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Create slider images and other images/icons for website - Create slideshow in ProShow Gold and export to mpeg create slideshow of 98 home page images - Create small affiliate website(repost) Create small affiliate website(repostt) - Create small c# or java tool reanding imei of Iphone via USB Create small chat system using jQuery - Create small graphic images of toys/food Create small house level from 3ds - Create small php script to get prices from a website Create small PHP script to stock control - Create small webapp for job / field force management (meteor preferred) Create small website - Create smart objects PSD Create smart phone layout (PSD only) for existing ecommerce site - Create SMS Bot Create SMS Competition App so reciepeint pays small rate for competition entry. - Create Snapchat Timer video Create Snapshot of webpage - Create Social Bookmarking site Account Create Social Button - Create social media branding for sports media channel Create Social Media BUSINESS (NOT PERSONAL) Accounts/Profiles for me - Create Social Media Post Ideas Create social media posts - create social network -- 2 Create Social Network Accounts - Create Social Networking website like FB Create Social Networking website like FB - Create soft keyboard for Android Create soft sale videos for websites - Create software and web database for LEAPband's smartwatch tracking program Create Software Application for LED Display Control System - Create software for posting ads Create software for raspberry-pi - Create software program that polls amazon web services periodically Create software requirement specification (SRS) document for a project - Create Software to get top 10-20 videos on YT using keyword Create Software to post multiple comments on Instagram - Create sofware for Web-data - Very urgent. Create soical media - Create solution in Magento to insert, upgrade, delete product in ecormerce site Create solution to change the base priority of processes with access denied - Create some 3D renders Create some 3d rotating icons for a game Unity - Create some backgoundimages create some backlinks for my websites - Create some cartoon characters for a book Create some catchy images - create some customer imaages Create some dashboard graphs in Power BI service - Create some feature for Ecommerce site Create some features for my symphony2 website - Create some Graphic Designs Create some graphics - Create some images Create some images - create some jingles Create some jingles with already made voice - Create some new JSP Pages and complete some modules in running software. Create some new page URL's and Upload some pages (already coded) to a server - Create some pics with a clear iphone 6 case and glass screen protector Create Some Picture - Create some responsive webpages using HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap 3 Create some responsive webpages using HTML, CSS, JS and Bootstrap 3 - Create some software create some software - Create some video graphics (indians only) Create Some Videos - create something new - logo Create something on unity based on a template we give you - Create sound effects for 66 animals Create sound effects for a video game. - Create Space Book Formatter Create Space Expert Needed - Create special report ebook from written content Create specialized PDF From Wordpress Classified Listing - WORDPRESS PROGRAMMING - Create Splash Pages in Ruby on Rails Create Splash Pages, HTML Emailers - create sports template - open to bidding Create sports website using Wordpress - Work for a 5-Star Freelancer! - Create spreadsheet from PDF create spreadsheet from PDF - Create Spreadsheets Create Spreadsheets for Brewery - Create SQL DB of a site script Create SQL DB of a site script - Create SQL upgrade scripts in Daffodil DB Create SQL Video Tutorials - Create SRT file, closed captions, for video. Create SRT files - Create Stamp from Image Create stamps for app - Create STATA syntax to output mean, CI min, CI max for data disaggregated by 3 districts and by sex (District A Create State by State Map Gallery - Create static route on sonicwall Create static screens with Sencha touch 2.3 - Create stencil designs and assembly video create stencils from images - Create STM32F code project specification. - open to bidding - repost Create stock & sales management system in core php - create store procedure1 Create store procedures and webservices - create streaming encoder to program made in c # Create Streaming Flash Videos on Amazon S3 - Create stunning Magento template for Flower Subscription Website Create stunning powerpoint with illustrations as needed - Create sub pages for Jeevee using Java Server Pages Create sub site for current one - Create Subdomain when a user registers - PHP Create Subdomain when a user registers - PHP - Create SUBTITLE/TIME CODE/SRT of a 4 minute english video. create Subtitles (SRTfiles) from word doc - Create Super Hero Banner Create super modern index page + 10 static pages for our current web site - Create Survey App. Create Survey Boundaries on Google Map using Land Survey Data - Create svg logo from design Create SVG logo from existing jpg - create Symbian class for hybrid pdf files Create Symbolic Links for 8 Web Sites - php/MySQL - create t-shirts of a vintage nature (complex) 5 t-shirts Create T-SQL Database schema for ten+ tables as a Visual Studio project froma specification - create table for report Create table for WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping - Create Tableau Public Dashboard Create Tableless 3 Column List of Categories in Wordpress (CSS & XHTML) - Create tabs for 2 booking engines in a webpage Create Tabs for Content in Wordpress Site - create tarpaulin layout Create Task 16a - Create TCPDF invoice template Create tea brand for mass market - Create Telegram App Automation Robot Create Telegram Bot - Create Template Design! Create template designs for Email blasts - Create Template for joomla and modify existing logo for page head. Create template for Joomla Mobile - Create template from existing WebSite Create Template from Magento to CubeCart Version 4.4.5 - Create template Wordpress Create Template, mail merge data and email out - Create Ten (10) MSFN.ORG Forum Accounts with Unique IPs and Backing Emails Create Ten 125 to 150 word ''mini - articles / email follow ups'' - Long term work - Create test harness for my already built program. Test all cases. Create test orders on website - Create TEV Report, Mechanical Engineer Required - 05/05/2017 09:24 EDT
