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Create .net program create .net project + mysql in one instalation file Create .NET Questions Create .net user control dll component for delphi application Create .net user control dll component for delphi application(repost) Create .NET VB Script that instantly adds 10.000 ips to an IPSec filterlist in Windows 7 Create .NET version of OpenSocial Create .NET web service on Azure to receive data, parse, and insert data into SQL Server Create .NET WPF application for viewing SQL Server query execution plans using an existing component Create .net wrapper for mp3 encoder Create .Net/C# winform application to display Google account calendar Create .obj file from images Create .obj file from images - open to bidding Create .obj, .mtl, .e3d, .png files from CAD 3D model (Enrich CAD 3D model for rendering) create .onion shop Create .pdf catalog of career colleges (content provided) Create .pdf for Invoices Create .php email script
Create .png files Create .png files in various colors Create .PNG graphics Create .png Logo Create .psd & .pnd images create .skin files for webpart zone, webpart, calendar Create .srt file for a telugu video Create .srt files in Japanese for 4 minutes of video Create .SRT Subtitles for 2 small videos in 6 provided translation Create .STL and .OBJ files from 2-D drawing Create .stl file from 2D drawing Create .stl files from corporate logo images Create .SVG from .PNG Create .VBS to read an XML file and write data to SQL Server table Create .VCE Exam Simulator Create .VCE Exam Simulator in C# Create .VCE Exam Simulator in C#