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Milestone Payment statuses

Milestone Payments undergo status changes depending on what employers and freelancers do. You will see their statuses on your project page, as well as on your Financial Dashboard, once your project is in progress.

  • Requested. The freelancer has requested for the creation of the Milestone Payment. The employer can either accept or reject the request.
  • In Progress. The Milestone Payment has been created, and the employer’s account balance or payment method has been charged. It is awaiting release by the employer to transfer the funds to the freelancer. The freelancer has the option to request for its release, as well as the option to cancel it to return the funds to the employer. These are also known as pending Milestone Payments. 
  • Release Requested. The freelancer has requested the employer to release the In Progress Milestone Payment.
  • Cancellation Requested. The employer has requested the freelancer to cancel the In Progress Milestone Payment.
  • Pending in The employer has released the Milestone Payment, but the funds are being cleared. Processing of released funds typically takes one to three business days.
  • Released. The funds have been transferred to the freelancer’s account.
  • Cancelled. The freelancer cancelled the payment, and the funds have been returned to the employer’s account. The cancelled Milestone Payment will be removed from the list after refreshing the page.
  • Disputed. Either the employer or the freelancer has initiated a dispute over the In Progress Milestone Payment.


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