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Messaging in Projects

Communication is key. There couldn’t have been any project that’s ever completed without words exchanged between employer and freelancer. Thus, we encourage our users to keep lines of communication open. messaging is easy. It all starts with the employer. If they need to clarify things with a bidder or ask for their qualifications, they can message them directly. On the project page, all they have to do is locate the bidder they’d like to message and hit the Chat button on their bid. (A bidder is online when the button has a green dot; otherwise, it’s grayed out.)

A chat window will then appear at the bottom right of the screen. Like any standard message dialogue box, text should be entered to start the conversation. Only when the employer initiates messaging will the freelancer (bidder) be able to use this feature.

​There’s an attachment tool through which users can send files of up to 256 MB in size. It’s a simple matter of clicking the icon or dragging and dropping the file(s) there. Users may send multiple attachments at a time. Image files will display a thumbnail preview within the conversation.


Contact List

The Contact List has two tabs: Chats and Contacts.

The Chats tab contains the user’s recent messages. The Contacts tab shows three parts: Active Projects, Previous Projects, and More Contacts.

  • Active Projects - Contacts who have ongoing projects with the user (Bidders who are not yet awarded do not get added to the list.)

  • Previous Projects - Previous contacts whose projects are completed or cancelled

  • More Contacts - staff, if any (i.e. Recruiters)




All messages are kept in the Inbox where a user can view all current and past message threads. From this page, users are able to send messages just the same as with the chat box.

Only users whose projects are current/ongoing can be contacted—meaning when a project is cancelled or deleted, a user can no longer send a message to the other user unless a new project is in place. For closed projects (completed/incomplete), the messaging option will still be available to both users. 

Reporting Messages

If you receive any message that violates our Terms and Conditions or Code of Conduct, you have the option to report it.

To do this, just go to your Inbox, select the message thread from the left pane, hover your mouse over the message to be reported and click X. The Report option will then appear. Click it, select your reason for reporting and provide the details of the violation made.

Appropriate sanctions will be given to the reported user if the report is found valid.

Chat/Messaging Limitations
  • Employers can initiate messaging or chat conversation with any freelancer who placed a bid on their project. On the other hand, freelancers can message or chat any employer if the employer initiates the conversation or awards a project to them.

  • Once a project is awarded, only the awarded freelancer can continue messaging the employer. Should the employer message a non-awarded bidder after the award, that bidder will still have a chance to reply to the employer.

  • Be careful when sending messages as any sent message through PMB or chat can no longer be unsent or removed from the recipient’s Inbox or chat window.


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