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Basic Android application - Basic Android camera and sharing project Basic Android Cell Phone Java Development - basic android launcher app Basic Android Layout - Basic Angular.js frontend, backend http/json APIs provided Basic AngularJS changes - Basic Animation Workshop (for kids) Trainer basic anroid application, click to call and call recording - Basic app for android and iOS Basic APP for iOS and Android - Basic App: Mark Folders on Windows Basic Apple Game - Basic Array Reader Basic ArrayList - Basic ASP and MySql Work Basic ASP Form(s) - basic asset management software Basic Assignment agreement for transfer of intellectual property rights - Basic Auction Website Basic Audio Analysis - Basic Autocad drafting Basic Autocad drafting -- 2 - Basic backend PHP/mySQL/XML + tiny flash actionscript help Basic Backgammon for multiplayers - basic basic unity 3d game needed Basic Batch File - check file date condition - Basic Billing System w/ excel intergration Basic Binary Options Broker Articles - basic blog and picture posting website Basic blog build with Wordpress - Basic book keeping Basic Book Keeping to excel from Bank Statements - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - repost Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - repost - Repost - Basic Bookkeeping and BAS Returns Basic Bookkeeping and BAS Returns - Basic Brochure Site for Frame Shop Basic Brochure Site for Janitorial Service - Basic Business Articles Basic Business Card - Basic Business Website Basic Business Website - basic button pushing registry with counting system Basic c - Basic c program - open to bidding Basic C Programmer Needed - Basic C Programming Tasks Basic C Programming. Project has already been created for some1. dont bid. - Basic c# program creation Basic C# Programing - Basic C++ implementation of undirected graph via an adjacency list and adjacency matrix. Basic C++ Interpreter - Basic C++ Programming Challenge Basic C++ Programming Challenge - repost - Basic CAD drawing Basic Cad Drawing - basic calculator Basic Calculator - Basic camera App Prototype with Augmented Reality AR Elements Basic camera App Prototype with Augmented Reality Elements - Basic caricatures for personal wedding Web site Basic caricatures of Mitt Romney - Basic Cell Phone Application x 100 Basic Cell Phone Cover design - basic changes to a Visual Basic color matching program Basic Changes To Drupal Content Site - Basic Changing on a .swf file Basic character animation - Basic checkout for to paypal express and Automated Logons for Customers Basic chef and capistrano configuration for a Rails 4/Spree app - Basic chrome plug-in Basic Cinema 4D Biped Character Rigging Required - Basic Classifieds Function to Existing WordPress Theme Basic Classifieds Functions For Existing WordPress Theme - repost - Basic Client/Interface/Server app for products Basic client/server for game - Basic CMS (Laravel) basic CMS (URGENT) - Basic CMS System Design and 10 Pages Basic CMS system needed - basic coded template + scraping Basic codes - Basic college programming basic college project - Basic Company Web Site Basic Company Website - Basic Computer Game Using C++ Basic Computer Information - Basic Computer Skills - data entry Basic Computer Skills - data entry ID_3 - Basic configuration of a template-ready Webview app and submit to itunesconnect. Basic Configuration of Plentymarkets 7 - Basic Content Collection for High-Pay: Find top-quality 'quotes' for topics Basic Content Filtering - Basic Content Writing for classified Website Basic contract for sharing bills // flat share. - Basic Copying Basic copying of pdf content and pasting and tidying up in Microsoft Word - Basic Corrections Basic costume design for runway show case - Basic CRM software Proj Basic CRM software Proj - ongoing work - Basic CSS and JavaScript changes to a website Basic CSS Animation for homepage of wordpress website - Basic CSS Menu Basic CSS Styling - Basic CSV ingest Basic CSV\Tab delimited data processing tool - w/ examples - Basic customisation and setup of ultimente theme for magento Basic customisation of Joomla Corona Yootheme template - Basic cut and paste Basic cut and paste - BASIC DATA ENTRY BASIC DATA ENTRY - BASIC DATA ENTRY BASIC DATA ENTRY - Basic Data Entry Basic Data Entry - basic data entry Basic Data Entry - Basic data entry - INDIAN/ASIAN only - $50. BASIC DATA ENTRY - repost - Basic Data Entry Assistants Wanted Basic Data Entry Assistants Wanted - Basic Data entry from web page to spreadsheet Basic Data entry from web page to spreadsheet - Basic Data Entry Position Basic Data Entry Project - Basic Data Entry--Customer Database Basic Data Entry. (Need Dreamweaver and Urgent) - basic data mining (Using R and Weka) basic data mining - Using R and Weka - Basic data structure homework with functions which needs to be revised! Basic Data Structures Project - Using Welch and Powell Algorithm - repost - Basic database for hobby website Basic Database Form Submit and Report UI - Basic Design Basic Design - Basic design floating platform Basic design for a weblog - Basic Design work: mockup of homepage - Only Experienced Designers with great track record
