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Develop Ebay Application using api to upload items through tags - Develop eCommerce site in joomla Develop ecommerce site in OPENCART - Develop Educational Website Using Joomla Develop Effects from Various Particles Engines and Physics Engine on My Website - Develop Email List for dance business Develop Email List for my business - Develop Embedded Mobile Linux Develop Embedded simple embedded browser for multiple platforms, mainly C++ - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop enrolment system Develop enterprise applications using Java source development stacks across multiple business areas - Develop ETL and T-SQL for SQL BI project Develop Event Tracking Website - repost - Develop exe that can post to FB when clicked Develop exisiting java search software to make use of proxy servers - Develop existing website develop existing website - Develop exstensions for Shimmie Software develop extension - Develop facebook app Develop Facebook App - Develop Facebook football game (APP) Develop Facebook football game (APPLICATION) - Develop fashion blog develop FastPDFKIT static library with some customisations - Develop FFT and STFT on stm32f429zi discovery board Develop FFT in embedded system - Develop Firebase chat for iOS chat with desktop message viewer Develop Firefox addon with custom GUI - Develop Fixed Assets Module in Delphi DEVELOP FLAME KINETIC OR LASER BASED: OR ALL 3: 4FT FOCUSED ENERGY BEAM.... - Develop Flash games Develop flash games for children - Develop font tester module for Drupal 7 Develop Food Ordering System - develop forms for car sales website. Search and find. parsing etc.. Develop forms for php based web app - Develop from anywhere you want! Develop from end to end an Android & IOS Application - Develop Frontend for a software -- 2 Develop Frontend for Innovative Analytics Platform - Develop Function/Process/Workflow to Get the Email Address from a Social Network Profile (Just for Advanced Skills) develop functional java calendar - Develop Game For Android Develop Game for Apple Watch - Develop games for Pre-School Kids Develop games for Pre-School Kids on Touch Screen - Develop Google API Based Website Develop google app engine app, G vision, PHP python octave - Develop graphic logo for dating website Develop Graphical Interface - Develop Hazardous Substance segregation poster Develop HD quality 3D cartoon animation for a theme song - one min (1:10) long - Develop high quality as3 audio stretch Develop High Quality Game Apps W/ In App Purchases - Develop Hotel Reservation App Develop hotels,airtickets booking system into my wordpress site - Develop HTML from mockup Develop HTML from Photoshop - Develop HTML5 slot machine game Develop HTML5 Template template - Develop Icons for App Develop idea acquisition strategy - develop in java -- 2 Develop In Ninja Trader - Develop Installer for Smarty PHP based fully functional and working project Develop installers for Ubuntu platforms - develop intergration for my booking system called need curl/php experenice Develop interim timesheet solution - Develop Ionic app screens & integrate with REST APIs Develop IONIC Application - Develop IOS 8 Develop iOS 8 Notification Center Today view widget. - Develop iOS and Android health app (must use Titanium SDK ONLY) develop ios and android mobile app - Develop IOS app for me - open to bidding Develop iOS App for Photobook Creation - develop iOS application with C# and .NET background server Develop IOS apps - Develop ios Virtual Stock Market and Forex App Develop IOS, Android & HTML5 Music/Dating app - Develop iPhone Application Develop iPhone & Android 'Live Chat' app. - Develop iPhone and Android Apps Develop Iphone and Android apps for DJs - Develop iPhone app Develop iPhone app - Develop iPhone App to display dance formations Develop iPhone app using API - Develop iPhone Application for Develop iPhone application for Complex Task Management - Develop iPhone multiplayer 2D game develop iphone ringer app - Develop iPython code, outputs, and conclusions for election data Develop iPython SciPy, Scikit, Matplotlib code to analyze forum postings and interpret results - Develop Java classes for each of the following objects Develop Java client for .Net web service - Develop Javassist for Android Develop jBPM 6.2/6.3 REST API for JavaScript Client - Develop Joomla component for tracking containers on website Develop Joomla Component to