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Change email - Change essay into MLA Format Change estore to accept Payment Sense payments - Change existing CSV module change existing design of a wordpress website - Change existing prestashop theme OR create prestashop theme, Czech & English version Change existing project (PBN0004) - Change existing website Change existing website - Change extention joomla api and android form source Change eye color in pictures - Change facebook page name Change facebook page name - Change featured image size on website so it's not cut off anymore Change features and HTML/CSS of Website. Fix and Add Functions. Clean Code. Media site in php framework - Change Field Design change field for booking website - change file permission to 777 (c# 2010) - repost Change File Sharing and Internet Connection Sharing Options - change flash a little bit - flash programming Change flash actionscript - call function - Change Flash menu to HTML Change Flash MP3 player to also play WAV files - Change flyer from Libreoffice to PDF with transparency and 600dpi Change Flyer sizes - change font from preeti to mangal (hindi) change font from preeti to mangal (hindi) - Change Font Properties Change font size and color on 2 websites - Change Fonts and Text on Header and Ebook Change fonts in a sidebar menu - Change for an existing project Change for dating site - Change Format of a InDesign Brochure Template from A4 to A5 Change format of a theatre script - Change from a Joomla theme to a RESPONSIVE Joomla theme Change from a non-responsive Drupal 7 theme to a responsive Drupal theme - CHANGE FRONT PAGE LAYOUT ON MY WEBSITE Change Front page of a probid template script - Change functionality of Withdraw process in Dokan Theme Wordpress Change functionality of Wordpress Plugin - change Google API Change Google api URL to local url - Change Graphic Header Change Graphic Image - Change gravity forms so it will add a service charge to each form total change grid for magento store - Change head on a body - photoshop -- 3 change head on photo - Change Header Image Change header image with logo - Change Header, Footer and Sides of Website Page Change header, navigation and footer on ONE page template - Change homepage (index) Change homepage according to pdf - Change hosting provider to home server, configuring server and designing a simple WordPress template. Change Hosting To New Hosting - Change HTML design into PHP for Wordpress Theme change html email content - change html website to php or something ellse change html website to php or something else - Change icon of an EXE file change icon of printer in windows OS - change image and phone number on website Change image and repackege existing Android App and publish to store - Change image Hover animation in WP Theme change image in a link on my website - Change Image Size Coding On Categories Pages Change image size in a wordpress header - Change image when product added to cart Change image with closed eyes - Change images for us Change images from jpeg to png - change images video in magento homepage Change IMEI number on GSM Device - Change in crossover function for SCX Change in CSS and Member panel (with admin) - Change in Magento Webshop the place of delivery time change in magento2 web store - Change in Search function of Joomla Component Change in search parameters on website and adding media locator link to web site. - Change indesign brochure from A4 to A5 Change index homepage - Change Internet Users' Start Page CHANGE INTERSTITIAL ADMOB ANDROID STUDIO - Change IP host server Plesk VPS Change IP of printer on printserver script / HTML GUI - Change javascript code Change javascript code - Change Joomla JA Travel colour Change Joomla Logo - Change Jpeg files to Word file Change JPEG on building. - Change Landing Page Design Change Landing Page Design - Change layout change layout & add payment to website - Change layout magento store Change Layout of .NET Application - change layout of testimonial section and menu dropbox css Change layout of textbook - change layout wordpress Change layout, fix and add features to an existing php script - Change Link Colors ! Change link hover color on wordpress site - Change links of compiled executable - repost Change links on flash header - Change location of Ubercart downloads file Change location of upload from DropBox - Change logo Change logo - Change Logo and Recompile Application (Windows / Mac) Change Logo and Recompile Application Windows / Mac - change logo colour to various colors inc white black and red change logo colours - change logo in email transactional (now logo appears magento) Change logo in JOOMLA asap. - change logo style Change Logo Tagline to Holdings - Change logo, color and langage of my website - open to bidding Change Logo, Color Theme,Font and invoice of prestashop website - Change look and feel for wordpress event listing page Change Look and Feel of a form - Change looks of WP page and navigation bar. Change looks of WP page and navigation bar. -- 2 - Change Magento Navigation Menu CSS Change magento Online shop product image size, small banner background color - Change Magento website background and font color Change magento website domain - change management change management - Change Management Paper Change Management Policy/Procedure Document - Change Members area from only photos to Profiles & Photos change members homepage - change menu links and header of my v bulliten forums same as my whole site Change menu location and css - change mesh head to nurb head Change Messages from 2 sites - Change module position in a template Change module Wordpress Gallery Masonry - Change MSN Today URL Change MT4 template from chart using MT4GUI button - Change my app design to fit Honeycomb Change my app game into 64-bit support. - change my design from PS to AI.
