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    Wanted: Expert Python Developer for Automated Trading Strategies. Seeking a proficient Python coder with experience in a... Seeking a proficient Python coder with experience in automated trading to optimize and implement detailed trading strategies in the stock market. The role involves high-frequency trading (HFT), creating well-documented, cost-efficient solutions. Excited to collaborate and achieve impressive trading results!" To start with - it's a very simple strategy that I need to automate based on moving average. User should get to define the candle internal and MA details (high, low and duration) based on which the code should detect the trend (Buy trend or Sell Trend). Based on this an entry should be taken towards relevant positions that I will explain upon fur...

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    I have 40 pdf files with an average of 10 pages each, they contain text but they are images so no copy paste text, i need them all converted to word documents with editable text and there there is an image in the pdf simply insert text (image here). The word files should also include my header and footer on every page except the title page. Will lead to more work

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    The project consists of 3 stages: 1)Data Set collection: AUTOMATICALLY collecting the data for the problem you will solve from a site with a tool such as selenium/beatiful soap etc. (on average, around 500/1000 data is sufficient. You do not need to exceed 1000!). Converting the collected data into Excel. The code used in the collection in this step (you will be asked to run it) 2)Pre-processing of the data and testing the results with at least 7 algorithms: (NOTE: If you do not collect data in the first step, you can use a ready-made data set from Kaggle. However, your 35 points will be gone.) After all the operations such as hoting the data, normalization, cleaning, etc. Then, it is subjected to SEVEN algorithm (train-test) processes and the results are obtained. This should al...

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    I have a list with zip codes in germany. We have to login into a homepage with login/pass (i have an active account) and enter a zip code into a homepage. Then we scrape the average square meter price for the houses there for that specified zip code plus how many houses are online and for how many days in average. Then again we scrape the average rental price for that zip code plus how many houses are online for rental and how long. This has to be automated for 146.000 zip codes. At the end i need a list, where every zipcode has one average rental price, amount, time and a average sales price, amount time. Would be perfect to have the results tomorrow and the first results today at night.

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    Medicine order app and test 5 days left

    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a medicine order app and test feature. The ideal candid...ideal candidate should have experience in mobile app development and healthcare technology. Features for the medicine order app include: - Medicine search and ordering - Prescription upload and verification - Delivery tracking For the test portion of the app, I would like the following functionality: - Direct consultation with health professionals In terms of user engagement, we anticipate an average of 1-5 tests per month. Overall, the goal of this project is to create a user-friendly and efficient app that allows users to easily order medicine and receive healthcare advice through direct consultations with professionals. I have also a domain And i want all medicine item ...

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    ...Percentage change over different periods (hourly, daily, weekly). Historical Performance: Price charts (line, bar, candlestick) showing historical performance. Comparative Analysis: Comparing the token's performance with other cryptocurrencies or indexes. Profit loss/gain: Visualize a wallets gains vs. losses Blockchain-Specific Data Transaction Data: Number of transactions over time. Average Transaction Value: Average value of transactions in a given period. Block Details: Information about recent blocks (size, transactions, miners). Sentiment Analysis Social Media Sentiment: Analyzing social media sentiment about the token. News Feed: Latest news and updates related to the token. Advanced Analytics Whale Transactions: Large transactions that might impact the market....

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a tool that will calculate the bulk engagement rate and average views for both Instagram and YouTube. The tool can be either web-based or a desktop application, as I have no preference. Additionally, it would be a nice addition if the tool also includes analytics and reporting features, but it is not necessary. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Instagram and YouTube APIs - Strong knowledge of data analytics and statistics - Experience in developing web-based tools or desktop applications - Familiarity with analytics and reporting features -Should have excellent knowledge about Instagram & Youtube Api's

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    Project Description: I am looking for a computer networking expert who can help me improve the performance of the TCP Reno algorithm. The current performance of the algorithm is average, and I want to increase its efficiency using C Programming. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in computer networking and TCP Reno algorithm - Expertise in analyzing and identifying software limitations - Ability to propose and implement improvements to enhance algorithm performance - Familiarity with network infrastructure and its impact on algorithm performance - Proficient in data analysis and troubleshooting to identify bottlenecks - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail - Strong communication and collaboration skills to work with the team effectiv...

