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Billing Agreement (for automatic charges)

When you deposit or verify via credit card or PayPal, a billing agreement between your payment source and is created. The agreement authorizes us to automatically draw payments from your payment source to pay your transactions on the site. This makes it easier for you to complete your transactions as you will no longer need to manually deposit anymore.


The following transactions are automatically covered with a billing agreement:

•  Creating Milestone Payments

•  Upgrading projects

•  Upgrading bids

•  Funding quote items

•  Taking skills tests

•  Project fee payments

•  Membership plan renewals


Keeping your billing agreement active is strongly recommended for ease of your payments in using the site. Here is a video explaining it more in detail:



You can have multiple billing agreements when you verify or deposit funds using another payment method. For example, if you already have your card on file, and you made a deposit with another credit card or with PayPal, you will end up with another billing agreement with your second card or with PayPal.


You can manage (set a preferred billing agreement, add a new one, cancel) all of them in one place -- in your Payment & Financials Settings page.

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