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Skills Tests

Freelancer Skills Tests certify your skills to potential employers. The level of certification you obtain represents the level of your skills, thus helping increase your chances of getting awarded projects.


You can browse through the available tests by searching for specific tests, or by category, as shown below:




Taking Skill Tests


There is a small fee for every attempt at a test, and these fees differ depending on the level of certification that you wish to take. 


Exam fees



You can skip an exam level if you wish to take a higher level exam instead. You can also take a certain skill test as many times as you like, but you can only attempt three tests (3) per 24 hours


Make sure to only start an exam when you have enough time to complete it. Your access will expire when the alloted time lapses, and you will no longer be able to finish the test.


Allocated time for exam


Once you have passed a level, retaking the same or a higher level will not require retaking lower-leveled ones. Each attempt will still incur an exam fee, however.



Passing Skill Tests


Passing a skill test will earn you a badge. The dots on the bottom of the badge indicate what exam level you have taken. The badge will be listed under the Certifications section of your profile page. If you have passed the same test more than once, then your highest received score will be displayed beside the badge.




Your score and badge will also be displayed on your bids for projects.




Qualified Projects


If a project is tagged as Qualified, it means you cannot place a bid unless you have passed the employer’s required skill test.


qualified project tag and example


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