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Develop an app for Iphone, Android, and Web - Develop an App from our Shopify website Develop an App Game - Develop an App similar to Freelancer with Casual Question and Answer Develop an app similar to FriendCaller App - Develop an App, Develop a data base. Develop an App. - Develop an application Develop an application - develop an application connected to a system Develop an application design and animated video - open to bidding - Develop an application for iphone/ipad Develop an application for me - Develop an application or trick to extract data from unicode pdf Develop an application program to manipulate Excel data - develop an application using stimulated annealing algorithm in java Develop an application using Unity 3D and HTML 5 - develop an ASP.NET based store with integrations to 2 or 3 libraries for additional features Develop an ASP.NET C# application from scratch - Develop an automated program to crawl website for information Develop an automated program to crawl website for information -- 2 - Develop an E-commerce Android Application Develop an E-Commerce Application - Develop an e-Wallet and Debit Card. Develop an EA - to use on Metatrader - Develop an eCommerce website in PrestaShop 1.3.1 Develop an Ecommerce Website using Wordpress - Develop an elearning game similar to Diner Dash Develop an elearning game similar to Diner Dash -- 2 - develop an embedded firmware Develop an Embedded Quote Form - DEVELOP AN eTOPUP WEBSITE FOR mobile airtime topu up, data top up, vouchers etc Develop an Event & Ticket booking IOS app & Web Admin Panel - Develop an exesting website Develop an existing Android Application for IOS - Develop an explainer Video Develop an explainer video for my products - Develop an i-pad/i-phone (IOS) Application Develop an I-watch application - develop an impressive multimedia presentation for international partner develop an in house programme to send volume smses - Develop an Instaliker iOS App Develop an Installer in C++ - Develop an interactive jersey designer web application Develop an Interactive Kids Website & Virtual World - DEVELOP AN INTERNATIONAL CALLING CARD BUSINESS - repost DEVELOP AN INTERNATIONAL CALLING CARD BUSINESS - repost 2 - Develop an IOS Application Develop an iOS & android app - Develop an iOS App Develop an iOS App - Develop an IOS application Develop an iOS Application - Develop an iOS application for ipad Develop an IOS application for LED Smart Bulbs - Develop an iOS SDK, A sample app for the SDK, and a tutorial for Other developers Develop an iOS SDK, A sample app for the SDK, and a tutorial. - Develop an iOS/Facebook application Develop an IP Camera with TI DM6467T - Develop an IPhone & Android Application Develop an iPhone & Android Application - develop an iphone and android application. Develop an iPhone and Android Game - Develop an iPhone app Develop an iPhone app - Develop an iPhone app(Develop Only) Develop an iphone app. - Develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application - develop an iPhone application like ooVoo Develop an iPhone application that uses current Drupal Website backend, could required Drupal API creation or module configuration - Develop an iPhone, Android application Develop an iPhone, Android friendly website - Develop an IVR in Elastix (Asterisk) to get customer information develop an Java Aplet that will work with Internet Explorer 8.0 - Develop an object showcase in UE4 Develop an Object-Oriented program that can be used to calculate a student’s grade based on weighted averages. - Develop an online auction site Develop an online auction website - Develop an online Database with Custom Web Publishing Develop an online dating site - Develop an online matchmaking and dating service Develop an online mobile game - Develop An Online Store with Affiliate Feature Develop An Online Store with Affiliate Feature -- 2 - Develop an OpenCV/dlib face tracking app that also detects gender, age and happiness Develop an OpenFL Ad-Extension for BlackBerry - Develop an poker/slots (minor casino) website and application Develop an Product Builder app in Shopify - Develop an SME corporate website Develop an Social Network site - develop an website Develop an xml file export component - Develop and Android application together with server backend Develop and android LWP - Develop and Code a Website like the Humble Bundle develop and code an embedded systems ( c code ) + PLC - Develop and deploy