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C - C # - VISUAL STUDIO 2010 - ALREADY AWARDED C # .NET PROJECT - C # Shopping Cart Program C # simple program - C ++ Builder GUI Project C ++ codes - C ++ Programming Project - 30 C ++ Programming Project - 32 - C -Prog Project C / asm code - C algorithms C Algorithms quicksort and bubblesort exercise and short report write up. - C application c application - C assignment homework C Assignment in Linux Environment - C C# Programming C C++ - C code compilation and error fixing C code conversion into Ansys Fluent UDF format - c code libraries C Code Library for Teensy 3.1 - C code, and need simple coding C Code, Binary, nearest neighbours - C Converter to Java C Curency Converter needed - C Drive To IP C driver for HTU21D - C function for checking servers through SSH C function for Sip Express Router - C homework C homework - C L Ads Posting - $300 per month - Service Section. C l AVR Programming - C L postings in multiple cities - repost c L postng job seeker leads section only - C Language Array Homework C language assignment - C Language Search Project Debugging C Language Search Project Debugging(repost) - C Linux Catch Signal C linux developer - C N C OPERATOR C Ncurses Mini Chat Server - C or Java Program C or java program for Implementation of cache access algorithms - C plus plus or fortran expert needed on urgent basis c plus plus project - c proggraming - open to bidding C proggramming - C Program (image Processing) c program (not cpp, or another object oriented program) to generate breadcrumbs - C Program and schematics calculation C program and UML diagram - C Program for Engineering course C Program for HCS 08 Microcontroller - C program in Linux environment C Program in Linux Environment - Simple - C program project c program project - c program that uses semaphore C program to add, subtract and multiply a polynomial using linked list - C program with using data structure C program write - C programing C programing - C programme c programme - C programmer able to work with mbed - repost C programmer able to work with mbed - repost 2 - C Programmer or C# Programmer Needed - Experience in Digital Photo Frames - Android O/S C programmer project for Mark - C programmers required for CLI implementation C programmers required for CLI implementation.. - C Programming C Programming - C Programming C Programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - c programming c programming - C Programming C Programming - C programming using linux c programming ! - C Programming - Assignment C Programming - Audio Processing on a .WAV file - c programming - Repost c programming - repost - C programming and academic writing c programming and c++ pogramming - C Programming Assignment C Programming Assignment - C Programming Assignments C Programming Assistance - C programming courses C programming covering memory allocation and no memory loss - C Programming for UNIX C Programming for Urmate - C programming homework (lab) for CS class C programming homework assignment - C programming Language C programming language - C programming on linux to develop game -- 2 C programming on linux to develop game -- 3 - C programming project C programming project - C programming project 2 C programming project 2 - repost - C Programming Project22 C Programming Project3 - C Programming school project C programming school project - C Programming task - for pros !! C Programming task - open to bidding - C Programming under Unix -- work to be checked and corrected C Programming University Exercice - C programming work C Programming Work ++ - C programming/ MySQL C Programming13 - C Programs Simple C Progrme for DMA controller - C Project easy C Project Fix a little issue in program - C Project4 C Project5 - C Scheduler help C SCHEDULING PROJECT - C sharp App to reboot pc with condition C Sharp application - C sharp modifications for vladimar C sharp MySQL Receipt Application - C sharp, C# Expert needed At LOW RATE c sharp, visual studio - c socket server and threadpool c socket server and threadpool exercise - C test harness for OS library C text file reader... - C V Writer C V Writer - repost - C# C# - C# assignment
C# Button that brings up ''Video Sources'' dialog - c# understandig of complex library C# Video Tutorial - C# (authorization) web application change - repost C# (C - Sharp), Visual Studio 2005 Project - c# , node js developpeur, c++ -- 2 C# , VB .NET new programmer needed for simple tasks - C# - C Sharp, Visual Studio 2005, SQL Server 2005, .NET Project C# - C++ App & Compiled .exe Edits - C# - GUI rework. Add API call and basic logic c# - gui to look at svn versions - C# - Send meeting request to outlook C# - Shopping Mall Automation Program & MSSQL - 03/12/2016 03:45 EST - C# -- Unit Testing, Performance Testing, Performance Monitoring C# -- using Oracle Database - C# .NET 3.5 / Silverlight - EXPERTS ONLY C# .NET 3.5 Class Library to Read