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    I am looking for someone who can bring me new customers on a commission basis, either through cold calling or through leads that the person already has. You can work here how and when you want. You should simply bring in customers. The product is an animated explainer video including a professional voice actor (no AI). There are also other products for upselling. The commission is 30% of the turnover that the customer brings us. The good thing about this product is that you can sell it all over the world.

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    I am looking for a part-time full stack developer with experience in JavaScript/Python/CSS/HTML5/SQL. Long term contract - UK based ideally, Europe only (would love to meet at least once a quarter if not more.) 20 hours a week on average.

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    I'm looking for limited budget service provider to setup & run Google ads for financial services. No need GA or tracking. But proper setup with keywords, neg keywords., etc. Need to run at least a week. my website is in Malaysia language. I have tried many provider, but the skill is average

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    Hotel Revenue Manager 4 days left

    Hotel Revenue Manager - Type of hotel: Economy - Specific revenue management tasks needed: Pricing strategies - Desired outcome: Maximize average daily rate We are looking for a skilled Hotel Revenue Manager to assist us in maximizing our average daily rate for our short term rental portfolio located in U.S.A. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in revenue management in the hotel industry, preferably with short term rentals - Strong knowledge and understanding of pricing strategies - Ability to analyze market trends and demand forecasting to determine optimal pricing strategies - Proficiency in channel management, including online travel agencies and direct bookings - Excellent communication and negotiation skills to collaborate with other departments and stakeholde...

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    I want to create an interactive quiz. - People will come on, answer a series of questions - but in a beautiful visual way - think typekit - Then at the end the system will assign them an colour - It will then name the colour based on a couple of lists of words - it will produce a colour swatch with the name under it - a ...way - think typekit - Then at the end the system will assign them an colour - It will then name the colour based on a couple of lists of words - it will produce a colour swatch with the name under it - a bit like pantone They can then share their colour on social media and that sharing will enable others to take the quiz. I would then like to be able to take all the data and find the average colour of all the rgb values, to work out the most common ...

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    I am in need of an experienced developer who can fix the pdf to jpg module in Laravel that is currently causing my website to time out. The current timeout duration for the conversion process is unknown. The PDF files that need to be converted have an average size of more than 5MB. I need this to be fixed as soon as possible. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in Laravel framework - Expertise in PDF to JPG conversion - Experience in optimizing code performance and handling large file sizes - Familiarity with server configurations and troubleshooting - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me in converting an annual excel spreadsheet into a 12 month rolling average spreadsheet. The project requirements are as follows: Timeframe: - The data in the annual excel spreadsheet covers a period of 1 year. Formulas and Calculations: - I am in need of the freelancer's expertise to determine the specific formulas and calculations required for the rolling average. Automation: - I would like the converted spreadsheet to be automated for future use, allowing it to update automatically. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel and advanced knowledge of formulas and calculations. - Experience in creating automated spreadsheets and implementing rolling averages. - Strong attention to detail and accuracy in data analysis...

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    Pofesional Community Manager 3 days left

    I am seeking a professional community manager who can handle multiple campaigns across various digital platforms for different clients concurrently. The ideal candidate should have an understanding of the essential metrics for measuring performance on each platform. The job requires an average of 10 hours per week and is open-ended.

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    American Accent-Male 3 days left

    I am in need of a male voice actor with an American accent for a customer service project. Purpose: Customer service Nature of interaction: Telephonic Average interaction length: This is going to be a one-time project with calls lasting for a maximum of 30 minutes. Skills and experience required: - Male voice actor with a natural American accent - Experience in customer service voice acting - Clear and articulate speaking skills - Ability to convey empathy and professionalism over the phone - Punctuality and reliability in meeting project deadlines

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to improve the loading speed of our React website. The current loading speed is average, taking between 2-4 seconds. Specific areas of the website have been identified for improvement, and I know exactly what needs to be addressed. Our target loading speed is very fast, aiming for less than 1 second. Skills and experience required for this project include: - Expertise in React - Proficiency in optimizing website performance - Experience in identifying and resolving speed-related issues - Knowledge of best practices for improving website loading speed If you have a track record of successfully improving website loading speed and can meet our target of less than 1 second, please submit your proposal.

