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How to Upgrade a Bid

The list of bids in a project is always ranked by the bidders' reputation and is automatically calculated based on several factors including reviews, earnings, and completed projects. Your rank in the bid list, however, isn’t necessarily locked -- you can upgrade your bid to get the employer’s attention.

There are three ways to upgrade your bid on a project. You can see these options by going to the bid list on the project’s page where you can click Upgrade my Bid! on your bid.



Sponsoring your bid

Sponsoring your bid moves your bid to the top of the bid list. Only one bid can be sponsored on a project, so this upgrade can be taken in a first come, first served basis. The Sponsored bid fee is 2% of your bid amount, with a minimum of $3.99 USD and a maximum of $49.99 USD. The freelancer who successfully sponsors their bid will have their bid ranked first on the bid list. 


Highlighting your bid

This upgrade highlights your bid to make it stand out from all the other bids. Highlighting your bid costs only $1 USD.



Taking an exam

You can choose to upgrade your bid by passing an exam based on one of the project's required skills. Clicking on Take the Exam! redirects you to the exam suggested for you. 

Freelancers who have taken and passed an exam will have that exam's badge below the username on their bid. They are more likely to be awarded a project. If the suggested exam doesn’t fit your expertise, you can check out the full list of our exams here. Prices of exams start at $5 USD (for Level 1 exams) and increase as you go up a level.


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