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Contest Fees

For contest holders, there is no fee for posting a contest and awarding a winner; however, your account must have sufficient balance to cover the prize money when you post your contest. The contest prize is charged upfront so that your contest is launched straightaway. You can set the prize for as little as US$10.

We boast a contest handover which officially transfers the ownership of the winning entry to you. Furthermore, choosing additional winners (Runner-ups) for your contest does not cost any fee, but you will need to buy their entries and complete a contest handover with them as well. 

We also offer Money Back Guarantee for the prize money of Regular contests but not for Guaranteed contests. The Money Back Guarantee is applicable ONLY if contest holders request a refund of their Regular contest within 30 days after their contest closes.

Optional contest upgrades may also be purchased during contest creation. For more information about the contes upgrade fees, please go to this page.


Note: For contest winners, a prize fee is charged once the contest handover is completed. This happens when the submitted files are accepted by the contest holder. 


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