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I am currently looking to build a website similar to I will have a prototype tomorrow but here is high level on how the site will work

1. Customer Facing Website Functionality

a. User attends adventure activity (surfing, shark diving, parachuting, etc.)

b. Dealer takes pictures of the user during the event

c. Dealer provides user with one of the following

i. Dealer number which provides user the ability to navigate to dealer sub-site (sub domain off the main domain) then find pictures taken during the event

ii. Or Dealer provides a CD that contains pictures taken during the event (CD is not included in statement of work, put could be planned for future release)

1. From either the link or the CD, user identifies an image or images they would like to transfer to a product. Products can included but not exclusive to the following.

a. Mugs

b. Tiles

c. T-shirts

d. Mouse pads

e. Caps

f. Plates

g. Puzzles

2. Once user is satisfied with selection, user enters in the following

a. Quantity of product being purchased

b. Contact information

i. Address, City, State, Zip (Billing and Shipping)

ii. Phone number

iii. Email address

iv. Payment Type

1. Credit Card, Paypal

v. Payment information

c. Shipment method

3. Alternative flow – users can upload their own images onto website and select products they would like to transfer their uploaded images to. Note: Do you want to provide commissions to the dealer when users upload their own images.

d. Applications provides users with a login so they can see the following

i. Images they uploaded or have been uploaded by dealer

ii. Previous order information

iii. Current status of pending order

2. Dealer Facing Website Functionality

a. Image functionality

i. Dealers have the ability to upload images to the website.

ii. Images can be associated to a user - users are provided a code that allows them to view their pictures

1. Could be GUID (Global Unique ID)

2. or Email address

iii. Images can be archives or be deleted after 30 days.

b. Dealer Functionality

i. Dealers can login to site

ii. Dealers can see order information for their customers

1. Pending orders

2. Completed orders

3. Cancelled orders

4. Incomplete orders

iii. Dealer can add contact information, (i.e. contact name, dealer name, email address)


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