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    I'm facing a major issue on my WordPress site hosted on AWS, wherein crucial functionalities aren't working properly. The problem is characterized by ongoing critical errors. The ideal freelancer for this task should be proficient in: - WordPress troubleshooting - AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment - Critical error solution Experience working with similar issues is highly valued. If you have the technical expertise to quickly identify the sources of these errors and correct them, I would love to hear more about how you can help.

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    As a business owner, I am experiencing issues with my ecommerce website hosted on Joomla. There is a specific issue related to the lack of required file (JPATH_LIBRARIES/) in my website's directory, as indicated by a "failed to open stream" error message in my file. Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required 'JPATH_LIBRARIES/' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/reactny/public_html/includes/ on line 15 I'm seeking a skilled Joomla developer with extensive experience in troubleshooting and resolving website errors, enhancing site functionality, and ensuring smooth ecommerce operations. The specific abilities required for this project include: • In-depth understanding of Joomla's structure and fun...

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    I need a skilled developer to integrate Kerberos authentication for a website hosted within a Linux Docker container. service based on express & typescript The purpose of the service is to identify a user against AD The service will run in a Linux-based Docker (official) that is hosted on the network. The service will have two methods, one called getusername (GET) which will return the name of the user who activated the method in each request. Another method called helth that will always return "service alive" Your task beyond the above code is to provide a dockerfile for building the docker fast job most 1 day

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    I am in need of an experienced migration expert who can efficiently transfer my data and users from Zoho to HostGator cPanel. Currently, I have a domain parked at GoDaddy with emails hosted at Zoho. However, I'm finding it necessary to shift gears and move all my stuff over to HostGator where my site will now be hosted. Here's what you need to assist me with: 1. Migrating 10 users and their data from Zoho to HostGator cPanel. 2. Redirecting the MX records from GoDaddy to HostGator cPanel. 3. Discontinuing our subscription with Zoho The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Solid experience in both email and website migration - Deep understanding of DNS and MX record setups - Familiarity with GoDaddy, Zoho, and HostGator platforms - Demonstrated ability t...

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    6 bids lost then resend it many times again and again to AWS till request is processed . If after 15 times request is not processed any way , record this request to black list log file YOU PROVIDE PYTHON CODE AND VIDEO of yours or our online meeting WITH EXPLANATIONS STEP BY STEP HOW TO DO **** PROJECT ACCEPTANCE : I CAN DO BY MYSELF on my AWS account **** Testing : I use your python code which hosted on my AWS cloud project created by me using your instructions example: I provide to John, Peter, Ana, Paul.. etc, only one the same web link and only python code and credentials (only people with credentials can make request )for : 1) request implementation for test data 2) receiving response and comparing with prediction calculated locally 3) Requests are sent by each person in ...

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    With my project, I'm looking for a skilled full-stack JavaScript developer to enhance aspects of my existing web application that is currently hosted at As you can see website is very simple and there's a lot features I'm planning to implement. Key tasks will include: - Integrating a payment gateway - Assistance with scaling the database - Providing support for docker and cloud environment - Implementing new UI features - Facilitating integration with other services Your expertise in Node.js, React.js, , and MongoDB will be heavily relied on for these responsibilities. The primary goal of this project is to enhance user experience through these new features and to optimize the performance of the web application. Experience in all mentioned areas is highly

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    I am in need of a skillful web developer experienced in both front-end and back-end development. Proficiency in Amazon Web Services is a must, as my website will be hosted there. This project revolves mainly around creating an e-commerce platform, so ideally, the developer will also have experience with product listing, shopping cart features, and payment gateway integration. Required skills and experience: - Front-End Development - Back-End Development - Amazon Web Services Knowledge - Experience in building E-Commerce Websites Ideal candidates will demonstrate a proven track record with portfolio samples of successful e-commerce platforms they've helped to build. ONLY FOR SKILLED INDIAN FREELANCER ALONG WITH AWS KNOWLEDGE

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    I'm in urgent need of an Apache Server professional who can proficiently troubleshoot and debug to unearth the root cause of server crashes and slow load times on my system. Critical areas of attention are: - Understanding and interpreting error messages ...during crashes. - Restoring the functionality of an unresponsive website. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Apache Server troubleshooting and debugging. - Experience in managing server crashes and optimizing load times. - Ability to interpret error messages and restore unresponsive websites. - Knowledge of Microsoft Azure where the server is hosted - Knowledge of Opencart version which is the version of the e-Commerce platform hosted on the server. Time is critical so I need someone who can deliver qui...