Create Text (3 words) in 3D - Create text transcript of 6 hours talking Create text version of image 2 & half pages - Create THAI databases – only THAI speaking freelancer !!! Create Thai Language Lessons - Large project. Native Thai Speakers - Create the backend to control app Create the backend to control app - Create the Content for GetRightToGo - repost Create the content of our new web page !!! - Create the Front end web site for my Start-up Create the Front-End of a Videogame Store - Create the layout for Magento Product Page Create the layout for the site - create the newsletter template inside MailChimp Create the next design for Infographic for 1 year - create the same site as.. Create the same web site like this one ( but in Arabic Language. - Create the success formula for 1 minute video documentaries Create the success formula for 1 minute video documentaries -- 2 - Create the Website create the website like - Create theme for Opencart from PSD Create theme for opencart(update with images) - Create then populate a word template Create Thermal effect on high resolution image - Create this image for me Create THIS JavaScript effect... - Create three (3) mock-up websites for online tutoring training. Create three (3) xml, html templates for use in MyDesktop software - 1x email newsletter, 2x PDF generator documents - Create three lookup feilds in filemaker pro Create three lyrics and songs of 3 min - CREATE THUMBNAIL Create thumbnail and preview snapshot from a site - Create thumbnails of website create thumbnails/featured image for posts wordpress - Create Timed Pop Up Window Create Timed Quiz using jQuery - Create Title Logo Animation Create Title Transition in After Effects - Create tool for converting bearings/coordinates to boundary on a map Create Tool For Upload Data From Excel Sheet To Blogger - Create tools to work with extractXML standard(repost) Create Tooltips - Create total of 3 renderings. Exterior of building, and two from same room. (inside looking out on terrace, and from terrace looking inside to living) Create total of 3 renderings. Exterior of building, and two from same room. (inside looking out on terrace, and from terrace looking inside to living) -- 2 - Create Traffic (Start and End Date) - open to bidding Create traffic and optimize sales in onlinestore - Create training manual and training program for office create training material - Create transcript of 10 minute video thai->english create transcript of a video - Create transparent Glass Shatter effect of photo in Adobe After Effects Create transparent high quality vector image from attached graphic - Create Treasure hunt map Create tree data structures with breadth first search and depth first search algorithms - Create true type font from hand alphabet Create TrueType / Open Type Font With Font Creator - Create Tutorial Graphic Videos Create Tutorial how to set SMTP + DNS + DKIM SPFI and all on CentOS 6.6 - Create tweetboard for twitterclone script Create Decking Automator - Create Twitter Background Create Twitter background - Create Twitter Web App that unretweets all tweets Create Twitter, Facebook and Youtube BOTs - Create two AdWords Campaign on one account Create two animated characters - Create two card templates Create two cardboard print ready pictures - Create two EJS template (pages) for a nodeJS application Create Two Email Templates - Create two google developer accounts - repost 2 create two graphic design for car door magnets - Create two Leader-boards Create two Leader-boards - ongoing work - Create two new web pages Create two new wordpress sites to replace current site - Create two PHP forms based on my simple design. create two php pages - Create two short animations using powerpoint. (40-60 seconds each) Create two short biography CV's (700-930 words each) - Create two simple Wordpress plugins Create two single page websites - Create Two Vectors of Me Create two version of interactive multimedia - Create two websites for residential housing projects Create two websites! - Create typography only for New freelancers Create Typography Sales Video For Me - Create UI for a web application Create UI for an android App - Create Ultimento Home page and tabs Create ultra-fast image viewer in PHP - Create Unicode/Truetype Superscript Fonts in Serif and Sans Serif Create Unicode/Truetype Superscript Italic Bold Fonts in Serif and Sans Serif - Create Unique Iphone (Handheld device) Application Create unique keyword rich content for duplicate-content product pages - Create unique variants of existing CSS template -- 2 Create unique variants of existing CSS template 3 - create unity game Create Unity Google Maps (Street View) viewer for VR - Create up to 70 vector marine icons Create updatable database from website - Create UPS label using UPS API in Coldfusion / XML. Create UPS RATE/ZONE TABLE - Create us a unique Logo Create us an instant messenger - get a badge on our website - Create user account to complete purchase Create User Accounts - Create user help manual of desktop application in spanish Create User Interactive Pivot Table in Html from database or csv - Create User Profile and Form / bound to Oauth ID Create User Profile In Business Catalyst - Create userform in excel sheet Create UserForm in Excel Worksheet for Invoice Template - create ustream application for my website asap Create utility for converting flash image .bins into other formats using algorithms and possibly encryption. - Create Validate.Trade microsite Create validated contact from for website - Create various Magento extensions on an on-going ad-hoc basis Create Various PDF Forms - Create VB.NET code to manage PowerPoint files Create VB.NET code to manage PowerPoint files - Create VBA Macro to output PDF automatically Create VBA Macros for Horse racing Database - Create Vector Create Vector (.eps) file from .jpg image - Create vector file Create vector file - Create vector files of 4 x floor plans Create Vector files of these 3 images - Create vector graphic (.ai or .eps) Create Vector graphic for t-shirt - 27/04/2017 12:14 EDT - Create Vector Image Create Vector Image - Create Vector Image Same as I provided you .. !! for Shaz123 Create vector image(s) - Create vector logo file identical to low-res logo image Create Vector Logo from Bitmap Logo - Create Vector Poster (Cardboard Recycling ) Create Vector PSD from jpg - Create Vectors From Existing Chinese Symbols and Create Fantasy Animal Create vectors from images of airplanes - Create version 2 of an existing app Create version 2.0 - Create Very Similar App 2 Instagram Create Very Similar App To Instagram - create very simple android app - Repost