - a small edit A small edit of the logo #46 you made for me - A small essay on Children & Families. Witer must know about the English legal system A small essay to be written - A small Face Book Quiz Application a small favicon design - A Small Flash Interactive Animation A small flash Lucky Draw game - A small game is required a small game project - A small home network utility a small home page design(repost) - A small issue A small issue for Woocommerce Multi-lang Wordpress websites. (only Expert) - A small java project a small java project - a small job to be done regarding email facility A small job to keep me busy. - A small logo for a minecraft build team A small logo for car polish company - A small modification required to an html signature A small modification to a project Salmanaim just recently completed for me - A Small page A small page seeking 1500 more targeted LIKES - A small php and javascript function needed A Small PHP code Replacement Task - A small PHP, Mysql database seacrh script a small php-coding ... - A small problem with my database. A Small Professional Project in ( PALTALK !) - A small project A small project - A small project for my personal use A SMALL PROJECT FOR Romanian SPEAKING PHP CODER - A small project on hadoop map reduce programming model -- 2 a small project on html - A small Question ,Disjoint Set ADT A small quick copy-writing task - A small research job A small research project - A Small script in UNITY for a mobile game [Urgent] A small script made. - A small simple village, a cave with a big wall, a small interior home A Small Simple Web Scrapping - A small Socket programming on tcp A small software - A small static website with a blog theme(repost) A small story on relationship - a small test for a mobile app 【very easy】 a small test for a mobile test 【very easy】 - a small trio counter in any language a small trough for kitchen presses - A small weather java application using OpenMapWeather API, for an excersize a Small Web app - A small web site a small web site for a SL based company - A Small Website for a Research Project a small website for bed manufacturer - A small website, Portfolio for a company A small WiFi Communication work - A small Yahoo Finance data mining / scraping program A small Yii2 project - A smart person is need it to do some copy and paste work for 600 items - repost A smart person is need it to do some copy and paste work for 600 items - repost 2 - A snap back design A snapchat like app but with more functions - A soccer minecraft plugin. a soccer score app - A social gaming platform. Something like QuizUp but with simple multiplayer... A social gaming platform. Something like QuizUp but with simple multiplayer... -- 2 - A Social Media Consultancy Platform for the Financial Industry A social media consultant - A Social Network A Social Network - A social network for entrepreneurs/startups to connect collaborate and launch. A social network for positivity - A social networking and a ride-matching site A social networking and a ride-matching site - a social networking site a social networking site - A social networking website
A social networking website - a social research paper A SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY WEBSITE PROJECT - A Socially Landscaped Shopping Cart A Sociopath's Adventures on Ashley Madison - A software application using C++ and Qt SDK A software application using C++ and Qt SDK - open to bidding - A Software Developer for an new APP A Software Developer for an new APP -- 2 - A software for MCR200 that write emv cards A software for online test session - a software like rockmelt A software like viber without call (Please avoid sending fake price!) - A software programmer who is excellent in Ruby on Rails (Linux Platform) A software reverse Engineering project - A software that will enable downloading MP3 and other music files extensions, MP4, avi etc from PC to Mobile phones with color screens, e.g. NEC Video Phone, Motorola, Ericsson, Nokia etc a software that would be use to validate staff who have punched in a Biometric attendance system - A Software To Select Numbers At Random For The State Lottery a software to serach specific files in windows and all drives and uplaods all files to my server - A solid German speaking freelance recruiter A Solid Model of a Saucepan with 5 different components - A Solution Like A Solution Like(repost) - a song request page A song that I have written to be professionally produced & to make it the best it can be. - A sound engineer a sound sys & computer hook up in basement - A spanish translator for a spanish dance critic with artistic director Iain MacDonald at Joburg Ballet A Spanish/English Translator - A special module for Prestashop - ongoing work a special one off poster design project - a Special script needed a special service - A specific type of Christmas card A specific type of Christmas card - a speech for studen council at school A