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C - C # - VISUAL STUDIO 2010 - ALREADY AWARDED C # .NET PROJECT - C # Shopping Cart Program C # simple program - C ++ assignments C ++ Builder GUI Project - C ++ Programming Project C ++ Programming Project - 30 - C - Watermarking and Tampering Detection Assignment c -------------------------- - c activex C Algorithm Assignment - $50 Budget - C App Translation to Delphi (with new API and progress callback implementation) C application - C Assignment Deadline 30 hours C Assignment help! - C C ++ C C ++ assembly Arduino help - C code calling Classes C code changes, project for Jiviji - C code functions for SQLite database engine C code implementing - C code verification C code with get serial from raspberry - C console program. c Consultant Advice - C DLL converted to VB dotnet, a further small update from my last project C dll in delphi - C file programming C File Scrambler - C help C help with the test - C L good poster need C L poster needed - C L Posting - Phone provided!! C L Posting expert - C language and Java, building a 8 bit game for pebble C language and Linux - c language project c language project - C linked list assignment C linked lists - C MultiThreaded TCP Server Handler - Streaming C MultiThreaded TCP Server Handler - Streaming v2 - C or C++ with MPI C or fortran function to transform .csv file to sparse matrix - c plus plus game C plus plus implementation. - C Proggaming c proggraming - C program (cache.c) C program (GCC compiler) - c program algorithm fix - repost c program and microcontroler - C program for embedded system C Program for Engineering course - C program in linux c program in linux - ongoing work - C Program Project C program Project - C program that maintains information for an online bookstore c program that read perform MIPS opreation - C program with Compiler(repost) C program with pthreads concept - C programing C programing - C programm vor Xscale ARMLINUX C programm with execl, wait and sending messages between prcoesses - C Programmer - OBD2 Communication Protocol C Programmer / Audio engineer with experience in VOIP - C Programmer needed for simple encryption & decryption program -- 2 C programmer Needed; Easy money; easier job. - C programmers required C programmers required for CLI implementation - C Programming C Programming - C Programming C Programming - C programming C programming - C programming C programming - c programming c programming - C programming C programming - C programming ( hearts card game) C Programming ( linux) - C Programming - Create Your Own Function C programming - Cryptography - C programming - Repost - open to bidding C programming - Semaphores - C programming and java project C programming and java project - repost - C Programming assignment C Programming assignment - C programming basic quiz c programming basics - C programming exercice c programming exercise POINTERS - c programming game C Programming Game (Very Simple) - C Programming in Linux C Programming in Linux - C programming language read and write images C programming languages - C programming on Raspberry pi 2B for it to act as a master with multiple slaves working on Modbus RTU/TCP IP protocol C Programming over Visual Studio + C# - c programming project c programming project - c programming project 4 C Programming Project “Functions and cards” - C Programming Project7 C Programming Project8 - C Programming Simulation Program C Programming Socket Mobile IP Urgent - C Programming Task -- !@# C Programming Task Help - C programming using linux C Programming using MPICH - C programming | Networking C programming( Structs, Arrays of structs, Sorting with recursion, File input) - C Programming: linked list--insert, delete, search, display, sort, maintain file of Rolodex C Programming: Modify Apache module - C Project C Project - C Project for College HW, Not C++ c project for mst - C Project_ c projects - C script c script to communicate with modem - C sharp assignment! C sharp Assignments - C Sharp program add-ons C sharp program with UML - C shell modify command project 1 hour max! -- 2 C Shell Programming - C Socket/Network Programming C Sockets Backend - c tiny project c tiny project 2 - C V Writer - repost C V Writing - C# C# - C# course needs created
