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Looking for a logo for Smokey's Daylilies. -Unique and memorable logo -Easy to recognize as a brand -Represents our core values and message to our customer: We take daylilies se...

69 $100 USD Apr 20, 2015 5 days, 17 hours Post a contest like this

I need a new gaming mouse pad and the ordinary plain black ones that you can purchase from any store will not cut it. I want a mouse pad where the colours have been splashed around and ...

26 $55 USD Apr 20, 2015 1 week, 3 days Post a contest like this

The name of the brand is "Napoleon Cakes ". In the logo use only those words (We don't want any Cupcakes or Pink used in the logo) We need a clear high resolution logo for a local ca...

56 $10 USD Apr 20, 2015 1 day, 7 hours Post a contest like this

Dear Contestants: I am looking to create a logo for my company. I am specifically looking for: 1. a business card designed front and back 2. a wordmark logo that can be used for p...

53 $250 USD Apr 19, 2015 1 week Post a contest like this

We are a young enthusiastic team, with experience in cinematography, whose goal is to bring the joy of listening to live music to the people. We provide all the support needed in order ...

110 $140 USD Apr 19, 2015 4 days, 23 hours Post a contest like this

The website has not been created yet, but the concept is for a wedding planning consultations. We are using a character called "Kiss The Bride Man" as the brand character. This is also ...

125 $240 USD Apr 19, 2015 1 week, 2 days Post a contest like this

We are looking to have 2 different animated characters drawn. Just the images. This is not an actual video, only drawings. No backgrounds or anything like that. Please see the attached ...

17 $75 USD Apr 19, 2015 2 days, 13 hours Post a contest like this

resorts name "TheView" and Hotel and Restaurant We are looking to cater to small business for company retreat. Great food and comfortable with SPA feel to it.. with a Friendly ...

79 $140 USD Apr 19, 2015 4 days, 7 hours Post a contest like this

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