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    I'm in urgent need of assistance to configure Putty for seamless access to my VPS hosted on Hostinger. My main operating system is Windows, and time is of the essence. This should be a 15 minute just. just make the keys and place them in the right order. i have putty and the generator ready. I can get connection but cant really get in and sais I have not the root. But i can give in the root myself. **Requirements:** 1. **Expertise in Putty:** You should have a strong grasp of configuring and using Putty on Windows. 2. **VPS and Hostinger Knowledge:** Familiarity with VPS setups, specifically with Hostinger, is crucial. An understanding of SSH keys and their deployment is a must. 3. **Security and Access:** While the question of access level was skipped, I'd appreci...

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    I'm seeking an experienced server administrator who is proficient in setting up SSL certificates on VPS servers, particularly Nginx servers. Key Tasks: - Installation and configuration of a Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate on my Nginx server hosted on a VPS. - Ensuring the SSL certificate is correctly installed and functioning properly. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proficiency in Nginx and VPS servers. - Proven experience in SSL certificate installation, notably DV certificates. - Knowledge in web security practices. Quick and efficient execution of this task is necessary to ensure the timely functioning of my website. Your level of expertise and efficiency will play a major role in my selection process.

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    I'm seeking an expert to migrate my two WordPress websites which are currently hosted on GoDaddy, to a new host such as Cloudways. The main reasons for this migration are improved security and cost savings. Once migrated, I need assurance that our SSLs are installed correctly and that the websites are fully functional. Key tasks include: - Advising on best hosting options akin to Cloudways - Setting up hosting on selected platform - Migrating two WordPress websites from GoDaddy - Ensuring correct SSL installments Ideal freelancers will have extensive experience in website migration, particularly from GoDaddy to Cloudways or similar platforms, with a keen understanding of SSL installation and website functionality. Familiarity with cost-effective and secure hosting services is...

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    I'm in need of a proficient marketer who can help me elevate my Airbnb listing to the next level. The task will predominantly include leveraging effective strategies to maximize booking rates, escalate visibility, and generate positive guest reviews. The desired service will be conducted in English and should be capable of captivating a diverse and adventure seekers. The ideal candidate will: - Offer proven experience in marketing, especially within the hospitality or rental industry. - Exhibit strong skills in strategic content development, SEO, and guest feedback management. - Demonstrate an ability to understand and appeal to the targeted demographics. The ultimate goal is to amplify my Airbnb's appeal and build an appealing hosted experience that e...

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    I need a skilled developer to integrate Kerberos authentication for a website hosted within a Linux Docker container. service based on express & typescript The purpose of the service is to identify a user against AD The service will run in a Linux-based Docker (official) that is hosted on the network. The service will have two methods, one called getusername (GET) which will return the name of the user who activated the method in each request. Another method called helth that will always return "service alive" Your task beyond the above code is to provide a dockerfile for building the docker fast job most 1 day

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    More details: What programming languages are required for this project? .asp and web development What type of website do you want to develop? content management system Do you have a preference for a specific content management system (CMS)? don't want it published rather want it locally hosted

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    Quick PHP Blog Recovery -- 2 5 days left

    I urgently need a skilled developer to address an unexpected issue that has caused my blog to become inaccessible. The blog suddenly went down, and I've neither made recent changes nor updates that could have led to this problem. Here's a detailed rundown of what's happening and what I'm looking for: My website is The blog was hosted on WordPress with a redirect **Issues Faced:** - The blog page is not loading at all. - No specific error messages have been identified, as it's simply down. **Ideal Experience and Skills for the Job:** 1. **Expertise in PHP:** Given the nature of the problem, a deep understanding of PHP is crucial for navigating and resolving the underlying issues. 2. **Problem-Solving Skills:** Ability to diagnose and fix issues related ...

