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Freelancer Affiliate Program

There is more than one way to earn through

The Freelancer Affiliate Program is a program that allows you to receive payments from into your account for referring an employer through any promotional link you can create here.

There are multiple ways for you to promote Freelancer. You can use:

  • banners
  • text ads
  • affiliate links
  • affiliate widgets

Just add any of these promotional links to your website or social network for others to use in signing up on

You will then earn 100% percent of project fees for projects posted by referrals that register through your promotional link. This is valid only within 100 days from your referrals' signup.

You can check the activities of your affiliates/referrals at any time through this link.

Talk about an easy way to earn money!


*To participate in the Freelancer Affiliate Program, you must comply with the requirements set by and have an account that is in good standing.

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