a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliant Video Conferencing Web Site Develop and Deploy A Multi Tennant VOIP solution with Billing Enginge - Develop and Design a Website Develop and design a website - Develop and design front end web apps using AngularJS Develop and design front end web apps using AngularJS - Develop and DESIGN Wordpress Site using X Theme - URGENT Develop and design Wordpress theme - Develop and finish Realcopy website Develop and Fix - develop and implement salesforce -- 3 develop and implement salesforce -- 4 - Develop and integrate new payment provider to voipswitch (VoIP System) Develop and integrate new payment provider to voipswitch (VoIP System) - Develop and maintain Dolphin 7 site Develop and maintain our PHP websites - Develop and modernise our existing C# ASP.NET 4.0/SQL Server SOA e-commerce operations develop and modify an android app - Develop and Redesign a Specific Wordpress Theme Develop and redesign an iPhone application - Develop and update the site(coderarab) Develop and upgrade an existing business website - Develop Android & iPhone apps for protecting Injured Worker via Texting Develop Android & iPhone apps for protecting Injured Worker via Texting - Develop android and IOS app from web development -- 2 Develop Android and IOS App to communicate with A20737AGM Anaren blutooth 2.4GHz - Develop Android App Develop Android App - develop android app ( Local Jobs app targeting India cities ) - open to bidding Develop Android App + back in .NET - Develop Android App for security develop android app for VPN access - Develop Android App using the Google Vision API Develop Android app using Xamarin/ASP.Net to - Develop Android Application Develop Android application - Develop Android Application with Facebook/Email login and image upload Develop Android Application with Facebook/Email login and image upload - ongoing work - Develop android game ! Develop Android Game App - Develop android sdk for specific use develop Android tablet App, similar to Raombi analytics connected to ERP server - Develop Android, Iphone, Windows Live Cricket App Develop android,iOS and website - Develop API Develop API - Develop API on Open-Source Project (Java, Linux) Develop API REST - develop app develop app - Develop App for Android and Iphone
Develop app for Android and iPhone to locate clients - Develop app for iphone, android, with website Develop APP for iPhone, Blackberry, Android - Develop app module for Magento develop APP MODULE which can DECODE ULTRASONIC signals - Develop APP with Onsen UI Hybrid App Framework Develop App with PHP backend - develop application for android. develop application for android. - open to bidding - Develop application to save Whataspp photos -2 Develop Application Using Autoit - develop apps to android and iphone Develop Apps to buy parcel insurance through eBay, Shopify, Volusion, Stamps and Paypal - Develop as discussed Develop asp .net 3.5 pages - develop attendance ipad Develop Attendance tracking mobile app with face recognition and integrate with human resource system - Develop automated process: Scraping Data > Database > For use in Excel Develop automated program to check competition - Develop Back End for Multi User Develop Back End System with REST apis - Develop Backup Application develop backup tool - Develop basic Tetris iphone game Develop basic tool to pull data from LinkedIn API - Develop Bind 9 DNS and SendMail on Ubuntu Develop Bing Map Silverlight/Ajax application - Develop boonex dolphin site Develop Bootstrap 3 color theme - dark and light - Develop Brightsign software to allow remote management of players Develop Brochure - Develop business App -- 2 Develop business card and presentation format with existing logo - Develop business requirements for online forms browser Develop business rule in the implementation layer (Java + Jpa) - Develop C# Modules for Image Crop, SSH, FTP and Mysql (updated) Develop C# objects used with WinForms for managing users and roles for the SQLEXPRESS - Develop Calendar app similar to sunrise app with swift. Develop calendar share /sync afterlogic webmail pro - develop casino games develop casino games -- 2 - Develop chat app -- 3 Develop Chat APP for - Develop Chrome and Firefox Extensions develop chrome app for tex typesetting - Develop Client Database Develop Client Portal - Develop Code a dating website develop code as per requirements in a pdf - Develop color scheme for Business frontage incorperating new logo Develop ColorSnap App - Develop company web