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    ...have installed. The data you has the revenue events for each user up until the first 14 days after each user has installed the app. However, users continue to generate revenue until their lifetime is reached. In the dataset, the revenue events from the 14th day until the lifetime after the install for each user are removed on purpose. Form a regression function using ARPI values to estimate the average lifetime value (LTV). Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency in data analysis, - Visualization - Recommendation Writing - Regression Analysis - Data Modeling - Time Series Analysis - Google Sheet Skills - Writing SQL queries to combine datasets and generate a summary table. - Calculating metrics such as ARPI_D1, ARPI_D14, ROAS_D14, and CPI. Preferred Tools and Software: - Py...

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    Ninjatrader 8 strategy 2 days left

    ...moving average crossover and the application of a trailing stop. Specific Indicators or Conditions: I use 3 indicators for this: EMA 5 EMA15 SMA 60 The operation is, if the (EMA 5 crossover the EMA 15),( the EMA 15 is lower than the SMA 60) and (the price tick crossover the SMA 60), then open a long position. The Stop loss will be the minimum price tick of the current bar, and when the price reach the ratio 1:1 have to activate a trailing stop, that close the position if down 2 ticks. Do the same for the short orders in the other way. I need the code works in each tick. After this work will continue with more work in future. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Ninjatrader 8 and experience in developing custom trading strategies. - Strong understanding of movi...

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    Algo trading 2 days left

    ...mechanism within the algorithm to intelligently detect sideways market conditions and abstain from executing trades during such periods. Components: Trend Identification: Employ advanced technical indicators such as moving averages, MACD, and ADX to accurately identify the presence and strength of market trends. Volatility Measurement: Integrate volatility indicators, such as Bollinger Bands and Average True Range, to gauge market volatility, a key factor in distinguishing trending from sideways markets. Pattern Recognition: Develop algorithms for pattern recognition to identify common patterns associated with trending and ranging markets. This includes analyzing price movements and patterns to enhance trend identification accuracy. Sideways Market Detection: Establish spec...

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    Crowdfunding Expert 2 days left

    We are a 3-people start-up company located in Texas; specialized in the design of health and wellness devices, which objective is to improve the wellness of the health-conscious section of the population. We are currently looking for a crowdfunding expert to help us strategize a remarkable crowdfunding campaign for best return on investment. We are not looking for an average person/company, who knows what we know, rather an exceptional company, which may become potential partner, to lead the efforts to help transform a small start-up like ours with limited funds into a company with substantial funds and traction, to propel us in the direction of an IPO in the near future. . The candidate will contribute to the following: - Overall design of the campaign - validate the pitch, the ...

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    I need a database of Polish companies, which will contain direct e-mails to decision-makers, and/or direct telephone numbers to these persons, together with the name of the persons to whom these e-mails or telephone numbers lead. Importantly, the companies must also have NIP numbers.(must have informations) Data on the positions of the decision-makers and turnover/revenue would also be very valuable. A little less priority would be given to data on employment, role-based emails or company phones. Data that would be good to include, although of the lowest priority, would be company addresses, the industries in which they operate, PKD codes, names, etc. Payment for the database will depend on the coverage with the above requirements and the number of companies (the more the bett...

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    I need to edit a pre-built Simple Moving Average (SMA) indicator in NinjaTrader 8 (NT8). In the SMA indicator, when I set the period to 1, it shows the close price of the previous candle. Now, I want to add a new option in the parameters. For example, if I set it to 2, it should give the close price of the candle before the previous one (i.e., previous candle - 1). Note: I need to make these edits in the existing code, instead of using the close price, I will replace it with another value in the Market Analyzer."

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    ...Formulas 1. Debt-to-Equity Ratio = Liabilities (Total) / Shareholder Equity (Total) 2. Debt Ratio = Total Liabilities/Total Assets Commonly Used Liquidity Ratios and Formulas 1. Current Ratio = Current Assets/Current Liabilities 2. Quick Ratio = [Current Assets – Inventory – Prepaid Expenses] / Current Liabilities Commonly Used Profitability Ratios and Formulas 1. Return on Equity = Net Income / Average Shareholder Equity 2. Gross Margin = Gross Profit / Net Sales Return on Assets = Net Income/Total Assets ...