Basic Designer - Basic diagrams and images for inclusion in Word documents Basic dialer app in android - Basic document binding app Basic Document Formatting in Microsoft Word - Basic drawing of Polyurethane sections Basic drawing tools to use on top of wmv, mpeg or avi videos - Basic DSpace installation Basic DVD website - basic e-commerce site for UK Basic E-commerce site selling Serial Numbers - Basic e-shop selling pendants(repost) Basic EA Indicator / Expert Advisor - Basic eCommerce (.NET) feature integration( HTML & CMS is already done ) basic ecommerce .net site - Basic ecommerce site linked to my ebay store Basic ecommerce site on - Basic Econs Basic Edit (DVCLand #2 animator) - Basic Editing Needed Basic Editing Needed for Video - Basic Edits to Wordpress Theme Basic Edits/changes to based Deals Site - basic elements of psd put into existing WordPress theme Basic elgg site - Basic Email Tracking Script & Reporting Basic embedded system - Basic english project Basic English Assignment - Basic Erlang exercises (recursion) Basic Erlang exercises (recursion) - Basic Excel Data Entry Basic Excel Data Entry - Basic Excel Job - copy and paste into one sheet -- 2 Basic Excel Macro - Basic Excel Work for A Managament Student/Grad Basic Excel+Statistics assignment - Basic facebook app/html iframe Basic Facebook Application - Basic Facial Recognition with Attributes for website Basic Fairy Compositing / Retouching - Basic FileMaker CRM database BASIC FILEMAKER GO APP - Basic financial Accounting questions -- 2 basic financial building design using Revit - 12/08/2016 16:56 EDT - Basic Firewall Rules on CentOS 7.2 using Firewalld Basic five page html website in Joomla - Project for creativewebideas - Basic Flash Animations(include samples) Basic Flash Animations(include samples) - repost - Basic Flash Development Basic Flash Drive Benchmark Program - Basic flash image Basic flash image editor - adding pointers to an image. - Basic Flash Re-touch Basic flash rotator .fla built, fade in/ fade out - Basic Flash Website Basic Flash Website - Basic flashing GIF required basic flashlight app - basic form Basic Form / Email Application - Basic Form to Email Basic Form Web site with membership and comments, MySQL PHP - Basic Foto Cropping Basic foundational SEO services - basic ftp cilent with C Basic FTP into - Basic functionality test of affiliates Basic functionality test of cars - Basic game app needed for android BASIC GAME BASE - Basic Game Like Temple Run Basic game of skill/luck - Basic Gig Market App required Basic GIS Map Preporation - Repost - Basic Google Maps API Help Basic Google Maps Application - basic graphic buttons basic graphic buttons production - Basic graphic design for a 1 page menu Basic Graphic Design For Website Idea - Basic graphic projet in Photoshop - ongoing work Basic Graphic Template Made - basic guessing game Basic GUI assignment - Basic Headshot Retouching, weekly job. basic health care store - basic high level design of 3 sector bts site on visio Basic HiPay integration - Basic House Control with labview Basic House Layouts - Basic HTML - Single Page Basic HTML / PHP website - Basic HTML backup front end only Basic HTML Changes - BASIC HTML EDITING BASIC HTML EDITING - Basic html help needed urgent! BASIC HTML HOMPAGE TEXT CHANGES - Basic HTML PHP to get theme working. Basic HTML Project - Basic HTML site - IDD Basic HTML site needed - Basic HTML Template Design Basic html template editing - Basic HTML Website Basic HTML Website - Basic HTML website template with graphics Basic HTML Website to be Completed - Basic HTML/ Article Posting Job Basic HTML/CSS and PHP - Basic HTML5 Javascript integration Basic HTML5 page (bootstrap) - Basic I phone app Basic I-PHONE App, very simple - Basic illustration (line art, cartoon, humor, caricature-style, imaginative) needed Basic illustration and game design - basic image editing basic image editing - 2 - Basic image storage Basic image tasks - Basic Infographic Animation Basic Infographic created from Excel bar chart (data supplied) - Basic Install of a CMS on a Centos 7 VPS Basic Installation and Editing - Basic Interior Design Ideas for Shop Basic Internet Marketing webpage - In WordPress - Basic inventory and invoice management Basic Inventory Application - Basic Ionic application Basic Ionic framework app using Angular - Basic iOs PhoneGap project Basic iOs PhoneGap project - Basic iPhone and Android App Development Basic IPhone and IPad App - basic iPhone app Basic iPhone App - 3.0 - Basic Iphone app, similar to the game "snake" basic iphone applicaiton - Basic iPhone math app Basic iPhone Opencart Reader - Basic IRC client and server connection Basic IT assignment - Basic Java