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    Quick PHP Blog Recovery 5 days left

    I urgently need a skilled developer to address an unexpected issue that has caused my blog to become inaccessible. The blog suddenly went down, and I've neither made recent changes nor updates that could have led to this problem. Here's a detailed rundown of what's happening and what I'm looking for: My website is The blog was hosted on WordPress with a redirect **Issues Faced:** - The blog page is not loading at all. - No specific error messages have been identified, as it's simply down. **Ideal Experience and Skills for the Job:** 1. **Expertise in PHP:** Given the nature of the problem, a deep understanding of PHP is crucial for navigating and resolving the underlying issues. 2. **Problem-Solving Skills:** Ability to diagnose and fix issues related ...

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    I require a freelancer to assist with the addition of images and links in my blog post, hosted on Your task involves: - Taking screenshots of images in provided links - Uploading these images in a prescribed format on my blog - Linking them to both internal pages on my blog and external websites as mentioned A key requirement: - All links must open in a new window Ideal freelancer will have: - Familiarity with - Good understanding of blog post formatting - Experience in image handling - Keen attention to detail for successfully linking to correct destinations.

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    LetsEncrypt-nGinx Setup Guide 4 days left

    ...04 and nGinx already installed, focusing on integrating LetsEncrypt for SSL certificate management. This guide should be detailed, encompassing both the installation and configuration processes, and designed to facilitate a smooth, automated renewal process for the certificates. Ideally, the documentation will enable a secure, efficient setup for managing SSL certificates across multiple sites hosted on the same server. **Key Requirements:** - **Installation Steps:** Step-by-step instructions on how to install LetsEncrypt certificates for use with nGinx, tailored for a Ubuntu 22.04 server. - **Configuration Steps:** Detailed guidance on configuring nGinx to use LetsEncrypt SSL certificates for multiple domains, including wildcard domains. This segment should also cover the setup...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to watch a 40-minute video hosted on YouTube and capture the best screenshot of the main character or speaker exhibiting a happy or positive expression. This task requires a keen eye for detail and timing to ensure the captured moment showcases the desired emotion effectively. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in navigating YouTube and using screen capture software or tools. - A good eye for detail, especially in identifying expressions and emotions. - Basic photo editing skills to enhance the screenshot if necessary. - Experience in similar tasks is a plus. ### Job Requirements: - Watch the entire 40-minute video on YouTube. - Identify moments where the main character or speaker exhibits a happy or positive expression. - Captu...

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    ...developing, which means efficiency and reliability are crucial. **Key Requirements:** - Perform a seamless installation of PHP 7.4, ensuring compatibility with Almalinux 9. - Configure all necessary PHP extensions including PDO MySQL, cURL, and GD to support the functionality of my web app. - Guarantee that the installation and configuration will not disrupt the current server environment and other hosted applications. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in server management, specifically with cPanel and Almalinux 9. - Experienced in PHP installations, with a focus on PHP 7.4, and understand its nuances. - Knowledgeable in configuring PHP extensions (PDO MySQL, cURL, GD) critical for web applications. - Demonstrated ability to troubleshoot potential issues during and...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to help with quickly deleting 250 specific posts from my WordPress site. This site is hosted on a cPanel-equipped server. Due to some access restrictions, the regular domain method cannot be used, but I can provide an alternative access route. The successful candidate will execute this task efficiently without requiring a backup of these posts. **Requirements:** - Proficiency in using cPanel to manage WordPress sites. - Experience with direct file and database manipulation to remove specific content. - Absolute attention to detail to ensure only the named 250 posts are deleted without impacting other site content. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong understanding of WordPress file structure and database schema. - Familiarity with S...

