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Create high Quality of Backlinks For my Site - Create high res vector files / redraw images as vecto Create high res vector logos from pngs (11 logos) - Create high-res image from drawing Create High-Res Logo from low-res - Create HL7 messaging module for Lab information system to communicate with other laboratory information systems CREATE HLS LINK FROM PROFILE - Create Home Page for a Wordpress website - repost Create home page for craft site - Create homepage for existing website Create homepage for online travel agency website - Create horse cartoons for website Create Horse Racing Market Movers Table Using 2 XML Feeds - Create HotorNot Meet Me Dating Section Create hotspot mikrotik with facebook and like autentication - Create HQ Application Logo Create HQ Custom ID Template - Create Html & CSS from PSD Create Html & CSS from PSD - 2 - Create HTML and CSS design from Photoshop Create HTML and CSS designs for a set of company newsletters - Create HTML code to allow users to calculate costs Create HTML Code to work with firefox browser - Create HTML email Create html email - Create HTML Email Signatures for Microsoft Outlook 2011 Create HTML email signatures for my business - Create HTML files (bootstrap compliance) for webpage Create HTML files based on mockups - Create HTML Form Create HTML form - Create HTML from JPG - 2 Create HTML from JPG - 3 - Create Html home page -- 2 Create HTML home page.. - Create HTML Newsletter from psd design Create HTML newsletter from PSD file (responsive) - Create HTML page from PSD create HTML page from PSD - Create HTML pages for existing website Create HTML pages from 4 text files - Create HTML Signature Create html signature for mail - Create html template Create html template + xml file for a minisite to read its content from the xml file - Create HTML Templates from psd files PRIVATE PROJECT Create HTML Templates in Python for multiple Kendo UI Graph Widgets - Create html Websites create HTML which plays 2 Youtube videos back to back - Create html/css homepage + gallery page from Photoshop files Create HTML/CSS Joomla 2.5 template from design - Create HTML/CSS/JQuery from Example Site create html/css/jquery website - Create HTML5 banners (with animation) from Flash examples Create html5 banners 20 formats - Create HTML5 page Create HTML5 page - Create HTML5/CSS3 hover effect on WP site Create HTML5/Flash ads - Create hybrid application Create Hybrid App - Create I-Phone Calendar Application Create I/O interface design and prototype, Preasure Sensor, SIM9000/9008 - create icon for iPhone app Create icon for iPhone application - Create icons background and other stuff for a website Create Icons for a Mobile App - create icons, title screens promotional graphics create icons, title screens, and promotional graphics - Create IG product images Create IGCSE math multiple choice tests - Create illustration of a concept Create illustration of a concept - ongoing work - Create Illustrations for our website - comics Create illustrations for Wall hook key holder - Create IM forwarding tool for Yahoo Instant Messaging Create IM Tips from Experts Ebook After Listening to Audios - Create image based Shopify product configuration Create image bullets in Wordpress CSS - Create image from Flash website Create image from flv - Create image of a bank Create image of bookmark - Create imagemagick script to run every 5 minutes Create ImageMagickObject OLE Control for VBscript (Create an ImageMagickObject COM+) - create images for 50 blogs in 5 formats Create images for 52 playing cards - Create Images for publishing an App in the Apple App Store Create Images for Rhinestone Apparel PhotoShop Graphics Editing - Create images w/ GD Create Images with multiple products - Create in app purchase function in an Android app Create in C/C++ client and server application for UNIX operating system using BSD sockets which will provide directory service (small LDAP) . - Create Indesign file for a book using scanned files Create Indesign file for a book using scanned files -- 2 - Create IndieGOgo crowd raising campaign Create individual channel images - Create infographic about online shopping Create Infographic about the Audience of 9 Fb Fanpages (combined) - create infographics for three different campaigns create infographics generator website - Create Inkscape SVG Graphic for Zazzle T-Shirt create inline attachment player for vbulletin 5 connect - Create Instagram accounts Create Instagram accounts - Create Instagram Targeted followers App Create Instagram Tool to Track Daily Followers - Create installation program for my program ( 2002) Create Installation Routine for PHP script - Create installment price option on virtuemart/joomla. Short deadline. need to start now Create installment price option on virtuemart/joomla. Short deadline. need to start now - Create Instrumental Music of a Song Create instrumental version of a simple song - Create interactive ad Create interactive animation for my site - create interactive form-editor for Wordpress plugin Create interactive functions to my website - Create interactive online form based on Google App Script - repost Create interactive online map - Create interactive website Create interactive/ dynamic sliders with transition/rollovers for Prestashop site - create interior symbols for a cad software -- 2 create interior symbols for a cad software -- 3 - Create Intranet Application Create intranet forms for data entry using METRONIC template - Create intro video - scrible animation create intro video 15 sec for instagram - Create Inventory Management System for Android Create Inventory management. -simple - create invoice via xml 2 Create Invoices - Create iOS / Android applications for a portal website Create iOS 8 application to track utility usage written in Swift - Create iOS app as disussed Create iOs app as per specification - Create IOS application Create iOS application - Create iOS Library [No Agencies] Create iOS Live Shoutcast / MP3 Radio App - Create IOS/Android App Using IONIC Framework Template Create IOS/Android Card Game App - Create iPAD version for existing app and add additional features Create iPad version of iPhone apo - Create IPHONE AND ANDROID APP Create iPhone and Android App based on existing Mobile website - Create Iphone app Create iPhone App - Create Iphone app for e-learning Create iPhone app for events (private for Jovan) - Create iPhone app tutorials
