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Sell Price for Contest Entries

Did you know that you can sell your contest entries to contest holders? You get paid for your entry even if they award the contest prize to another freelancer.

Here’s how it works:

When contest holders award a winner, they still have the option to acquire other entries they also like by way of buying runner-up entries. They just have to buy them at the Sell Price provided by the freelancer. You can read more about how contest holders buy runner-up entries here.

So how do you set about selling your design?

When you submit an entry, you will be asked for a sell price. Specify an amount equal to or lower than the contest prize before you post your entry. The minimum sell price amount is $10 USD.  

The sell price can also be set after submitting your entry. Just hover your mouse over your entry on the contest page and click Sell Entry.

This is an optional feature. If your entry is purchased, it will be tagged as Runner-up Winner on the contest page. Both you and the contest holder will enter the Contest Handover. Once that’s done, the contest holder can get your entry file/s and you will receive your payment. The feedback option will be available after payment. 

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