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    I'm embarking on an exciting project to develop an AI application that will significa...applications, with a portfolio that showcases similar projects. **Skills and Experience:** - Expertise in AI and machine learning frameworks (e.g., TensorFlow, PyTorch). - Skilled in programming languages suited for desktop application development (Java, Python, etc.). - Strong problem-solving skills and creativity in implementing efficient solutions. **Project Goals:** - Setup an environment (can be hosted on cloud platform) for AI model training - To develop an AI-powered application and an Java wrapper program for object detection and classification. - Assist to deploy the AI program and Java wrapper program to Jetson Nano. I am seeking a developer who is enthusiastic about AI and Jav...

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    I'm currently facing a challenging issue where my website, hosted on a Windows 11 home computer using IIS (Internet Information Services), is not accessible. Despite attempting to access the site from various devices and networks, the problem persists, indicating a critical issue with the server or network configuration. **Key Challenges:** - Website completely inaccessible - Hosting on Windows 11 using IIS - Multiple devices and networks tested **Looking for a Specialist With:** - Strong expertise in IIS on Windows 11 - Deep understanding of network configurations - Experience in troubleshooting website accessibility issues - Proven track record of resolving server errors and improving loading times The ideal candidate will efficiently diagnose and resolve the core issues t...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer familiar with AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm charts, Grafana, and security best practi...identifies and notifies on the specified vulnerabilities within our Docker and Kubernetes setup. 2. **Grafana Dashboards**: Customizable dashboards that display vulnerability alerts and offer insights into potential security breaches, tailored to AWS environments. **Ideal Candidate:** The perfect freelancer for this job will have a deep understanding of cloud security, particularly within AWS-hosted Docker and Kubernetes environments. Proficiency in deploying and configuring Grafana for real-time security alerting is crucial. A background in cybersecurity, especially with experience mitigating container, network, and access control vulnerabilities, will set ...

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    Hi I have a working ipsec tunnel (one host as a client and one host as a server) and I need to make sip calls from asterisk (as a client) to freeswitch (as a server) thru this tunnel. It works outside the tunnel but when I try to use the ipsec tunnel IP I can't hear audio and get call hangup after few seconds. I can provide ssh to both client and server and it's easy to 'switch' between using and not using the tunnel. Please write down the changes that you make. Also please only bid if you have experience with freeswitch. Max 100 euros. Thank you.

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    ...conversion goals is essential. These should be easily customizable for different campaigns. - **Advanced Customization:** Our project demands integrating Mailwizz with other systems and adding complex features that should be available as standard but you will need to have a deep understanding of Mailwizz and be able to connect with hubspot CRM software. - **Hosting:** Our Mailwizz application will be hosted on an existing server. Experience with server management and optimization for Mailwizz is mandatory **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in setting up and customizing Mailwizz. - Strong background in email marketing tactics and strategies. - Familiarity with HTML/CSS for developing custom email templates. - Experience in PHP and API integrations for advance...

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    I'm facing a persistent 403 error on my Hostinger-hosted blogging site. Despite not having made any recent changes to either my website or server configuration, this issue arose. I am seeking a professional who can efficiently troubleshoot this problem, ensuring the smooth functionality of my site moving forward. Key qualifications include: - Expert understanding of the Hostinger platform - Extensive knowledge in error troubleshooting - Experience with blogging sites - Able to work without altering site configuration Your task will involve a thorough diagnosis of the problem, implementation of a solution, and testing to confirm the 403 error has been fully resolved. Thank you for your attentiveness to this matter.

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    I'm currently seeking a knowledgeable professional to help with a significant task. My website, currently hosted on Hostinger, needs a complete backup and migration to another server. The expertise needed for this task includes: - Extensive experience with WordPress, as that's the platform used for the site. - Proficient in managing Hostinger hosted websites. - Must know how to do full website backups minimising the risk of data loss. - Expertise in server migrations to ensure a swift and smooth transition. An effective job will result in the website functioning seamlessly on the new server after migration, with no data loss.