Create iphone app using snapchat api - create iphone demo Create iPhone e-commerce application - Create iphone taxi booking app Create iPhone UI design, buttons, and main menu screen (no coding, design only!)(repost) - Create iphone/ipad, android app with phonegap Create iPhone/iPad/iOS App GUI for Web Application - Create IT policy and Users on BESX (administrator work) Create IT Resume - Create JAR mobile application to run on Symbian Devices Create Jasper Report from XML - Create Java GUI ( can\'t get already wrote program working ) Create Java GUI from jpeg outline *repost* - Create java server application using java library jjmpeg Create Java Server Faces web page that allows users to sign and view a guestbook - Create JavaScript Checkout API interface for Ultracart Create javascript client - Create Javascript Game Scripts With Explanations - 17/09/2016 17:04 EDT create javascript html encapsulator with built-in border - Create Javascript Widget that Updates Create Javascript-based charts for existing site, C# - Create Job Sheet Application for iPhone that emails a PDF. Create job sheet using MS Access aswell as an invoicing system - Create Joomla 1.5 template from photoshop psd / pdf file Create Joomla 1.5 template from psd - Create Joomla ajax call create joomla article pages from design - Create Joomla dropdown menu for Joomla install Create joomla dropdown seblod dynamic menu - Create Joomla Module based on bookingcom request form Create Joomla module for admin - Create Joomla site Create joomla site - Create Joomla template Create Joomla template - Create Joomla Template From an Existing Website Create Joomla Template from attached HTML page - Create joomla theme create joomla virtuemart invoice with paylink - Create Joomla!3 template from PSD file Create Joomla-mall with built in view from Instagram MUST SEE PDF!! - Create jQuery Components for HTML5/CSS3 Liquid Web Page Create jquery drop down bar - Create JS/JQuery page (with some CSS/HTML integration) -- 2 Create jsFiddle prototype with working angular-xeditable and angular-datepicker combination - create keygen Create Keygen for a simple .exe program - Create Kids Show Pirate App for Mac Desktop Computer from Mobile App CREATE KIJIJI AUTO (ADS) POSTING TOOL/WIDGET/SOFTWARE - Create KPI Charts in Excel Create kufi arabic script design logo - Create Labels by sourcing information from database. Create labels for a salad sauces - Create Landing page Create Landing page - Create landing page - wordpress create landing page -- 2 - Create landing page for specific referrals create landing page for stock market template - Create Landing page with SEO untill website is complete Create Landing Page with shopping cart - Create Landing Pages Using Our template - easy work Create Landing Pages with ecommerce. - Create Laravel Script to Interact with an API create large banner 168" x 48" at 300dpi - create layered psd files from old jpg images Create layered PSD files x3 (Photoshop File) - create layouts based on svg to print books, brochures or greeting carts Create layouts for Filemaker Go in existing Filemaker database - Create Leads and Sell Publishing Services Create leads for my team by telemarketing. - Create Legal Contract for Art create legal contract template that i can use on to give to freelancer - Create levels for my game (iOS) Create Levels for Puzzle Game - create lighting bolt comming out of staff Create Lighting Layouts in AutoCAD and/or Revit - Create Line Drawings from Photos Create line drawings of children solving math - Create link that identifies users device and sends them to right place (for iPhone/Android) Create link to ADD to Cart Button and Hide Side Bar in Magento - Create Linkin building Create Linklist for a certain Niche - Create Linux Box to work as router with load balancing, QoS, DHCP, TFTP Create linux command line utility that allows to search and replace recursively - Create List of 1000 Businesses Without Websites Create List of 1000 Businesses Without Websites - Create List of Email Addresses Create List of Email Addresses - Create list of sites and research best places to collect data Create list of Spanish abbreviations - Create listings on my eBay store Create Listings on Overstock, eBay and Sears - Create live soccer script Create Live Sports Score Banner API on current website - Create Loan Website Create Lobby Front end Ui for browser based game - Create Lodge Building - for Max 9 ... No, V-Ray yet please create log and store data for web app - Create Login Area Create Login Area -- 2 - Create login with Linkedin Button for Wordpress site Create login with two-step verification - Create LOGO Create LOGO - Create Logo Create Logo - Create Logo Create Logo - Create logo Create logo - create logo create logo - create logo create logo - Create Logo & Business Card Layout create logo & psd for 1 page website - Create Logo / Seal / Banner / Badge Design CREATE LOGO / SOFTWARE SKIN / LOGON SCREEN / FLASH - Create logo and cleanup FrontPage website Create Logo and Color Scheme for Website - Create Logo and Matching Categories create logo and menu in flash - Create logo and theme for webshop Create Logo and Video - create logo based on example Create logo based on image - Create logo for a restaurant chain Create logo for a restaurant chain - repost - Create Logo for Coffee Shop Create Logo For Company - Create Logo For High School Band Create logo for hosting company - Create Logo for Naturopath Clinic, business card, Cover and base post for Facebook. Create logo for new BBQ shack - Create logo for our newly developed brand Create logo for our website - Create Logo for Software/Web Development Company Create Logo for Sound designer - Create logo for Website Create logo for website - Create logo from image file [repost] Create Logo from Image provided - Create logo in vectors based on PNG picture Create logo in vectors based on PNG picture - Urgent!!! - Create Logo to Build Corporate identity Create logo to import for business card and web site - Create Logo+Namecard & Stationery