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Marking projects as Complete

Marking projects as "Complete" depends on the project’s type and payment status. Manually completing projects is only recommended after the terms of the project have been satisfied and when all work output have been delivered.




Fixed-price Projects


Fixed-price projects are automatically marked as “Complete” once the freelancer’s bid is paid in full.




Hourly Projects


Hourly projects are marked as "Complete" after they are paid and after the employer ends them.


  1. Go to the project’s page, and click End Billing.


  2. Confirm to End Billing.




  3. Select “I am satisfied that all my project requirements have been met.”


  4. Click End Project.






Partially-paid Projects


   1.  Fixed-price project: Click End Project on the project page.

        Hourly project: Click End Billing from the project page.


   2.  Select “I am satisfied that all my project requirements have been met,” and confirm to End Project.




Unpaid Projects


Projects with no released payments will still have the End Project / End Billing options available. They cannot be marked as “Complete” unless a payment is made.

If you wish to end a project without sending payments, you can cancel it or mark it as Incomplete.


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