change my domain - Change my FB Page name (With 7000+ likes) Change my flash existing website into simple HTML / PHP EASY JOB i need it finished in1 hour - Change my https settings Change my image to nighttime and ad light on a lantern - change my logo and details for my social media sites change my logo color to rainbow - Change my payment method on my website Change my payments from one-time to recurring payments - change my search bar design / move my script into a new template, just 2 pages to edit change my search bar style - Change my SQL Server 2012 IIS instance \"Default Website\" to run on port 443 - repost CHANGE MY STICKER DESIGN FOR CUSTOMERS - change my website Change my website address and help me with my joomla website (cms capabilities?) - Change my website sub domain to the correct domain name change my website template - CHANGE MY WORDPRESS SITE COPY IT ADD MEDIA CHANGE TO code Change my wordpress site from 3.9 back to 3.8.3 - change mysql db connection to ms access from php Change MySQL Password - Change Name Of Self Install Program Change name on 37 images - Change Navigation Links Design on my Website. Change Navigation Menu of a template (to SmartMenu) - change nodejs site into core php change nonrecurring to recurring payment on website - Change of address in MP4 file Change of Address project - Change of exisiting Wordpress Template Change of existing Adobe Effects CS4 Animation - Change of menus and HTML code Change of MingW based project to VC++ - Change of the portfolio template page with Avada theme (Wordpress web) change of theme - change on jhost Change on Joomla - Change one line of the FAQS section of the website (5 minutes) Change one MFC form into a new VC++ form layout - Change online shopping on my website Change online shopping on my website(repost)(repost) - Change option fields on product page Change or build an wordpress plugin - Change Order Template - Create Excel Workbook Summarizing Data from Other Excel Workbooks Change Order to Previous Project - Change our existing flash site to a HTML site Change our existing page on wordpress (DIVI theme) - Change our websites lay out Change our wocommerce subscriptions plugin - Change package name and rebuild apk Change package name for android app - change page title to item:slug Change page titles - Change password in config file of website and integrate a new style sheet Change password in config file of website and integrate a new style sheet - ongoing work - Change Payment Integration Currency Change payment links and few text corrections on pages - Change Paypal Standard language page on Open Cart website Change PCB Design - Change PDF to exactly the same format in word - Repost Change pdf to excel - Change permissions server Change Perpective on Photoshop file - Change Phone Numbers On and Across Website and Blog Change phone numbers on OpenCart website - Change Photos Background Color Change Photos Background Color - change PHP coding Change php configurator to - Change php script to be compatible with php 5.3 (runs on 5.2) Change php script to be compatible with php 5.3 (runs on 5.2) - Change PHP/HTML5/Javascript project direction/alignment start from right to left. Change PHP/jquery script - Change picture on a html template Change Picture on Wordpress Blog - Change plugin from WP site change plugin layout-wordpress - Change Post Card to Banner Change post cards words - Change Price list of of Services - Wordpress Change Price list of of Services - Wordpress - change private message function on website Change Procedural PHP code to Object Oriented. - change product page on website Change product page to display correctly on Mobile phone. Shopify store. - change psd files flyers Change PSD files to HTML - Change Rackspace FTP & DB Settings + Install SSL change radio button <> change amount - Change referrer Change referrer but keep original user ip (from pop under) - Change Request Form Change request from GET to POST from client to server ~ script written in Codeigniter. - Change Restaurant Ordering Menu creation website. Change Results layout & add some extra features - Change scale of indesign model Change Scanned Documents into Word or Excel documents. - Change script to client side extraction change script to give only two decimal places, append file name - Change Search Results to Search Engine Friendly Change search script - Change settings of javascript accordion change setup.rul to run in win10. - Change Shopping Cart Templates(repost)(repost) change shopping cart to amazon webstore shopping cart - Change single page background colour Change single product page (Wordpress/Woocommerce) - Change site from SquareSpace to Wordpress Change site from tables to CSS and clean up code - Change site-layout of an already completed CSGO gambling website. Change sitemap from HTML to Sitemap Protocol 0.9 for google submission and recitfy any sitemap tags - Change Size of Widgets on Wordpress Site Change size of Windows Taskbar - Change Slider menu of an IOS app Change slider of a drupal website - change small website from Front Page to Dreamweaver and some basic SEO done to site(repost) Change Smarty / Bootstrap template (copying layout from other website) - Change some background Change some BigCommerce templates - Change some CSS and HTML in boostrap-responsive html pages change some css and make my wordpress site faster - Change some features and outputs on Change some features in a template video file - change some issues in my online store Change some items in AI file, finalise for print. Edit Front and Rear Cover. - Change some php and mysql code Change some PHP code in Hikashop - Change some sutff on this this templatmatic page -- 2 Change some sutff on this this templatmatic theme - Change some values in some drop down boxes Change some views files - Change sort option Change Sort Order of Content Types In Drupal - change starz website change state category to city category - Change Stripe change stripe addon to inline frame - Change Style VirtueMart Site Change style/design/layout of existing web form - change t-shirt colour Change t-shirt designs and create new designs - change Template , image creation Change Template / new menu and splice - Change template look, change functions, Change template module positions and style - Change template so I can work with it in Front Page(repost)