IRC bot with some of mine intelligence

I have quite good programming skills in both SQL query knowledge and web development but I want to develop

a bot for #IRC and a website where I can have it running with a free nice script for chat.

My bot would have some intelligence such as respond to all questions ending in "?" from other users in the chat

room and would always call my mysql database to retrieve an answer based on a specific logic of mine and the

keywords lattely used by the chat users. Other times it would say random thoughts based solely on modified

alias words of the nicknames listed of that room.

First thing would be to implement a way of creating aliased words with the nicknames list.

Then everytime a user leaves, enters the chat or changes nickname a SQL query would be made following a specific

logic so that possible random thoughts would be retrieved to a file.

STEP-x) Then a way so that after either 10 seconds 20 seconds 1 minute 2 minutes 5 minutes or 10 minutes (randomly chosen)

a random string from the above file of thoughts would be sent to the chat.

Or as soon as possible in case a question as been made in the meantime by a user.

But the first thing everytime anything happened in the chat the bot had to do would be if the last thing said

was on a list of potential usually things to say and to see in the database how many times this string was

posed. If the string was not there add it if it was add to the number of times it has been posed.

But in the case where it is the first time it is posed see if the first word has ever been posed and see if

that word has a flag of foreign language set. If 40% of the words are flaged as foreign just identify that

foreign language a pose a thought [picked randomly] from IDONTSPEAKTHAT or something list of sentences from

that specific after foreign language possible responses file, which should be always available to the bot.

If you do not recognize any foreign flaged language in the words of that sentences that have never been

posed and recognize MINE language, the natural language of my bot, then try to say something logic after

receiving a list of possible sayings in my language from the database. Just pick a random one on the logic

of that file.

Your task is to have the BOT working so that I can with a few instructions be able to put it running on

a IRC channel and tell me specific instructions on what and how to do everytime I want to update my

database intelligence. You must be able to explain me almost about everything about how my BOT will be

working so that I can always change its code at a later time and be able to run it even if just at a very

inexperienced level.

At least I must be able to have a way and knowledge to SUBMIT another possible string to the tables of

possible answers and to the tables of possible answers. And somehow have it all working smoothly as I said

and according to my updating logic.

You must also somehow commit to assist me later in the future to help me maintain and develop my AI bot

for about the same prices and logics you demand now.

Also a word could also be flagged as NOT FOREIGN BUT ACTUALLY IN NATURAL LANGUAGE AND FROM one of my

demanded ones to lookup in the list of all of the flagged words the proximity to 6_OBSCENE, 8VERY_INTERESTING or

9VERY_VAGUE_AND_GENERAL, or 5_THIS_IS_FOR_ME, rated parameters that all flagged words would have registered.

I am about to solve some finantial problems in 2 or 3 months. Before that I can only pay very low stipends for

you to start working on the project. If for some reason I could not solve my financial difficulties would

loose that small amounts and you wouldn't release your code and support by that time.

I think I could do it all my self but it seems I am a bit lazy and need a lot of some experienced coders help or something. After all you may be able to make it all seem easy for me and I am willing to pay for that.

Skills: Perl

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