site Develop company web, some blogging - Develop Complex Web Site in Wordpress with no blog Develop component to secure RestFul API with OAuth 2.0 - Develop Content and Graphics for Facebook Ads & Emails Develop content and grow by brand's social media presence - Develop Cordova Plugin for Android and IOS with associated Demo Apps from JAVA SDK Develop cordova plugin for thermal printer - Develop Corporate Mascot - vector illustration with poses Develop Corporate Website - Develop CRM using and SQL 2012 Develop CRM using MVC - Develop CS-Cart Multi-Vendor fully responsive theme Develop CS-Cart theme and customization - Develop custom bidding/auction system using in webpage Develop custom bidding/auction system using in webpage - repost - Develop custom functionality for magento Develop custom geocoding facility for existing geoserver application - DEVELOP CUSTOM PHP SMS SCRIPT develop custom Piwik plugin using php and mysql - Develop Custom Store Locator For Cell Phone Repair Franchise Develop custom theme and for Drupal 8 - Develop Custom Wordpress Theme Develop Custom Wordpress Voting Plugin - Develop dashboards using Excel Powerpivot Develop data collection software - AtomRise - Develop database code and write the report Develop database for social media website and write MySQL tables in Workbench - DEVELOP DATING WEBSITE - PHP MySQL - Based on our DESIGN & FEATURE specifications - Repost - open to bidding Develop dating-escort/social website with version mobile (for Pheobustech) -- 1 - Develop Design manag Website and manag CEO + google yahoo adwards - open to bidding Develop design of web site for making doctor's appointments - Develop Detailed Functional Requirements: Business Technology Analyst (Telco Industry Billing) Develop detailed software specifications and requirements documentation - Develop Document Sharing Application Develop document storage system w/ permissions management using PHP, Smarty & MySQL - develop drupal 8 site Develop Drupal custom modules - Develop Dynamic website for Paying Guest accommodation(PG). develop dynamic website with donation buttons and scheduling - develop e-go courier module for prestashop Develop E-Learning App - Develop easy algorithms in Java Develop easy algorithms with java - Develop Ecommerce Enabled Website and Get traffic with SEO Develop Ecommerce Functionality - Develop education content and material for Big Data Develop education content and material for Big Data - Develop Electronic LED Drivers and Related Products Develop Electronics Website & Shopping Cart - Develop Email Template for three touch email campaign Develop Email Template Transfer - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop encryption plugin for resourcespace. develop end use articles out of coir - Develop ERP module for prestashop Develop ERP Modules - Develop Excel Macro to Split Sheet Develop Excel Macros - Private repeat mod - Develop Existing Joomla Website Develop existing Joomla! Mosets tree custom field - multiple check boxes + text option - Develop existing wordpress template Develop Existing WordPress Theme - Develop External Links Develop Extesions - Develop Facebook application Develop facebook application - Develop Facebook Page, That will Pull 20 products from my Ms sql database and display on my Facebook page. Refer to description for more details Develop Facebook Profile Tracker - Develop Features for a Cryptocurrency Wallet/Client develop features for a website ruby on rails - Develop file transfer system like WT Develop Filemaker app to streamline existing process - Develop Firmware Develop firmware for a TCP server based on ENC28J60 + PSoC 3 - Develop flash card game Develop Flash Card Game of BJ - Develop flash player to our video site Develop Flash site further (AS3) - develop for me a small windows desktop application to catch expiring domains. develop for me a web based application - Develop foundation for SaaS application Develop four "skins" using DevExpress SkinEditor - Develop Front End Design and wire frame for iPhone and Android App Develop front end for database entry - Develop Full Flash Based Web site - only experienced developer please Develop Full Flash Website - Develop Fundraising Program Develop funky/ quirky shop front wallpaper design - Develop game in Unity develop game like clash of clans - Develop generic asynchronous mixin for Django-Tastypie resources Develop generic asynchronous mixin for Django-Tastypie resources -- 2 - Develop google app engine app, G vision, PHP python octave