speech in spanish - A splashscreen for a Windows application A split timer program, reprogramming - A sports fixture fite A sports logo - a spotlight bar connected with paypal,similar to A Spray Paint Artist Or Illustrator - A SQL query to make HIghCharts works properly a sql question - A Stand Alone Mac OS X App That Listens for Changes to a URL and Saves Files Locally A stand alone program needs to be written that will take finnancial data which is in both Excel (.csv) & windows notepad format from a folder located on my C; drive. Then Convert it to METASTOCK formated data and place it into a new folder on my C; drive - a start-up business plan A start-up charity looking for grant writers. - A State Cetified Engineer to evaluate the floor and foundation of our house A State of Fiction in the US Report - A static library using OpenCV A static map with 25 points, that when mouse rolls over, small amount of text appears - a station with two ports in linux configured to capture all information passing A Statistic project to be explained in MS-words & Analyse data using Excel software. - A statistical or mathematical game intersting for a dissertation a statistical report - A Steam Market Float Finder A Steam Market Float Finder -- 2 - a sticker in telugu - open to bidding a stickman animation - A stop-smoking service is considering recommending e-cigarettes a stopwatch design using assembly code 8051 - should work on EDSim51 simulator - a story sharing website. A Story Telling Fairy Type Of Animated For Kids Video - A Strategic Partnership A strategic planner - A strong brand A strong brand - open to bidding - A Structural Engineering report to obtain a building licence A structural model for credit_spread - a student project in C# for bus transport (timetable) A Student Record Management System - A study of digital filter sharpening - article to be written A STUDY OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE - A stunning business website a stunning logo - A SUB4SUB website like, A Subcription based encrypted PPV Movie Portal - A SugarCRM-esque Application A suggestion - A summary writing A summary writing - open to bidding - A superb graphic designer - Mobile App A Superb Wedding Video Editor Needed - A surgeon required to review the USMLE question a surprise flash mob dance to one song - A survey webpage (over 2 pages) A survey website - A sword created for input into the Valve workshop A SWOT analysis is to be written on an organisation. (1200 words) - A system admin is needed / security hole causes spamming probably A system developer - A system similar to Livechat inc A system similiar with Auction Site - A Systematic Review on Methods to Improve Transfer Rates of African American Male Student-Athletes in California Community Colleges - repost - Repost A Systematic Software on Entrance Examinations for Admission in Professional Course" - a t-shirt design A T-Shirt Design - A T-shirt graphic design A t-shirt website - A TAG LINE FOR MY LOGO A TAG LINE FOR MY LOGO - open to bidding - A talented girl. A talented graphic designer to produce a large poster design for public display at a university - A task for vermafile A task message board that can be added to or changed over the internet. - A Taxi Car Service Website A Taxi Car Service Website - repost - a team abble to handle all the work i can provide A team capable of doing all the work i can provide - A Team of Link Builders Needed! A team of open source scripts expert and a logo, template designer required for a brand new website - A team that can develop cartoon movie A team that can manufactur clothing and create designs for my clothing line - a tech startup A tech support person - A technical Journal Paper Needed A Technical Paper - A Technical Writer is needed A technical writer is needed who can research and write two essays of 1000 words - a telecommunication projecy a telecommunication projecy - open to bidding - A template A template of a nsw australian drivers licence with the hologram - A TEMPLATE IN PSD FOR A WEB SITE A template inter grated to my site - A temporary website designed for the sale of newly constructed condo units A ten page review over the concept of effectuation and causation. This concepts are part of the rapid innovation cycle within a company - A Test Project A test project - A text based game produced in Prolog A text based game to access from your smart phones though .mobi - A textbox with autocomplete multiple values. A textbox with autocomplete multiple values. - a theme suitable for lighting company A Theological responce - A thought of sex in indian yuth A thousand ads before 25th december 2013 - A Time For Change A time lapse video of a weed after being sprayed with weedkiller - A tiny change to an oscommerce site A tiny HTML work, 10minute tops. - open to bidding - a title A Title crea - A Toggle with Cookies and Slide Transition A toll charge payment solution - A tool to convert pdfs to excel