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What are Preferred Freelancers?

Preferred Freelancers are freelancers who were accepted to our Preferred Freelancer Program after going through a stringent selection process.


You can distinguish Preferred Freelancers by the badge highlighted below:




Preferred Freelancers are experienced freelancers who have been evaluated based on several criteria, which may also include other factors as deemed necessary by our Project Recruiters. They are well-informed of our website’s Terms and Conditions and are continuously monitored by the Preferred Freelancer Team and by our Project Recruiters for compliance.


Freelancers who have the slightest issue with any of the things mentioned above are not admitted to maintain the integrity of the program, so working with a Preferred Freelancer helps ensure the success of your project.


Posting a Recruiter project is the best way to work with a Preferred Freelancer.




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