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    ...theories.) cross the studies, individuals using our proposed cyclical savings method provide an average of 74% higher savings estimates and save an average of 78% more money when compared to those using a linear savings method https://onlinelibrary

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    Data Analysis 1 day left

    Now that your data is cleaned, it is time to start analyzing. You can use any platform that you want (Tableau, PowerBI, Excel, etc.). You will need to address the following at a minimum: • Percentage of holds used. • Percentage of advance notice to release holds. • Average time of prior notification to release holds. • Quarterly trends • Trends addressing days most utilized. • Trends addressing times or time periods most utilized (example: morning, early afternoon, late afternoon). • Any additional information that will help you make a recommendation to your director to guide a new procedure.

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    I am looking for a power app developer to create a solution that will allow me to export word files in Microsoft Teams to PDF within the same folder and with the same file name. Platform: Microsoft Teams Features and functionalities required: - Conversion of word files to PDF - Organization of files in the same folder - Ability to handle multiple files at once (10-50 files on average) Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in developing power apps for Microsoft Teams - Experience with file conversion and organization - Ability to handle bulk processing of files If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal for this project.

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    creare un nuovo sito web 23 hours left

    DIGITAL WEB MARKETING: digitization services for businesses and professionals. This is because it considers the specialization of Digital Web Marketing and the Consulting and Training the site will have to present me as the main referent and the compa...number (landline optional and mobile mandatory) - Consent to the processing of the data provided (mandatory) One VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE thing that the site will need to convey and make perceived is this: OUR SERVICES ARE AIMED AT HELPING COMPANIES AND PROFESSIONALS TO OPTIMIZE THEIR RESULTS AND EXPECTATIONS WITH THE INCREASE OF VISIBILIA', THE INFLUX OF CUSTOMERS AND CONSEQUENTLY THE INCREASE OF TURNOVER!!! All this thanks to our method: REDI METHOD. If you try it, you will BELIEVE it!!!The website MUST also have an active...

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    ...product prices and trends in the Amazon USA luggage market. Specific requirements: - Research and compile data on product prices and trends in the Amazon USA luggage market - Conduct a general market analysis, without focusing on specific competitors - Present the research results in a spreadsheet format id like a spreadsheet, breaking down luggage companies how many sets, pieces they have sold on average over the last 3 months Ideal skills and experience: - Strong research and data analysis skills - Familiarity with the Amazon platform and its data sources - Proficiency in using spreadsheet software to organize and present data effectively This project requires attention to detail, analytical thinking, and the ability to identify trends and patterns in the data. The researc...

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    I am looking for a real estate CRM developer who can create a customized CRM system with specific features including lead management and integration with our existing software. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing CRM systems for the real estate industry. The key functionali...sections/categories and modules within the CRM for easy visual identification and navigation. - Consistent color schemes to differentiate between lead management, property listings, client communications, and other key areas of the system. - Clearly defined color-coding to enhance user experience and streamline navigation within the CRM interface. Possibly to use colour codes, symbols or Icons for good, average, poor, or high, low, medium etc ⛔?⚠️✔❌✅ ? Warning ? Caution ? Good

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    I am in need o...project. - Image File or Excel file is provided by us. - In image there are Records like Name, Email. Mobile No, Address Zip, State. - You have to correct if mistakes are found on excel sheet, to see image file and correct as it is. (Spelling Mistakes, Symbol Missing, Text Missing, Word Exchanged, Headers) Work Discription: 2000 Records Provide (1 Record means One Person's Biodata / 1 row , with an average 20 columns.) Accuracy Parameters: QC in done by the QC Department Manually. Mistakes Allow : 40 WORDS Job Rejection If more than 40 MISTAKES found, Submition is REJECTED. NO ANY FUND OR MONEY WILL BE GIVEN. NOTE: Need Only Serious Person. Only Serious Person apply for this project. Dataset Size: The dataset that needs to be corrected consists of more tha...

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    I am looking for someone who can complete the following tasks in Jupyter Notebook as soon as possible. You can find the LAZ file at Here are the questions that need to be answered: Which software generated it? What is the highest return number of a point in the data? What is the average number of points per square meter? Which classes (for classifying the points) are used in the file? Report the numeric value of each used class and what it means. Where was this point cloud roughly collected? Which information is necessary to transform the given projected coordinates into other coordinates? If this information is available for this data, where is it provided? Provide an interactive view of

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    ...specified requirements: Features: - Tracking trades: The website should allow me to enter and track my trades, including entry and exit points, trade size, and profit/loss. This should be applicable for intraday, swing and options category. - Performance analytics: I need the website to provide me with detailed analytics and reports on my trading performance, including metrics such as win/loss ratio, average profit/loss, daily profit/loss, weekly day wise comparison, monthly analysis by selecting dates to compare my profit and loss and overall performance. - I need the details that can be exported to excel or csv for my further analytics - I need to sign up for journal so that I can maintain data individually for different account and it should show data for Intraday, Swing a...

