Projects Directory : A simple website with photo uploading capability and paypal button. - A tic tac toe game in c++.

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A simple website with photo uploading capability and paypal button. - A simple Windows desktop exe application to control PC's audio volume A simple windows phone 8.1 proof of concept - A simple wordpress plugin - ongoing work a simple wordpress plugin modify - A simple words learning application a simple work for an ausralian - A simple YouTube API project A simple youtube application to program - A Simplistic Minimalist Personal Webpage A simplistic physics-based game for Android - A Simulation modeling for SIP signalling over MANET ( OPNET or NS-2) a simulation of a national chain of Health and Fitness Clubs - a sincere voice-over english, NON-commercial-vibe A Sing Along Multimedia Application - A singer's personal site a singer/musician - A single graphic design for a web site home page. A single header. - A single one sided A5 flyer A single order option page for my Word Press website. - A single page website which displays leaderboards using MySQL table data provided a single page website with a BILLION blank ad spaces. - A single question on an advanced astrophysics problem (radiative transport) A single Reporting Page - A single well-architected html/php page to tally traffic and write results to a database. A single, 1000 word article for an internal newsletter - A Site Cloning A site containing video - A site from Drupal to Wordpress A site functions updates - a site like groupon A site like etc where vendors can bid on automobile repair jobs - A site like shopstyle A Site Like This - A site manager for a construction site A site map created with images - A site similar to Kickstarters and IndieGoGo A site similar to Kiva - repost - A site so my buyer can login and order online a site that allows users to ask experts, professionals and even celebrities any questions. - A site to upload files to a server and download them. A site transferred from Joomla to Wordpress - with a twist! - a skateboard painted with various illustrations to denote a life of a vet skateboarder a skecth of a draw working - a sketch of people in A2 paper (no need to colour) a sketch of people in A2 paper (no need to colour) - A Skilled computer person A skilled designer needed. Long Term. - A skilled transcriber needed A skilled web developer with an entrepreneurial mindset - A sleek fast miniature pen based printer bot hardware A sleek logo for my new coaching business - green light coaching - a slogan for the mineral talc A slogan for website - A small (approx. 5 template) Wordpress site A small .NET program to modify a specific SWF resource in a SWF player file. - A small adaptation to an already existing javascript A small add on for my mlm website - A small Android application parse json and show them in listview a small android apps for IT training Center - A small application for PHP, MySql programmer A small application for Series 60 - A small assignment about Algorithm A small assignment using Microsoft Project Software. - A small browser-based HTML5 Game that adapts to desktop and mobile layouts A small buddy press website - A Small C# Application A small C# game - A small change for SOBI2 Download Plugin A small change in dropdown menu feature!! - A Small Comic a small connected android app - A small demo app a small design - a small edit A small edit of the logo #46 you made for me - A small essay on Children & Families. Witer must know about the English legal system A small essay to be written - A small Face Book Quiz Application a small favicon design - A Small Flash Interactive Animation A small flash Lucky Draw game - A small game is required a small game project - A small home network utility a small home page design(repost) - A small issue A small issue for Woocommerce Multi-lang Wordpress websites. (only Expert) - A small java project a small java project - a small job to be done regarding email facility A small job to keep me busy. - A small logo for a minecraft build team A small logo for car polish company - A small modification required to an html signature A small modification to a project Salmanaim just recently completed for me - A Small page A small page seeking 1500 more targeted LIKES - A small php and javascript function needed A Small PHP code Replacement Task - A small PHP, Mysql database seacrh script a small php-coding ... - A small problem with my database. A Small Professional Project in ( PALTALK !) - A small project A small project - A small project for my personal use A SMALL PROJECT FOR Romanian SPEAKING PHP CODER - A small project on hadoop map reduce programming model -- 2 a small project on html - A small Question ,Disjoint Set ADT A small quick copy-writing task - A small research job A small research project - A Small script in UNITY for a mobile game [Urgent] A small script made. - A small simple village, a cave with a big wall, a small interior home A Small Simple Web Scrapping - A small Socket programming on tcp A small software - A small static website with a blog theme(repost) A small story on relationship - a small test for a mobile app 【very easy】 a small test for a mobile test 【very easy】 - a small trough for kitchen presses A small tweak in python program - a Small Web app A small web app with a table/grid ui that connects to 2 main backend tables and some child tables and lookup tables - a small web site for a SL based company A Small web site to manage students in schools - a small website for bed manufacturer A small website for school admission process - A small WiFi Communication work a small windows application load order information from csv and create roboform profiles - A small Yii2 project A small YouTube video - A smart person is need it to do some copy and paste work for 600 items - repost 2 a smart phone app - A snapchat like app but with more functions A snapchat like app but with more functions - repost - a soccer score app A soccer team logo - A social gaming platform. Something like QuizUp but with simple multiplayer... -- 2 A social health based app for android - A social media consultant A social media expert - A Social Network
