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Create & Design Advertisement create & design blog and news website (feeds advertising etc Create & Design Flash Player with drag & drop feature Create & design similar Website create & design Wordpress website Create & Draw Baby Cartoon create & edit a website Create & Enhance my company's online image/presence Create & Execute A Super Simple HTML template in Zendesk Create & Implement design for twitter clone script create & integrate 5 forms using formstack create & integrate 5 forms using formstack software Create & Integrate Custom Interface Panel Create & Intregrate payment module Magento / Create & manage 2D mobile phone scanner tag in presentation Create & manage a database on LAMP Create & manage a database Create & Manage Email Campaign for a direct mail company
Create & Manage PPC Campaign Create & Manage PPC Campaign for us Create & modify DotNetNuke and Module Skin Create & name 700 folders, modify 700 files Create & optimize DVD file from video files Create & Rebuild Database Daily Create & revise letterhead Create & Submit FreeWare - Long Term Create & Submit FreeWare - Long Term(repost) Create & Submit Site Map Create & Upload 1 Video Per Day to YouTube for 30 Days Create & Upload Drupal / CivicSpace CMS Create & Write Wikipedia Page Create & Combine 2 MP3/FLV Files Into One File Create &Manage a PPC Campaign - Adword Accounts Need Old Create "14 Day Free Trial" from Game File Create "a flash" Shopping Website