Integrate with Teamwork PM's API - Develop JS Tax Calculator Develop JScripty on Google App Engine with Python - Develop laravel 5.1 simple data grid Develop LARAVEL FRAMEWORK-powered website - Develop lightweight css framework Develop Lightweight Jquery Contact Form - develop local agent database Develop Local Database for an iOS App (iPhone and iPad) - Develop Logo and Name for our Company- Product UAV Develop Logo and Visual Identity for Online Store - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 14208 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 2 - Develop Mac Application Develop Mac Application - mini enterprise solution that incorporates acoustic fingerprinting - Develop Magento extension to integrate with Virtual POS Develop Magento extension to integrate with Virtual-POS - Develop Magneto Extension (Using Existing API) Develop magneto mobile application - Develop Marketing Powerpoint Slides Develop marketing strategy and branding position - Develop Matrimony Site - open to bidding develop matrimony site. - Develop me Chess and Checkers multiplayer (1803762) Develop media device that can connect to tv to stream live video - Develop messenger cum sms services Develop Messenger service Skype - Develop Mine Tracka app Develop mini ground vehicle with compact chassis - Develop mobile App Develop mobile app - Develop Mobile App for iOS and Android Develop mobile app for iOS and android - develop mobile app using ionic develop mobile app using ionic -- 2 - Develop mobile application - Database knowledge required Develop Mobile Application and Accompanying Website - Develop mobile comunication with database (Unity3D) Develop mobile food ordering APP - develop mobile social website develop mobile template for website powered by SmartJobBoard - Develop Module for Checking/Validating Registration Keys Develop Module for Customizing Products - Prestashop - develop MongoDB Index process, simple php web query interface - open to bidding Develop Monitoring and Evaluation Manual - Develop MS Access software Develop MS Excel application to automatically gather stock and option prices from yahoo and google finance - develop multiplayer card game website using django, python, PyGame.
develop multiplayer card game website using django, python, PyGame. - open to bidding - Develop My Application with Sencha Ext JS & Sencha Touch develop my arcad WordPress theme - Develop my domains to help me earn $30-$40 DAILY develop my excel model with VBA - develop my private MMORPG server. - open to bidding Develop my PSD -> Wordpress - Develop my Website Develop my website - Develop my whole website Develop my Word press Websites - Develop native iOS Business Application Develop Native Iphone, iPad App - Develop New Consumer Electronic Device develop new content for portal - Develop new functionalities for one our games in Windows Phone Develop new functions to prestashop. - Develop new modules in R for the Statistic Analysis Software as a Service Develop New Music app - Develop new theme for auction site Develop new Theme for wordpress - Develop new website look and feel Develop new website skin - Develop Nice WordPress Template From Designs (re-post 2) Develop Nice WordPress Template From Designs (re-post) - Develop of a web based management system for an insurance agency Develop of an android app - Develop on-going server-side project using Laravel. Develop one Android APP! - Develop one page responsive wordpress website Develop One Page Signup/Holding Page (PSD design provided) - Develop online assessment Develop Online Backup Software - Develop online game in HTML5 (or Flash) Develop online game using HTML/CSS/javascript - Develop Online Selling Website Module Develop Online Service that Disguises Sites as Word Document - Develop Online/Mobile Database function + Label Printing Software Develop only the portfolio for the company - Develop Opennebula Sunstone extension for custom VM scheduling Develop OpenOffice Calc Code - Develop Oracle Apex Application Develop oracle database application for Mall management - DEVELOP OUR COMPANY'S MOBILE APP FOR IOS AND ANDROID Develop our CRM re-sellers network in Australia - Develop our VTIGER CRM Develop our web site - Develop page/db caching of the existing web site. Develop pages for Newson Consulting website. - Develop payment gateway software with all required approvals and certifications Develop Payment gateway..!! - develop pdf and video application Develop pdf