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How to Rate, Comment on, and Reject Contest Entries offers you all the features you need for you to shortlist your contest entries and get the best one that is deserving of your contest prize.

You can rate entries from 1 to 5 stars, 5 being the highest. You can also post your comments – whether you just wish to compliment a freelancer for an awesome entry or you want a freelancer to make some revisions to their entry. Not only that, if you find an entry which you think is not qualified for your contest, you can even reject it. Preventing a designer from joining all your contests is also possible.

All of these can be done to narrow down your choices and to make selecting a winner easier for you.


Rating entries

You can rate your contest's entries to have them listed from the highest-rated ones to the lowest-rated ones. That way, you can easily view your most preferred entries. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Go to My Projects.

  • Select Employer view.

  • Select the Open Contests tab.

  • Click on your contest's title to go to your contest page. 

  • Hover your mouse over an entry's grayed-out stars and select the star ratings that you want to give. 

Once you are done rating your contest's entries and you refresh the page, the entries will be arranged from those with the highest ratings to those with the lowest. You can change the ratings anytime you wish.

The designers will be notified on their Dashboard that you have rated their entries. They can also view the ratings when they visit your contest page.



Commenting on entries

You can comment on entries in two ways.

Through the Contest page
  • Click a contest entry. A full view window of the entry will appear.

  • Write your message on the comment box.


  • You can also comment directly on the entry by pinning your comment. Just click the area on the entry that you have a comment on and type your comment.



Through the Public Clarification Board

You can also comment on an entry through the Public Clarification Board. This is where you can interact with the freelancers either to further discuss your contest requirements or to comment on the entries for simple feedback or further revisions.

You can direct your comments to specific designers or refer to specific entries by using a hashtag (#).

  • Hover your mouse over the entry you wish to comment on to see the entry number on its upper left corner.

  • On the Public Clarification Board, use a hashtag plus the entry number (e.g. #2), and type in your comment.


Rejecting entries

You can reject an entry anytime if you want to remove it from your list of entries. Here's how to do it:

  • Hover your mouse over the entry you want to reject.

  • Click Reject.

The rejected entries will be whitewashed, labeled “Rejected, and listed at the bottom of the entries once you refresh the page. The freelancers whose entries are rejected will be notified through email. They can still, however, submit new entries to your contest.

But what if you rejected the wrong entry? The best thing is that you can still recover them by clicking the Reconsider button at the upper right corner of a rejected entry.


Rejecting freelancers from your contests

This option will remove all the entries of a designer from your contest and will prevent them from joining all your future contests. Here are the steps to reject a freelancer:

  • Go to your contest page.

  • Click the username on the entry of the designer you wish to reject. You will then be redirected to the page displaying all the entries of that designer.

  • Click Reject Freelancer.


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