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    31 bids will consist of a landing page / accommodation page / restaurant page. Widgets for hotel accommodaton booking and restaurant reservations will need to be included. We have images / information etc ready for use Links to socials will be required Menu's will need to be loaded and then easy for us to update current website - hosted by WIX We are looking to turn this around ASAP Currently hosted by WIX We are thinking; 3 page site Landing page with landing screen split into three - Pub / Accom / Cantina Scrolling down this page will be pub. Includes public bar / full venue details / images from pub and cantina - hours / schedule of what's on etc. Counter meal and cantina pdf menu. Book restaurant now floating widget/link

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    Web designer 4 days left

    I am seeking a professional web designer to develop my website. Regrettably, this is my second attempt to find a suitable candidate. I wish to avoid expending time and resources on unfulfilled promises. Kindly respond only if you are confident in your ability to deliver. Additionally, I would like to have an art website to present my art, ideally hosted on Wordpress bluehost.

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    Trophy icon Swing Into Spring T-Shirt Logo 3 days left

    I need a bold and eye-catching t-shirt logo for the "Swing Into Spring" softball tournament, hosted by Illinois Select Fastpitch. Here's what I'm looking for: - Incorporate the Illinois Select Fastpitch logo into the design - Make sure the tournament name, "Swing Into Spring", stands out - Use bold and striking visual elements to attract attention - I'll provide examples for guidance, but creative input is encouraged - Illinois Select Fastpitch font for its logo is Serpentine Bold Italic - Color scheme - Neon Blue (Cyan) & Red (Main Colors), Complementary Colors - Black and White. Would like logo to bright and modern utilizing Neon Blue and Red Primarily with some of the complementary Colors. - Can incorporate dates of tournament if you'd...

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    I am looking for a capable DevOps engineer who can help me set up a continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for a PHP app deploying into Azure. The CI/CD pipeline must utilise Github Actions. Our application runs on Symfony 6.3 and PHP 8.2. Code is hosted on Github. Database is MySQL and we would like to use SaaS - Azure Database for MySQL. For webserver we want Caddy. Your tasks would be following: - Prepare servers and other required services in Azure Portal + setup a way how to pass configuration secrets into the app (ENV variables) - Create a production-ready Dockerfile - Setup a Github Actions which will build the production docker image for every tag in master - Setup a Github Actions pipeline, which will deploy the production docker image onto our serve...

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    44 bids

    I'm looking for an experienced app developer who can create a service-oriented app using Python that will be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The prime functionality of this app will be to allow users to conveniently book appointments. I expect the finished product to be user-f...Excellent understanding of the best UI/UX design practices Your role will include end-to-end development, from designing the interface to launching the app, while ensuring it functions efficiently across different devices. As someone truly skilled in the dynamic world of app development, your ability to provide innovative and practical solutions is highly desirable. Note: I have an existing website hosted on WordPress. I want to integrate data from mobile app on the WordPress website ...

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    19 bids

    ...their official websites. My strategy hinges on direct phone communication to discuss potential collaborations and offerings tailored to their needs. Therefore, I require a curated list encapsulating essential contact details and some specific insights about these businesses. Here’s what I’m looking for in a nutshell: - Comprehensive list containing: Business Name, Website URL (specifically those hosted on ), Phone Number, Location, Contact Person (where available), and Email Address. - The businesses should come from specified industries that I will detail upon project award. This focus is critical as it aligns with my marketing strategy’s target audience. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in web scraping and data mining to efficiently g...

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    30 bids

    ...freelancer to take on a project modifying my website's home page. The scope of this project will involve: - Updating the images on our homepage: I'll need a skillful eye to replace existing images with new ones I will provide. It will be crucial to ensure these images are optimized and placed correctly to capture the audience's attention instantly. - Rearranging the layout on our homepage: It is hosted by Squarespace and may require a good understanding of UI/UX principles to arrange the page elements in a way that enhances user experience and interaction. I am not totally sure, but for this job, proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a keen eye for aesthetics and details are expected. Experience in Graphic Design and UX/UI Design would also be appreciated. ...

