Straddle/ Anti-Martingale EA

For Foreign Exchange Trading MLQ4 Programming Language

Straddle/ Anti-Martingale Strategy EA

I want the ea to automatically open positions in that currency when it is attached to any chart.

I want the lot sizes that the ea begins with to be adjustable.

I want the take profit level to be adjustable by the user.

All numbers used here are for Illustration purposes only.

Step 1: Open two trades one long and one short X pips (15 pips for the example) from the current price. (Let’s assume the current price is 1.0000 so open long position take profit at 1.0015 and short position take profit at .9985)

Step 2: When one of the take profit points is reached another trade in the same direction as the first should be opened with the lot size doubled. (Lets assume the 1.0015 is hit another long trade should immediately be opened with a take profit of 1.0030. The lot size for this trade should be double the lot size of the original trade)

Now there are two possible scenarios that could occur.

#1. The price continues to go to 1.0030. In this case all of the positions should be closed out and the entire process from the beginning should repeat itself. (There would be the long position that would automatically close at 1.0030 from the take profit. There would also be the original short position at .9985 that would still be open and in loss that should be closed.)

#2 The price retraces to the original short position target profit of .9985. In this case the short position will close out because of the take profit. Another short position should be opened with double the lot size of the just closed position. This positions take profit should be .9970.

Under scenario two there would now be two positions open the .9970 short and the 1.0030 long. The open positions should be of equal lot sizes and be hedged by each other.

Step #4 if the trades are still open if the price continues to go to .9970 the position should be closed and another should be opened with the lot sizes doubled from the previous position and a take profit of .9955 .

I want the trades to

1. Double each time another leg of the trade in the same direction is opened.

2. There should almost always be a long and short position open.

3. If there is one side of the trade that has extended X (15) pips farther from the original opening price than the other side has the entire sequence of trades (long and short) should be closed in net profit and the entire sequence started again.

4. I want a straddle to extend out farther and farther until either the buy side or the sell side of the trades have gone X (15) pips farther than the other side. Then close all open positions and open a new sequence.

5. I want the straddle to keep expanding outward from opening price until it can close in profit.

Please Ask for clarification. I believe it may be necessary to understand what I am trying to do.


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