button and function within a component joomla - Develop Phase of construction project Develop phone application - Develop photoshop like software using open source software Develop Photoshop Plugin - Develop PHP Framework for Existing Online Music Learning Site develop php function for daily bonus in Codeigniter MVC - Develop PHP Wrapper for Amazon SES Develop Php-based Image-Gallery software - Develop Platform web - repost Develop Platform Web III - develop plugin or extension for sketch up or alternative 3D software Develop plugin to upload, data map, import, and export orders via CSV to/from WooCommerce - Develop POS and Purchases/Inventory Modules DEVELOP POS APP FOR HANDHELD TERMINAL AND ANDROID PLATFORM - Develop Premium link generator and Torrent leecher website with registration and payment facility. Develop Premium link generator and Torrent leecher website with registration and payment facility. - Develop Price File Manipulator Application Develop Price Page Plugin for Wordpress - Develop Professional Image and Competence to Achieve Personal Career Goals Develop professional LinkedIn profile - Develop program to identify strongest correlation between historic stock prices Develop program to manage gueslists on Palm Treo - develop proxy server on phone ? Develop PSD into Wordpress Theme - Develop python plugin -- 2 Develop Python program to (1) integrate previous python modules and (2) create algorithm to value oil & gas assets under various financial theories. - Develop Question/Answer website Develop questionair - Develop rapidleech download plugins rl23_v43_SVN430 Develop Rate My Tattoo app for Android - Develop Recipe Discovery iPhone App Develop recipes for cookies and cakes with long shelves for manufacturing purpose. - DEVELOP REPORT - open to bidding Develop Report for Oracle/Micros Opera PMS (Hospitality) - Develop responsive applications and interface in HTML Develop responsive blog site - Develop REST API Integration between SharePoint and external system Develop REST API Integration between SharePoint and external system - develop risk management software Develop robust iPhone application - Develop running news feeder - repost Develop running news feeder - repost 2 - Develop Sample projec multi userst software to run in multi touch machin Develop sample windows software - Develop SCORM Engine Develop Scraper for Website - Develop script for voice over -- 2 Develop script for website - develop search option on home page Develop search+autosuggest trough APIs and DB, cache/store data and design database - Develop SEO stategy - for new Web Site Platform Develop SEO strategies - Develop several OpenSIS parts Develop several OpenSIS parts - repost - Develop Shopify Develop Shopify - open to bidding - Develop similar site like Develop similar site like - Develop simple android interface Develop simple AngularJs, MVC search customer - Develop simple E-Signature application using Rightsignature API Develop simple econometric model of GDP using R - Develop simple iPhone app demo for me Develop simple iPhone app demo for me 2 - Develop simple Mobile Apps (iOS, Windows, Android & BB) for a News Paper Develop simple MS Access database - Develop Simple Prototype - Hybrid App Ionic Develop Simple Prototype - Hybrid App Ionic - open to bidding - Develop simple web app, web store functionality Develop simple webpage app - develop single page for wordpress site Develop single page responsive HTML based user Interface for iPad camera feed like application. - Develop site like linkedin but modified with added features Develop site like linkedin but modified with added features - Develop small android application. Develop small app in 2.0 - develop small website DEVELOP SMALL WEBSITE - Develop SMTP/POP/IMAP proxy with custom authentication Develop Snapchat Friend Adding Software - Develop social network / collaboration platform (The Netherlands) Develop Social Network App for iPhone - Develop Software Develop Software - Develop Software - Partly Developed Already Develop Software - repost - Develop Software for Gas Stations Develop software for generate numbers - Develop Software in C# & Webservices / APIs and provide consulting Develop software in Java - Develop software to be multi users to run in /multi touch/ multi mouses Develop software to be used in radiation oncology treatment planing - Develop Software-2 Develop Software/ Desarrollar Software - Develop some content for Website related to science