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This project is very urgent and we need it finished in 2-3 hours. I will select winner today in next 2hour's.

55 $80 USD Sep 4, 2015 1 day, 22 hours Post a contest like this

hello we are looking for an original background design for our software we are open to any idea i will provide our logo and let see what kind of designs you guys come up with attached i...

43 $90 USD Sep 4, 2015 1 day, 20 hours Post a contest like this

Redesign my old freelancer logo. We have been using this logo for 2 years now and would like something more mature, corporate and clean. Take the concept and make it your own. On the fe...

26 $100 USD Sep 4, 2015 5 days, 20 hours Post a contest like this

Logo for a new brand. We want a side profile chief logo. View samples for ideas and/or content. Very interested in having a wolf hat on the chief like example #2. Would like to utilize ...

18 $100 USD Sep 4, 2015 3 days, 20 hours Post a contest like this

We are four siblings that are looking to get a design for our tattoo. We have included the design we have sketched out. It is very simple and that is what we kind of like. This tattoo w...

14 $20 USD Sep 4, 2015 3 days, 19 hours Post a contest like this

Objective - Use images BattleScene1 and BatttleScene2 as templates. - I want these scenes literally recreated except I want the characters to come from the following video games: ...

7 $25 USD Sep 4, 2015 1 day, 18 hours Post a contest like this

Hi, What I desire is rather simple, I need IPV6 proxies, but I need to access them through an IPV4 address due to ISP restrictions on direct IPV6 connections as a proxy. Prove to...

1 $200 USD Sep 3, 2015 1 day, 16 hours Post a contest like this

Hello all! SportVizion is a technology company that serves the Sports industry (basket, football, soccer, racing, baseball, golf, etc.), providing solutions that allow clients to See...

47 $100 USD Sep 3, 2015 5 days, 15 hours Post a contest like this

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