Harvard Formatting: Leadership and Management

by Isabella Hills
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The assignment examines different leadership theories and frameworks, and selects Jeffrey Bezos, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the founder of Amazon.com, for evaluation of his leadership styles and characteristics. The assignment discusses eight major theories related to the subject of leadership. The specific leadership qualities and styles of Jeff Bezos, in the light of the theories include belief in customer satisfaction, unconventional and eccentric style, risk-taking attitude, and highly motivated and innovative mindset. Bezos possesses both transactional and transformational leadership characteristics, and is known to have an autocratic leadership style. The research assignment also conducts a situational analysis by adopting the famous situational leadership decision-making ‘Vroom-Yetton-Jago model’. The study examines the case of the acquisition of The Washington Post by Jeff Bezos in 2013 using the model.

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