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Contest Handover - Freelancer

When you’ve submitted your best entry, impressed the contest holder with your creativity, and finally won the contest against strict competition, it’s time to reap the rewards. 

All you have to do is complete the Contest Handover. This is the process where you transfer the ownership of your winning entry to the contest holder and you get paid in exchange. It takes place soon after the contest is awarded to you.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign the IP Transfer Agreement. To do this, carefully review your details, check the box beside "I agree to sign the IP Transfer Agreement," and click Sign Contract.

The IP Transfer Agreement is a printable document giving the contest holder ownership of the design.


2. Upload the files. The maximum size that you can upload during handover is 200 MB per file.

Keep your lines of communication open as the contest holder may request changes on your design. The contest holder will be given 14 days to download, review, and accept your submitted files.


In case a notification about a dispute raised by the contest holder appears, you will be advised to contact our Support team. To do so, just scroll down this page and click Contact Us.


3. You will get the prize money when the contest holder downloads and accepts the files.


4. Both you and the contest holder can leave feedback for one another. Click the Provide Feedback button in the Handover page to leave a feedback.

You will also be notified on your Dashboard page once the handover is complete, and you will be given an option to give feedback. Click Give Feedback to be directed to the Feedback page.


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