c# crossle game - C# WPF Task C# XNA Game help - C# (Mogre) 3D Driving game project C# (Mono for Android) Slot Machine Game with Cool Graphics - C# , Visual Studio 2005 Tutor by the hour C# , WCF OAuth2 Implementation - C# - calling on activeX controls C# - Cerco programmatori - C# - Hardware debugger (fix script I got) C# - Hardware debugger (getting registry value like ebx etc) - C# - Shopping Mall Automation Program & MSSQL - 03/12/2016 03:45 EST c# - showing a form from one project in another - C# -- Unit Testing, Performance Testing, Performance Monitoring C# -- using Oracle Database - C# .NET 3.5 / Silverlight - EXPERTS ONLY C# .NET 3.5 Class Library to Read MS Outlook 2007 - c# .Net copy mysql data to access DB , fix small bugs c# .net crystal report small change needed - c# .net dump AOL IM (AIM) window contents C# .net duplicate file manager - C# .NET Modification Req'd -- Delete Files C# .NET MSSQL DICOM webapp integr, well paid project - C# .Net SOAP Webservice to access accounting database form MSSQL C# .Net SOAP Webservice to access accounting database form MSSQL - C# .NET WebSocket (TCP) Server - Add Support for WSS. C# .net windows app using MS SQL and .net 2008 - C# / .Net / Java / J2EE Developers needed for MCLAREN CEBU OFFICE C# / .NET Developer Wanted - C# / HTML website build using templates c# / HTML5 web developer needed - repost - C# 2 WinApp Merge c# 2 windows applications - C# 2.0 Windows Form Help C# 2.0, ASP.NET, MS SQL Web based application - C# : Check if a domain user is a member of group direct or indirect (nested groups)(repost) (1724882) C# : Connect / disconnect to a network printer with option - C# Accounting Software Source Code C# Accounting Software Source Code - C# Algorithm: ListWeaver C# Algorithms - C# and C small GUI app(repost) c# and c++ - C# and JavaScript Programmer Needed To Build A Design Software C# and Managed DirectX - C# Android app : Deploy on Google Play store C# Animated Gif Resizer - C# App - 5th Step C# App - Firefox and WMP Activity - C# app to compare two excel files C# app to compare two excel files - C# application C# application - C# Application Developer needed C# Application Development Assistance Start Sunday - C# Application Real-Time Data c# application recompile - C# Application to read the memory of an other Application. C# application to traverse a folder structure and read file meta data. - C# ASCX to display Phone Numbers C# ASHX API in JSON - C# ASP.Net application that shows programming ability C# ASP.Net assistance - C# ASP.NET Motivated and Dedicated Website Developer Needed C# ASP.NET MVC - C# ASP.Net MVC Sql Server EF Guy c# MVC using Angular - C# ASP.NET Visual Studio 2010 Using Ajax/XML - BMaker C# ASP.NET Visual Studio 2010 Using Ajax/XML - Data Gen - C# assigment C# Assignment - C# assignment completion C# assignment completion- - C# Automation C# automation as discussed - C# Batch Email Sending application with Office 365 Forms Application C# Batch Email Sending application with Office 365 Forms Application -- 2 - C# Bot Development C# Bot Development(repost) - C# Camera capture (DEMO REQUIRED!) C# Camera capture (DEMO REQUIRED!) - C# Class Booking C# Class convert QRP (Quick Report) files to PDF or TIFF - C# class that creates an excel document from a dataset C# class that will retrieve IP geo info via web API - C# Class to resize images C# class to return all PayPal merchant transactions according to certain criteria - C# client web-services modules (Facebook, Picasa) c# cliente sip - c# code for GPS GT06 C# code for logging into and scraping data from a site. - c# code snippets C# code software - C# Code to plot Text Graph C# code to post blog entries to WordPress - c# coder needed ( help enhance our repeated content framework for Ibuyspy ) C# coder needed on an Ad-hoc basis for maintaining a windows desktop app - C# coding for trading strategy - repost C# Coding from C - c# command program to import excel - 3 C# CompactFramework 2.0 Small job - c# console app to consume weather api C# console app to convert restful web service JSON to CSV - C# consultancy c# consultant - C# create a customized membership C# create a customized membership with custom user fields - C# Custom Dynamic ComboBox Auto-Complete C# Custom Events - C# data minning utility C# data project (Private) - C# DateTime format question C# db query and email script - C# DESKTOP APP, 75% COMPLETED NEED SOME MODIFICATIONS c# desktop appication - C# Developer C# Developer - C# developer for long term project C# Developer ( zona Retiro) URGENTE!! - C# developer needed c# developer needed - C# Developer needed with good Datawarehouse concepts C# Developer needed with good knowledge of Datawarehousing - C# Developer with EDI and Healthcare Exp C# Developer with EDI and Healthcare Experience - C# developers needed for a website C# Developers Required - C# Development Software Engineer (6 Month Contract) C# Development under DELTIX (financial analysis platform) URGENT - c# dll for cad importer C# DLL for running a FTP server - C# Downloader C# Drag ''virtual'' files into Windows Explorer - C# Email Application C# Email Class with Inline Images - c# Excel C# Excel datascraper to integrate with exisiting design - C# Expert needed C# expert needed - C# Expert with Sharepoint Development Expertise needed urgently to resolve errors ASAP C# Expert with Test Automation with Coded UI, Skills Needed ASAP - C# FAQ system - redux C# fascinating user interfaces Design For c# Software - C# Find and Replace Method in Microsoft Word C# Fingerprint reading -- 2 - C# fixtures - Coding for Double Elimination brackets