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    Need someone to test my Android app for performance WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE: 1. E-mail your Gmail address to the Gmail address provided and wait for link. 2. Just download the app using the Gmail address that you provided. 3. Use every aspect of the app: every button, every feature, basically everything 4. E-mail me a screenshot - app download proof and tell me what's the average load time and flaws (if any) Payment: - $3 per download - Expecting 20 downloads for the app - One download per Android device - App must be kept installed for at least 30 days

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    I am looking for a data entry operator or data correction expert to assist with verifying and correcting a dataset. The ideal candidate will have experience in accurately verifying and correcting data, ensuring its accur...correcting data, ensuring its accuracy and completeness. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency in data entry and data correction - Attention to detail and accuracy in verifying and correcting data - Experience working with spreadsheets and organizing data in a spreadsheet format - Ability to handle a dataset with 1000 people data, with each person's biodata represented in one row and an average of 20 columns If you are skilled in data entry and correction, have experience working with spreadsheets, and can handle a dataset of this size, please submit...

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    ...complete formatting. Select the PivotTable sheet. Deselect the City field in the PivotTable Fields pane. Show the Agent ID field in the Rows area. Show the Sale Price field two times in the Values area. Format the first occurrence of the Sale Price field with the custom name Total Sales and Currency with zero decimals. Format the second occurrence of the Sale Price field with the name Average Sale, choose Average as the calculation, and use Currency with zero decimals. Apply Light Gray, Pivot Style Light 15. Apply All Borders to cells A3:C9. Add a calculated field to a table. Select the Table sheet. Type Days in cell O4 and press Enter. In cell O5, build an IF formula to display the number of days on the market. Define a logical_test to calculate if the sale dat...

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    Project Description: Extracting and Cleaning up Speech Audio for Personal Use - I am looking for a freelancer who can extract and clean up speech audio for personal use. - The audio file is of average quality and needs to be enhanced and improved. - The ideal candidate will have experience in audio editing and restoration techniques. - The cleaned-up audio file should have improved clarity and be free from background noise and distortions. - This project is suitable for someone who has previous experience in working with speech audio files. - The final cleaned-up audio file will be used for personal purposes only. - The freelancer should be able to deliver the project within the specified timeframe. - Attention to detail and the ability to meet the client's requirements are es...

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    I am looking for a skilled embroidery digitizer to create a custom design for me. Type of Embroidery Design: - pet portrait Style/Theme: - I have a specific style/theme in mind, please see attached file. Size and Complexity: - About 3-3.5 inches in size and detailed Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in embroidery digitization - A...attention to detail - Familiarity with different embroidery techniques - Fast Turnaround time About our process: - We send over a pet photo for you to work on - You send us the proof like the attached file - We either approve it or request revisions -You send it to us the file in DST Format with the Worksheet. -We have a chart of 26 color threads we use that you will be working from. -Turnover time needs to fast,...

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    Translation of legal text from German into English (2600 words). Turnover within 12 hours.

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    ...experienced Real Estate Disposition Manager. This position will be responsible for building and managing our Investor accounts, assigning our contracts to our investors, as well as coordinating the transaction with the title company. You must be fluent in English. You must be able to work 9-5 M-F EST. You will be paid a salary of $5hr with a minimum commission of $500 for each sale we close. On average we are closing 1-3 transactions a month and we are growing. If you have experience in this position, please list 20 individual tasks/steps needed to complete the job. These can be simple tasks. Just bullet points are all that is needed, not paragraphs. I am looking for your knowledge of the position. If you don’t have experience in this position specifically but you feel yo...

    ₹167 - ₹667 / hr
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    ₹167 - ₹667 / hr
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    Project Title: Algorithmic Clicking on Specific Webpage Element at Random Intervals The proj...languages such as Python or JavaScript - Experience with web scraping and interacting with webpage elements - Understanding of randomization algorithms and intervals Key Requirements: 1. Specific Webpage Element: The algorithm should be able to identify and click on a specific button or element on a webpage. 2. Random Intervals: The algorithm should click on the element at random intervals, with an average interval of approximately 15 minutes. 3. Random Clicking: The algorithm should click randomly, without any specific triggers or conditions. If you have the necessary skills and experience in web development, automation, and randomization algorithms, please submit your proposal for thi...

