i need game character animations

i need about 13 game character animations

we already have the 3d models

The Gorgon is the boss Sylv faces at the end of the vertical slice. It is a snake-tailed

creature that fights with a long spear. It has a snake-like head and can petrify its

target. It has a range of skills listed below.


When she moves no matter what animation (except the petrification animation),

the snakes in her hair always move; moving right to left, up and down and looking



The gorgon rushes forward to charge ahead of her with her spear pointing

forward after preparing her charge for a brief moment. When she prepares her

charge, the gorgon takes a moment to put her spear back a little and her chest,

then she rushes forward very quickly and travels a few meters with the spear

pointed forward before stopping.

in gameplay: enemies in its path take heavy damage and are repelled

SPEAR - heavy attack

The gorgon gives a big forward thrust with her spear, a bit like when she charges

but without the movement. The idea is to have a fairly heavy and powerful blow

that pushes the enemies in front of it.

in gameplay: the enemies are pushed back a bit by this move

SPEAR - fast attack

The gorgon gives a sequence of 3 quick blows with the spear in front of her. The

gorgon does not advance during the first two blows and for the third one it

advances about 2 meters.

in gameplay: these blows do not repel but inflict a lot of damage if the enemies

take all 3 blows


The gorgon projects a cone of petrification in front of her, petrifying all the

enemies in the cone. This animation is divided into 2 parts.

1. Channeling: the gorgon leans back a little, raising her arms slightly and

arching her torso a little as if she were about to shout at the top of her


2. The skill launch: the gorgon throws her two arms backwards and throws

her torso forward, opening her mouth as if she were screaming at the top

of her lungs. The snakes in her hair also throw themselves forward by

reaching out and opening their mouths (the two snake heads on the sides

also turn around and throw themselves forward.

in gameplay: all the enemies hit are petrified (stun) for a few seconds then she

advances towards her victim to hit him


The gorgon swirls her spear around, grabbing it and spinning on the spot with her

tail. Then it returns to its normal position.

in gameplay: the attack does not repel and inflicts damage around it at 360

IDLE - pose basique

The gorgon stands upright, her snake-like tail slightly wrapped around her,

moving slightly. The spear in her hand. The snakes in her hair also move slightly as

she turns her head to the right or left, raises her head etc.


Like a snake, the gorgon moves by sliding its snake-like tail across the ground in a

zigzagging motion.


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