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Base de datos - base de datos base de datos - BASE DE DATOS ACCESS Base de datos Access - Base de datos de Access en versión 2000 para hacer presupuestos. Base de datos de administración de personal - Base de datos de Jugueterias CABA, BS AS e Interior de ARGENTINA. BASE DE DATOS DE LATINOS EN USA - Base de datos en Access con interfase para correr reportes Base de Datos en ACCESS control envios - Base de datos inmobiliario Base de datos LinkedIn - Base de datos Oracle Base de datos para biblioteca particular - Library databse - Base de Datos relacional Base de datos relacional - Base de donnée correspondance, logiciel sur mesure Base de donnée de la presse francophone - Base Game Engine for Mobile devices using Unity.. Base GDI+ Application - Base Options - Convert for symbols Base Options Project - Base Ring Metal Plate Base SAS programming for business transactions analysis followed by a management report - Base64 Base256 Base64 Attack Cleanup - Baseball app Baseball - Easy Peasy - Baseball Camp Logo, Round 2 BASEBALL CAMP SITE - baseball card selling website (styled like eBay) Baseball Card Website - Baseball Fantasy baseball fantasy - Baseball instruction website Baseball Java GUI Interfaced Project - repost - Baseball Logo Design baseball logo needed - Baseball Registration form Java Codes & codes for Radix Sort Baseball Related iPhone/Android Apps - Baseball Simulation Software Baseball Site needs 7 pages that the text can be updated by client via admin - Baseball Team Logo - ongoing work Baseball Teams Combined H+R+E - Baseball Website Baseball Website - Basecamp - download all projects, including files(repost) Basecamp --> FTP User Link - basecamp helper software(repost)(repost) Basecamp Import from Excel - Based on a list of phone numbers, get information from Truecaller Based on a list of phone numbers, get information from Truecaller - Based on ecommerce... Based on electrical - Based on Street Photography Based on Street Photography -- 2 - based on your requirement - open to bidding Based on ZKP for Simple Web Security Framework - Basel II implementation Basel III Liquidity Coverage Ratio Management - basement conversion Basement Conversion Ideas - Basement Waterproofing Site From Contest Submission Bases de Datos - Bash / SED script to sort two files bash / shell script based solution to perform backups Due Date 23/03/2013 - Bash or Python script BASH Program - Bash Script Bash Script - Bash Script - Machine Setup (Java, Tomcat, Apache...) Bash Script - Modification or Rewrite - bash script for a lamp server Bash script for Amazon Web Services - Bash script for reading info from socket Bash Script for Server automation. - bash script needs tidy up and revamping Bash script not working - bash script to list all servers NOT using NTP server Bash Script to List Directory Contents and Associated MD5sum - Bash script to restream video with vlc or ffmpeg. -- 2 Bash script to restream video with vlc or ffmpeg. -- 3 - Bash Script: Running PING to Multiple IPs and save it to a file (repost) - repost Bash script: sync via FTP - Bash scripting and component programming. Bash scripting of kernel patching for real-time scheduling of Arch Linux installation on a Raspberry Pi 2 - Bash shell script Bash shell script - homework assignment - bash, php, mysql function bash, php, mysql function -- 2 - Bash/Shell Scripting Bash: csv file into Adwords Editor Format csv (120K records) - Basic Data type Entering job BAsic ecommerce website design for satellite tv equipment supplier - Basic "to do" list iphone app Basic "Where are my friends App." - Basic .asp database application *Urgent* Basic .Gif for Electronic Dance Music Artist Album Art - Basic 10 page static website (S) Basic 10 page websites - Basic 2-d animation of a female cartoon character, about 1-2 minutes long. Cartoon character would make only 4-5 moves such as walking, winking, etc - open to bidding Basic 20item Webshop, Webdesign, Logo, Paypal integration - Basic 2D autoCAD drafting on a flexible basis Basic 2D autoCAD drafting on a flexible basis - Basic 2d Physics Car Game Example Needed Basic 2D sprite/ 3D terrain engine - Basic 3-colour skateboard graphic Basic 30 page website - basic 3d modeling Basic 3D Modeling - 1 - Basic 4 page website, compatable on ALL browsers, web standards compliant Basic 4 Page Wordpress Website - Jewellery Industry - Basic 5 page website design with no sales basic 5 page website for service company - Basic 5-6 Page Static Website Design Basic 5-6 Pages website in Wordpress. - Basic A.S.R for Urdu on Sphinx-4 basic abstract algebra Math proof - Basic Accountancy Application in C# basic accounting - Basic Accounting Realted Articles Needed basic accounting software - Basic accounting/book keeping needed for a small task Basic Accounts - Basic admin developed with multi-level access Basic Admin for Site - Basic Adult Model Website Basic Adult Paysite Programming - Basic Adwords Set Up - Just a 1 Hour Job Basic Affiliate Network System - basic airline reservation system - in C basic airline reservation system - in C - Basic alignment in Magento Site Basic alterations to wordpress template. No design required. - basic and professional web site for a local company - open to bidding Basic and Simple 3d project - Basic Android App Basic Android App - Basic Android App Database Basic android APP for Geotheme - Basic Android Application Basic Android Application - Basic Android Application- XML Parsing