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correct a few layouts Correct a few Minor Errors on Existing Website Correct a few PHP errors on 2 websites Correct a few python codes Correct a filter in a search engine Prestashop Correct a Flyer / Pricelist !!! RUSH JOB Correct a Forex EA Correct a form on wordpress or if necessary add a new form & remove the one that doesn't work Correct a formatting issue with a WP install Correct a frecnh text Correct a Front Page Error (Small Job) Correct a Hotel website Correct a HTML / CSS code to suit Mailchimp format Correct a HTML Code for Zendesk Support Center Correct a html page with jquery/javascript Correct a Javascript Calculator Correct a Javascript Conflict that's causing Revolution Slider not to work Correct a javascript error in custom website admin panal
Correct a Joomla Template to make it look better on Mobiles - Already Responsive Correct a landing page - project for hjabeen972 Correct a landing page and add captcha to contact form Correct a letter Correct a Lisp Algoritm Correct a list of 2,700 positive words in excel Correct a LOGO Correct a love letter. Correct a Magento issue that another Freelancer created Correct a mapping project that works on iPads, but not iPhones Correct a menu in cs-cart Correct a menu on a wordpress Theme Mundus fro Theme Forest Correct a miniature PCB layout of 16X16 mm Correct A Minor Error In A Website Correct a minor issue in already live App Correct a misspelling on a business card design Correct a mobile site-the website works fine, the mobile site does not.