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563586 webbased multiplayer point&click collaborative story game

This project is a webbased multiplayer point-and-click roleplaying adventure.

The users will either play the role as director (similar to game master) or player.

One adventure/story session has a director and one or more players.

Players create the story together, which evolves in time. The story will be highly interactive and dynamically evolving, because players and director have control and interact while the story is developing. The same stories can be reused and revisited by other players. This way, stories become very rich and deeply evolve automatically every time they are played.

The project could also be seen as an online (very free-form) role-playing adventure, where each user plays it's own character and the director facilitates in events, settings and non-player-characters.

Player actions can be predefined by the director (by offering different paths and possibilities), or completely player driven. A combination is also possible of course.

Player dialogue can be done through text, sound recording and/or camera /video.

Photos and images can be used to describe scenes, locations and maps. They contain clickable areas (defined by the director) to designate the various actions, objects and other interaction (similar to point-and-click adventures). They also allow a way for the player to view and navigate their environment by allowing zooming in on the images (real zooming or showing another more detailed image after clicking on a certain part of the image).

Players also have a state and inventory. Inventory items can be linked to predefined actions, so the player can decide what to do with it. Items can also be combined or targeted to a specific object (area on the image).

The project consists of a web-based application for the director and players, and the player client should also be made available through mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

A detailed functional design document is available and can be provided upon request.

Technical requirements:

The web app should be build using the Java platform and the mobile apps preferably using standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript) together with Sencha Touch (or JQuery Mobile) and PhoneGap. PhoneGap can build the mobile apps from standard web technology (instead of using native code). The web app and mobile apps should share the same code base as much as possible (by using the same web services, through AJAX+JSON).

Other requirements:

- support for multiple active story sessions per user (for both director and player).

- support for notifications per e-mail and in-app (both web and mobile). When sent by e-mail, it will contain a link to the related story session.

- there should be an online editor for the images that can be used to designate the clickable areas for actions, and the player locations. It should be very easy to define (add, move and remove) areas (such as objects, locations to move to etc.) and player locations for each action in a turn, so it's probably a layer drawn on top of the original image.

- the director interface can be fully web-based, and does not require a mobile web application.

general use-cases:

- overview and search/filter for directors and detail page for director stats (number of sessions directed, total story time directed, total number of players directed, active since date, number of cancelled sessions voted by other players etc.).

- overview and search/filter for players and detail page for player stats (number of sessions played, total story time played, number of drop-in-sessions played, active since date, number of cancelled sessions voted by other players etc.).

use-cases for director:

- start a story session

- select a requested story session to start

- invite players for a new story session to be started

- invite drop-in player during story session

- overview of all turns and actions for each player

- receive notifications for each player action

- receive notifications for director invitations

- receive warning notification for reaching time limit of session

- receive notification to vote for exceeding time limit of other player

- add and modify turns (which includes assigning it to players, and activating or deactivating/freezing turns).

- add a new turn based on another previously defined turn (settings are copied and can be changed).

- send out-of-character message to player (for a specific story session)

use-cases for players:

- overview of open game sessions requiring players

- request a story session to be picked up by a director by submitting a story description and other requirements the player would like to see in the story session (for example story type, story time period, keywords etc.)

- invite a director for a requested story session

- overview of played story sessions and for each story session a detail page with all turns and actions taken by all players

- overview of active story sessions in progress

- select and view an active story session

- when a turn has been assigned to the current player, the player can choose from the possible actions. For custom player actions, or any type of dialogue action, the player will have to enter text or add a recording to finish the action. After finishing an action, either the next turn will be displayed immediately (if predefined) or a read-only view of the current story session will be displayed (with a message that director and other player(s) have their turns and have to choose their actions now).

- invite other player(s) for a new story session to be started (for example friends)

- receive notifications for each turn assigned to the player (activated)

- receive notifications for player invitations

- receive notifications when director deactivates/freezes current active turn

- receive warning notification for reaching time limit of session

- receive notification to vote for exceeding time limit of other player

- send out-of-character message to director (for a specific story session)

Skills: AJAX, Anything Goes, Game Design, HTML5, Java, Javascript, jQuery / Prototype, PHP

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