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    I'm looking for a proficient Python programmer who can walk me through running a specific code that is hosted on GitHub on my system. The skill-set required for the job is primarily as follows: - Advanced knowledge of Python - Experience with code implementation from GitHub Please note that I have all the necessary dependencies already installed and I possess an intermediate level understanding of Python. Your role would be to guide me through the process, assisting primarily in any code-related hiccups or difficulties I might encounter during the runtime. This project would make an excellent fit for someone with excellent communication skills and a strong background in Python programming.

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    18 bids

    Hello, my emails dont work anymore. My domain is at google domain and my site is hosted at O2switch (i have cPanel). Since I tried to renew my SSL, first my website was down. Now it is back but emails dont work anymore. I use Google workspace. I can give you access to Cpanel and to google domain, that is all i have dont ask for something more.

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    25 bids

    Hi Ankit H., Some years ago someone (in fact I think it was you as I haven't worked with many developers...) created for me a software to create level tests for students. It was something easy and short... I didn't use it at that moment, but I'm interesting in re-staring it now. Do you by any chance keep a record of what we did? It was hosted in a domain called

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    1 bids

    I'm looking for a proficient and experienced freelancer who can efficiently set up CyberPanel on my Hetzner server for my WordPress e-commerce website. This project is crucial for the seamless operation and scalability of my online store. Below are my precise requirements: - **CyberPanel Setup**: Install and configure CyberPanel on my Hetzner-hosted server, ensuring it's optimized for WordPress. - **MySQL Optimization**: Properly configure MySQL for optimal performance with my e-commerce workload. Experience with tuning MySQL for WordPress is a plus. - **SSL Configuration**: Check cloudflare connection - **Website Migration**: Help in Migration so that the website bcome live - **Testing & Launch**: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the website operates flawle...

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    4 bids

    ...facelift so to speak, (make it easier and friendlier to use) to some of the features that currently exist and to correct some of the annoying issues. This will most likely involve the redesign of how some of these features look and how they work. Our needs are not for a full time, (20 plus hours per week), support company/individual but on both a “Project and T & M” basis. Our website is currently hosted by “HostGator” and we are happy with them and do not have any plans on changing, Being an organization consisting of retired people we generally do not have demanding needs, other than emergency situations, which in our club do not occur very often. However, when situations do arise where we do need responses. We are ok with having to wait sev...

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    90 bids

    I am looking for an expert to migrate my mostly text-based website from Dreamhost VPS to Hostgator pro package hosting purely for cost saving reasons. I have a website that is currently hosted on Dreamhost. I need someone to migrate the complete website to the new host at HostGator. The following tasks will be required: Check out the website at 1. Make a backup of all files and databases on the VPS server and send me in a zip file. 2. Migrate the site to the new host. 3. Make sure Cloudflare, SSL, etc are all working at new host 4. Upgrade current php version 7.4 to lasted php version used on machine at new host. 5. Make sure all cron jobs are working correctly at the new host. I will test the website function for within 2 days of completion, then release payment

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    42 bids

    ...content needs to be ported. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in designing and developing responsive websites - Strong portfolio showcasing previous work in creating serene, minimalistic, or nature-inspired websites - Proficiency in front-end technologies (e.g., HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and experience with content management systems - Experience in implementing video archives (YouTube hosted) or libraries on websites - Knowledge of SEO best practices to increase visibility and attract new members - Ability to integrate booking systems or platforms for online event registration This project presents an opportunity to contribute to a platform that promotes wellbeing and mindfulness. If you have the skills and passion for creating a serene digital experience, I look fo...

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    126 bids

    I am seeking a skilled freelancer to enhance the online visibility of my personal storytelling blog, which is currently hosted on WordPress. Despite having installed various themes and plugins, my blog isn't performing as effectively as I'd hoped across different browsers, especially Google Chrome. My primary goal is to share personal stories and experiences with a wider audience, but I'm facing challenges in making my site easily discoverable and accessible. MY WEBSTE IS CUSTOM THEME. THE BLOG UPDATES ONLY SHOW ON SAFAIR.....IF YOU TEST FROM CHROME THEN IT ONLY SHOW OLD BLOGS **Key Requirements:** - **WordPress Expertise:** Proficiency in handling WordPress sites, with an understanding of the best themes and plugins to enhance site performance and visibility