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    ...Knowledge Base directly from the ticketing system interface. Reporting and Analytics (KPI) Admin/authorized personnel can access a centralized dashboard that presents an overview of key performance indicators (KPIs) related to IT support operations. The portal also includes Reporting tools that provide data on the total number of tickets created within a specific time frame. Analytics track the average response time for tickets. Admin can assess the percentage of resolved tickets out of the total number of tickets created. Reporting tools in the portal will show the number of open and pending tickets. Ability to evaluate individual technician performances with factors like Ticket resolution times User satisfaction scores Overall productivity. User feedback and satisfaction ra...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can recreate a large spreadsheet from a photo into an Excel file. I have a spreadsheet printed on A4 paper, totaling 67 pages. Each page has 50 rows. Each row contains 10 columns. Each row has an average of 95 characters. As mentioned, I have this printed spreadsheet, but now I need the Excel file again. Therefore, I need someone to transfer this data to Excel, and for that, I will send photos of the spreadsheet. The work can be done through direct conversion or typing. Please ensure that it is identical to the original and corrected if necessary. I need the freelancer to create an exact replica of the spreadsheet, while also making it editable. I do not require any additional features in Excel such as formulas, charts, or pivot tables. Just t...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me maintain my Google reviews and ensure a positive reputation for my business. Here are the details of the project: Number of Reviews: More than 50 - I have a significant number of Google reviews that need to be managed and maintained. Average Rating: More than 4 - My current Google reviews have an average rating of more than 4, and I want to maintain and improve this positive rating. Main Goal: Maintain Positive Reputation - My main goal for maintaining Google reviews is to ensure a positive reputation for my business. Skills and Experience Required: - Experience in managing and maintaining Google reviews - Strong knowledge of online reputation management - Excellent communication skills to respond to any negative reviews pr...

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    ...on the listings, enhancing the user experience for property investors. Key Features of the Chrome Extension: * Below Market Value (BMV) Display: Automatically calculate and display the BMV percentage for each property listing based on our database (Asking price divided by Estimated average price minus 1, to display the % below market value). Also show % above market value. * Gross Rental Yield Calculation: Show the potential gross rental yield for each property, derived from our data (estimated average rental income for the year divided by the asking price). * High Demand for Rental display: An area ratio of number of properties for rental / number of properties for sale, compared against national averages to indicate if an area is high demand for rental. * Deal Pip...

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    ...sales made, revenue generated, and sales conversion rates. - Invoice generation and management: The module should have the capability to generate and manage invoices for sales transactions. - Expense tracking and management: The module should allow for the tracking and management of expenses related to sales activities. In terms of metrics, I would like the module to specifically track the average transaction value. This will help me analyze the profitability of each transaction. I have a specific platform in mind for the module's integration. Therefore, the freelancer should have experience and expertise in working with this platform (platform to be specified by the client). Overall, the ideal freelancer for this project should have the following skills and experience:...

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    Project Title: Website Speed Optimization for WordPress Description: - I am looking for a skilled web developer who can optimize the speed of my WordPress website. - The website currently has an average speed, but I want to improve it further for better user experience and SEO. - The ideal candidate should have experience in WordPress website optimization and be familiar with various speed optimization techniques. - The goal is to achieve faster loading times and improve overall performance on both mobile and desktop devices. - The developer should be able to analyze the current website speed and identify areas for improvement. - They should have expertise in optimizing page load times, reducing server response time, minifying CSS and JavaScript, and optimizing images. - Knowledge ...

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    I am looking for a skilled video editor to help me with editing movie reaction/commentary videos for my YouTube channel. Video Length: - The average length of the videos is more than 20 minutes. 40min is average Style and Format: - Currently, I have a specific style in mind for the edited videos. - However, I am open to the freelancer's creativity and suggestions for the best style for this project. Upload Frequency: - I plan to upload these edited videos one- three times a week. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro) - Experience in editing movie reaction/commentary videos for YouTube - Creativity in adding visual effects and graphics to enhance the videos - Attention to detail in ensuring smoot...

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