A social network - A social network for positivity A Social Network for Users - A social networking and a ride-matching site A Social Networking App - a social networking site A social networking site -- 2 - A social networking website a social networking website - A SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY WEBSITE PROJECT A social science teacher - A Sociopath's Adventures on Ashley Madison a socks5 puller program - A software application using C++ and Qt SDK - open to bidding A Software bot - A Software Developer for an new APP -- 2 A software developer is needed for a growth hacking project! - A software for restaurant billing and storing them across A software for SMS and voice - A Software Mobile Invoice a software or a flash window embedded within our website - A software running on the Android system above and single-chip communications, via Bluetooth A Software same as a slote machine - a software to capture data of print outs given in office - 18/05/2017 07:45 EDT - 18/05/2017 08:54 EDT A Software to compare Data - A software tool to copy data from one spreadsheet to another A Software using powershell + java - A solid works designer, 2d engineering drawing designer A solid works designer, 2d engineering drawing designer - A solution that will allow website and its content to be found by search engines a solution to remotely access and obtain the password of a pop3 email - A song writer/composer A song written about graduating year 12's. Can be a new song or adopted words. - A sources and purchase "agent" student in Bologne city Italy a sourcing in China - a speaker / trainer a speaker / trainer - open to bidding - A special project , second half of our work - SEO. A special project - SEO - a special tool for connecting cables in the oil and gas industry A Special Website - a SPECIFIC XML form A specification sheets on a new home being built - A speech paper 4 pages doubled space 12 font. NEED FINISHED BY MONDAY NIGHT A speech to text conversion application with emotion recognition application - A sponsorship proposal written up A sport club website - repost - A sports related iPhone application A Sports researcher from "Oman" - A SPREADSHEET A spreadsheet - a squarespace website built A Squash Court Floor Graphic - A standalone desktop software that gradually highlights text A standalone PC and MAC based app or software for a personalised profiling test - A starting template for a Symbian application A startup company with 2 websites needs a copywriter to help in finding relevant articles to add in the websites and to create web content pages - a statement of purpose A statement of purpose for graduate program (master of taxation) - A STATIC WEB SITE A Static Web site design. - A Statistical Analysis Web Page for my IOS Application A Statistical Analysis Web Page for my IOS Application - A statistician to run data through SPSS for my dissertation. A statistician who could model 3Ls (least square model) or 2LS model of simultaneous equation - A Step by Step " How-To" Guide A Step by Step " How-To" Guide - deschis pentru plasarea ofertelor - A stock management person, Marketing skills A stock management person, Marketing skills - A story about a cattle enterprise on the Mid Coast of NSW A story about a superhero - A storyboard artist required A storyboard for a prog rock film clip. - A striking but reassuriing identity needed for a health startup A striking Logo for my Tea product - A strong Social Engine/PHP developer A strong Social Network/PHP Developer - A student entrepreneurship platform A student feedback system software . very basic but schema should be attractive. college project. coding must be in java, php, mysql - A studio table A studio table - open to bidding - a study on digital sublimation a study on mutual funds - A stylesheet to transform OOXML to XML A stylised simple drawing (lines) from a picture - A subscription website A subscription website built - A summary of a book A Summary Of A Book Is Needed - A super simple and quick edit of an audio clip A super simple app to fetch RSS - A supply chain management dissertation proposal A supply-chain B2B platform - A survey output coded and converted from .csv to .sav format, then processed through Marketsight into a table format -- 2 A Survey paper - a sweet band t shirt design A Sweet Morsel of libertarism - A Synchronous Display of Partitioned Images Broadcasting System via VPN Transmission based on matlab A synopsis of my book - A system installation A system installation - open to bidding - A system to submit and display audio files in embedded google maps a system with a database - A t-shirt customization module A T-Shirt design - A T-Shirt Designer Website Clone required a t-shirt for a coffee shop called the mug - A table script - repost A Table Throw - A Talented Copy Writer Who Can Design as Well - For Social Media Creatives A talented css and joomla guru with future prospects in mind. - A Talking Me A Talking Robot - A taxi app A Taxi Application for Android Phone - A teacher required to teach Spanish virtually in fluent English A teacher required to teach Spanish virtually in fluent English - A team of excellent writers needed to write 10 product reviews within next 5 hours. a team of experts of buliding website, seo and content writing - A team of writers needed A team or a single professional on WordPress, PHP, CSS and graphic designer needed - A teaser VIDEO A tech blog - A technical editor/writer A technical English writer needed for articles writing - A technical step by step how to content - repost A technical step by step how to Wordpress content - A tee shirt design to go with our theme A teen site template - A temp executive PA (to be shared amoung 3 Executives) A Template - A template for web site A Template Graphically Designed for a PDF Document - a temporary job A temporary lawyer - A test job for amrtarek08 A test PHP project - A testing expert required from India a text - A Text-Mode Monopoly Game C++ A text/art logo for my business. - A theme installed onto active wordpress site A theme picture of my kid and two cats - A third party ecommerce website with android app A third-year level university essay - A tic tac toe game in c++.