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    39 bids

    I am looking for a talented freelancer with an unlimited Envato account to bring our project to life. We are a study abroad agency located in Barcelona, Spain and we need a short video to explain "Who We Are" that will be on our homepage and hosted on Youtube. We also have selected a video from Youtube from a company that we want to follow in both look and feel / vibe. We have already selected stock videos from Envato with drone video over barcelona, and video of friends having fun and we also filmed our content so that it looks more real. We require professional editing to stitch these elements together seamlessly within a maximum of 45-second YouTube video, adhering to the script we've written and the specified timings of the cuts and jump cuts. We need some...

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    67 bids

    I am on the hunt for an experienced freelancer to help with hosting my ASP.NET project on SmarterASP. The build files are all prepared and ready to go. Key tasks will include: - Hosting the project on SmarterASP. - Ensuring the project is fully functional post-hosting. The successful - ASP.NET - SmarterASP hosting Although no specific version of ASP.NET is stipulated for this project, a breadth of knowledge in ASP.NET versions is recommended. An understanding of my project's unique needs will come from providing detailed experiences. Candidates with a rich history in similar projects will be highly considered. Please note: ongoing support needs after the project is hosted are yet to be decided. This may potentially be discussed upon successful hosting of the A...

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    10 bids

    We need help to fix our email forms, which are currently not being received. Following a recent update, they are not functioning as expected. We need to troubleshoot and update them to ensure they work properly. They are hosted on a WordPress website and use a Gmail account for the forms. The forms were created with PHP. NEED THIS FIXED TODAY

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    Make a podcast album cover for my Podcast. The Podcast is called: people of the league hosted by Azzi & Ozzy Idea 1: If you can do a silhouette of the top half of our heads. (Will attach a pic of something along the lines. If the Person with the beard can be on the left and the long haired person on the right). Idea 2: Come up with something creative . Surprise me

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    Deploy Zipline for Backtesting 21 hours left

    I'm seeking a talented freelancer with proven experience in Python and financial libraries deployment to set up a Zipline backtesting environment for educational purposes. This self-hosted Quantopian instance will primarily be accessed via a web interface, facilitating my project's core objective: to provide an accessible, comprehensive backtesting tool for students and educators alike. **Key Requirements:** - **Expertise in Python:** Proficiency is crucial as the entire project revolves around Python programming language. - **Experience with Financial Libraries:** Prior work with Zipline, or similar libraries, is highly desired to ensure a seamless setup process. - **Web Interface Development:** Capability to integrate or develop a user-friendly web interface for intera...

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    Modern Web & Logo Design 19 hours left

    ...creative and technical components, requiring a professional who can deliver a visually appealing, minimalistic website that effectively represents our brand ethos while ensuring practical functionality. **Scope of Work:** - Creation of a modern, minimalistic website, adhering to a modern design aesthetic. - Development of a unique company logo reflecting our brand identity. - The website will be hosted on a domain I already own, with hosting arrangements already in place. - The website needs to be developed on WordPress, ensuring ease of future management and updates. **Website Structure:** - The website will comprise 1-3 pages, ensuring a clean, uncluttered user experience. - **Front Page/Landing Page:** The primary entry point showcasing our brand and services. - **Contact Us...

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    Fix AWS-Amplify GoDaddy DNS -- 2 18 hours left

    I urgently need a specialist to resolve a DNS connectivity problem. My website is hosted on AWS Amplify and should be connected to my domain registered with GoDaddy. Despite complete DNS propagation, there seems to be a persistent issue that's preventing a successful connection. Moreover, an SSL/TLS certificate is already configured and valid. The successful freelancer will require: - Expertise in DNS management with GoDaddy - Familiarity with AWS Amplify and Route 53 - Experience troubleshooting SSL/TLS certificate issues WHAT I NEED: - Diagnose the DNS issue - Successfully connect my domain to AWS Amplify - Ensure proper SSL certificate functionality IDEAL CANDIDATE: - Proven track record with DNS and domain configuration - Strong troubleshooting skills in web hosting a...

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