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convert .xps file in template of word Convert .yaqut format to epub Convert .yaqut format to epub Convert / add responsive page to my site Convert / Copy EPS layers into new PSD file Convert / Copy PHP, Html Website 25 Pages to Wordpress with formatting Convert / Create Directory Site in (vb language) Convert / Create Indicators for Amibroker Convert / Create Wordpress Template Convert / Enter PDF into Excel Convert / exchange a Template to an existing Website (WooCommerce Store) Convert / export 3DMAX file (2012 version) into both STEP and IGES format Convert / extract old .EXE screensaver installer to work on Mac. Convert / Integrate a php Store to Virtuemant or Oscommerce Convert / Integrate an online Store to Joomla / Virtuemart Convert / Migrate html site to Joomla 3.0 Convert / Migrate Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 Convert / Migrate Joomla website 1.5.9 to 2.5
Convert / Multithread an existing php scraper script Convert / Optimize a PHP code loop to update a database, in Python or similar console language Convert / Rebuild an old website to make it mobile and seo friendly. Convert / Redesign a document Convert / Redraw into Vector image Convert / Redraw into Vector image(repost) Convert / Replace IFRAMEs pages with AJAX CONVERT / REWRITE SMALL PUZZLE GAME FROM POCKETPC TO ANDROID/APPLE Convert / Transfer Corel 12 file to Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign Convert / transfer Sketchup / AutoCAD file to Hundegger BVN format Convert /program 100 page PDF to FILLABLE PDF Convert 02 pages into responsive - magento website tool Convert 1 ASPX Page (Proof-of-Concept) to Silverlight (IAR)(LABOR-2) Convert 1 (one) page PSD to HTML, simple Convert 1 A4 PageFrom Chinese to English convert 1 ASP Form page to html with captcha Convert 1 ASPX Page to Silverlight (IAR)(LABOR)