MS Outlook 2007 - C# .Net control based on a well known .net library c# .Net copy mysql data to access DB , fix small bugs - C# .NET dll to gather computer information C# .NET DotNetNuke + Telerik control expert - c# .NET modification C# .NET Modification Req'd -- Delete Files - C# .Net SOAP Webservice to access accounting database form MSSQL C# .Net SOAP Webservice to access accounting database form MSSQL - C# .net website, build a backup and delete feature -- 2 C# .NET WebSocket (TCP) Server - Add Support for WSS. - C# / .Net / Java / J2EE Developers needed for MCLAREN CEBU OFFICE C# / .NET Developer Wanted - c# / HTML5 web developer needed - repost C# / Java Chat Server Emulation - C# 1 hour project C# 100% CPU - 700/800 players onlines - FIX Please - C# 2.0 Web Service sample code C# 2.0 Windows Form Help - C# : Check if a domain user is a member of group direct or indirect (nested groups)(repost) (1724882) C# : Connect / disconnect to a network printer with option - C# Accounting Software Source Code C# Accounting Software Source Code - C# Algorithm: ListWeaver C# Algorithms - C# and C small GUI app(repost) c# and c++ - C# and JavaScript Programmer Needed To Build A Design Software C# and JavaScript Programmer Needed To Build A Design Software - C# and WPF Programmer for an exisitng POS system C# and WPF Project - C# API to Wordpress Custom post C# API\'s as a web service - C# app required. C# App Settings Management - C# Application C# application - C# Application communicating with Steam C# application developed with XAF from DevExpress - C# application modify job C# Application need to be modified - c# application to parse sites and extract informations C# application to print - C# Array Problem 2 C# Array to String Function (and back) - c# ASP.NET Amazon & eBay API C# ASP.NET and Javascript developer to help fix some last-minute bugs on a web application - C# ASP.NET Micro-project2 C# ASP.NET Micro-project4 - C# ASP.Net MVC HTML Jquery Sql Expert Needed C# MVC Razor - C# ASP.Net Tuition over Skype C# ASP.NET User Information Input Form With Filters - C# assigment C# assigment - C# assignment completion C# assignment completion- - C# automation as discussed C# automation script for PayPal (login and send money) - C# Batch Email Sending application with Office 365 Forms Application -- 2 C# battaleship game between two human players. - C# Bot Fix and Upgrade c# bot fix, building a new piece of code - C# Cannon EDSDK 2.11 take Picture and Video Recoder C# capatcha resolver - C# class creation C# class for asp,net to ZIP with multiple files - C# Class to add and remove items from a MSSQL database C# Class To Add Shell Extensions - C# Class to return whether window is blocked (by modal form) C# Class To Search ZipCode Database - C# cmd tool that deletes all pictures from camera - using wia. C# CMS Template Implementation - C# code for Moon Phase Calculation C# code for OpenGL Import 3d image ( .fbx format) into windows Form - c# code that uses WATIN to submit data into various websites C# code to access MYSQL server on EC2 through SSH - C# code to print to thermal printer Epson TM-T81 with barcode - open to bidding C# Code to process payments through QuickBooks Payments API - C# coder required C# coder required for simple program - c# coding to add user specified screen recording to app c# coding to add user specified screen recording to app - repost - C# Component Convert HTML/RTF/TXT C# Component Convert HTML/RTF/TXT to PDF - C# Console app to split a filename into parts and store to mySQL database C# Console Application - C# Contact Database and Form c# Contact import library - C# Create Simple Text File from entered data and tidy UI C# Credit Card validation Control - c# Custom Threaded Events c# Custom Threaded Events -- 2 - C# Data stuctures problem and Unit Testing C# Data Visualization - C# Debugging und Completion of Opensource Tool for Online Poker C# Debugging und Vervollständigung von einem Open Source Hilfsprogramm für Online Poker - C# desktop application for classes management C# desktop application for classes management - C# Developer C# Developer - C# Developer -- 2 C# DEVELOPER .Net 2.0 - C# Developer needed at low rate C# Developer needed at LOW RATE having good knowledge - C# Developer required C# Developer required - C# Developers C# Developers - c# development C# development - 2 websites and 1 WPF application - c# directinput joystick C# Directory Rename/Transfer file REST XML POST - C# DOCX Report Generator C# DOM Browser - C# EasyHook example C# Ebay API integration - C# Encryption Utility C# Encryption Utility(repost) - c# expert dataset question C# expert developer needed - C# Expert needed!! C# expert programmer needed - C# face recognition C# Face Sheet - C# file sharing program C# File System Scanner - C# Fix software freezes when program is executing C# fix some simple errors/make listview change settings for software - C# Folder Creation and search